Final Fantasy Compendium

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Welcome to the Final Fantasy Compendium.

Let's take a few moments to answer some questions you might have about this site.

What's Not Covered: Only "real" Final Fantasies are covered. This does not include the Game Boy FFs, since they're actually parts of other series (see Release Info). I also do not cover any other Squaresoft game, including the Chrono series, Xenogears, or anything else. Games that have Final Fantasy crossovers are mentioned in External Crossovers, and are given their own pages; this includes Ehrgeiz, the Chocobo games, and Kingdom Hearts. However, these games' elements are not featured in the rest of the site.

How To Read This Site / Game Versions

This site took a hell of a long time to put up, so I made a few shortcuts inside it so that I wouldn't have to retype everything out all the time. 8-) It's nothing big, but you really should know what I mean when you see certain things.

First thing: I took out the "Final Fantasy" when referring to titles. You won't see "Final Fantasy 4" or even "FF4" but only "4". FF Tactics is referred to as "Tactics" and Mystic Quest as "MQ". The movie, "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" may be referred to as "FF: TSW". FFX and FF10 are used interchangably. "Final Fantasy Unlimited" is frequently called "FFU".

However, note that there are several versions of some of the games. Some games have differences between the original Japanese version and the translated version; some (like 1, 2, and 4) have more than one version! (See Release Information for more info on this.) Whenever you see a number followed by "j" this refers to the original Japanese version (e.g. "5j"), and an "a" refers to the American version (although this is used far less frequently). Recently, several games have been given completely different translations. In these cases, "n" refers to the NES version (e.g. "1n"), "g" to the Game Boy Advance version, and "p" to the PlayStation version. More will doubtless be added as new remakes are released.

Italicized entries: Any text you see in full italics refers to either the FF animes or the FF movie. Although not strictly part of the FF universe, they're close enough to be included in this site.

Alphabetization: All of the entries in the lists on this site are alphabetized. Note: Dashes do NOT count in the alphabetization (for example, D-District Prison is listed AFTER Daryl's Tomb but BEFORE Deep Sea Research Center - I count them as "Da", "Dd", and "De" respectively). Also, numbers come before letters in the list, and spaces come before any non-space character.

Abbreviations: Here are some abbreviations I'll be using throughout the site:

FF - Final Fantasy. Get used to it.

SD - Super-Deformed, also known as "chibi". This is an art style in which the heads are extra large and the bodies are extra small. Most RPGs, up until Chrono Trigger in '93 or so, used this style.

NPC - Non-Player Character. This refers to any character in any game which is not directly controllable by the player.

FMV - Full Motion Video. This is a medium used in post-SNES games which is essentially a video of computer graphics animation (rather than in-game animation).

CG - Computer Graphics. This refers to a still image created using computer imaging programs (as opposed to hand-drawn art).

Summons: Everyone knows what they are but they've got tons of different names. The Summon spells/Phantom Beasts/Espers/Guardian Forces/Eidolons/Aeons will all be referred to as "Summons" throughout the site. However, if you see "GF", it would refer to an Summon from FF8, "Esper" to a Summon from FF6/FF12, "eidolon" is a Summon from FF9, and "aeon" is from FF10. OK?

The FFCompendium has been mentioned twice in Electronic Gaming Monthly - once in August 2001, and once again in July 2004. For the 2004 issue, you can view the full page, or just take a closer look.

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Final Fantasy, all games and animation bearing the Final Fantasy name, and all characters in said games or animation are copyright their respective creators, including but not limited to Squaresoft, Square Enix, Square EA, Tokyo TV, and ADV Films.