Final Fantasy Compendium

A stylistic departure from the rest of the series, FF12 is put into the hands of the team behind FF Tactics, FFTA, and Vagrant Story to present a lush, epic fantasy world, replete with complex political machinations and the ever-present Judges. The new Gambit system puts emphasis more on overall character orders than micromanagement, and lets you decide what your characters will do under what circumstances. Monster hunts and numerous sidequests will keep you occupied during your quest.




Full Story

World of Ivalice

Game Help:

  • FF12 FAQ/Walkthrough (JIS) by sephirosuy (1,124 KB)
  • FF12 Bazaar Goods/Loots FAQ by sephirosuy (227 KB)
  • FF12 Game Mechanics FAQ by Maltzsan (389 KB)
  • FF12 Loot/Bazaar Goods FAQ by FeuFeu (89 KB)
  • FAQs at GameFAQs

    FF12 Maps

    Game Script:

    FFXII Game Script by Asch the Hated


    FF XII: Original Soundtrack (2006)

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