Final Fantasy Compendium

FF12 Story

The Age of Gods:

More than 2000 Years Ago:

Approx. 1150 Years Ago:

Approx. 1100 Years Ago:

706 Years Ago (Year 1 Old Valendian/O.V.):

Approx. 200 Years Ago (500 O.V.):

Fifty Years Ago (656 O.V.):

Some Time Before Six Years Ago:

Some Time Ago:

Six Years Ago (700 O.V.):

Six Years Ago to the Present:

Five Years Ago (701 O.V.):

Two Years Ago (704 O.V.):


The Present (706 O.V.):

One Year Later (707 O.V.):

Side Quests:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

After The Final Battle:

Prologue: In Search of the Eternal

Chapter 1: The Derelict

Chapter 2: Distant Skies

Chapter 3: What Goes Up...

Chapter 4: A Grand Hunt

Chapter 5: Stranded

Chapter 6: Stealing Eternity

Chapter 7, Part 1: Illusions Within
Chapter 7, Part 2: The Oath

Chapter 8: Ivalice

Chapter 9: Thoughts Forgotten
Chapter 10: Wings Eternal

Secret Ending