Final Fantasy Compendium

Bartz and his four friends square off against Exdeath and Gilgamesh in this classic SNES game. The flexible-class system from FF3 is further expanded and refined in this fun iteration.


*A translated version of the SNES ROM can be found online.

The Advance version of the game includes four new jobs, two bonus dungeons, and a whack of new items.

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Game Help:

  • Final Fantasy 5 Shrine
  • FF5 Algorithms and Stats FAQ by J.L. Tseng (745 KB)
  • FF5 Item Mixing FAQ by SDaugherty (3 KB)
  • FF5 Items FAQ by B.L. Outset (42 KB)
  • FF5 First World Map
  • FF5 Second World Map
  • FF5 Third World Map
  • FAQs at GameFAQs

    Game Script:

    FFV Game Script by Apathetic Aardvark


    Final Fantasy V: Original Sound Version (1992)

    Final Fantasy V: 5 + 1 (1992)

    Final Fantasy V Piano Collections (1993)

    Final Fantasy V: Mambo de Chocobo (1993)

    Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends (1994)

    Final Fantasy Anthology CD (1999)

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