Final Fantasy Compendium

sum·mon / v. 1. Order to come or appear, esp. at a court. 2. Call upon. 3. Call together. 4. Gather (courage, spirits, resources, etc.) [L. summonere]

One of the staples of Final Fantasy is the existence of large creatures or figures who can be summoned to the battle field. Sometimes they can only be called by one person of the summoner job class, sometimes they can be called by any character. Each one does something different (healing, attacking, casting defensive spells, causing status ailments, etc.). Their actions are always powerful, but also have a cost (magic points, time, limitations on how often they can be called, etc.). The Japanese name for these things, by the way, is usually shokanjuu or 'Summoned Creatures', although in FF4 and FF6 they were called genjuu or 'Phantom Creatures'). In English translations, their nomenclature differs from game to game. Here's a brief list: FF5: Summons, FF6: Espers, FF7: Summons, FF8: Guardian Forces or GFs, FF9: Eidolons, FF10: Aeons, FF11: Avatars, FF12: Espers. In the FF community, they are typically called Summons.

NOTE: In FFTA, there are two types of summoned creatures - typical ones like Ifrit and Shiva that are called by the summoner, and totemas which can be called on by any character, which attack all enemies on the battle field. The totema summoned depends on the race of the caller, of which there are five. The totemas can also be found under FFTA Characters.

NOTE: In FF12, the Zodiac creatures are the summons, rather than regular monsters from past games. However, airships and other mechanical devices have the names of the "regular" summons (like Ifrit and Shiva). To further confuse things, FF12RW's Espers include both the zodiac creatures and regular summons.

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See Alexander for more information.


Although not technically a GF, he does have a GF card. He's actually part of Rinoa's Limit Break, doing different things like counterattacking, reviving, and finding items.

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FF8 art FF8
ATK: Angelo Rush, Angelo Cannon, Angelo Strike, Angelo Recover, Invincible Moon, Angelo Reverse, Angelo Search, Wishing Star


This fish-like beast is the second most powerful Aeon in FF10, and is Seymour's mother's fayth. It can cause instant death with normal attacks. Though it is mostly used against you throughout the game, it can become yours through a side-quest.

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FF10 in-game FF10 face FF10 (SUMMON)
ATK: Pain (special attack), Oblivion (Overdrive)


This is the most powerful summon of FF9. The long introduction sequence (straight out of Transformers) involves it coming in as a huge dragon-headed airship, and changing into a vaguely robotic humanoid. It pounds the enemy repeatedly with Shadow damage.

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FF9 Ship Form in-game FF9 Humanoid Form in-game FF9 (SUMMON)
ATK: Eternal Darkness


The Queen of the Summoned Monsters, Asura gives one of three effects depending on which face she displays. She either heals the party, gives Protect status, or casts Raise (Life). In FF2 (NA) there was no Protect status, so that effect was replaced with a stronger healing spell.

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FF4 Angry in-game FF4 Happy in-game FF4 Regular in-game FF4
ATK: Armor, Cure 3, Life 1

See Atomos for more information.


See Bahamut for more information.


Thar she blows. Bismark is a white humpback whale who has a strong water-based attack.

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FF6 in-game FF6 overworld FF6
ATK: Sea Song
FF6 Advance
ATK: Breach Blast
FFU Unlimited
SOIL: Shark Grey + Water Blue + Crusher White

See Bomb (MONSTER) for more information.

Brothers (A.K.A. Minotaur/Sekhmet)

See Brothers (A.K.A. Minotaur/Sekhmet) (MONSTER) for more information.


See Cactuar (MONSTER) for more information.

Cait Sith

Stray is a cat who walks (on two legs in boots) across the enemy and causes confusion (as a walking cat would). Its Japanese name, "Cait Sith", was also used as a Coeurl-like creature in FF4 and a character in FF7 (see also FF7 Characters).

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FF6 in-game FF6
-Stray (NA) / Cait Sith (JP)
ATK: Cat Rain
FF6 Advance
-Cait Sith
ATK: Cat Rain
FF11 in-game FF11
-Cait Sith
ATK: ???

See Carbuncle for more information.


See Catoblepas for more information.


See Cerberus for more information.


See Chocobo for more information.


See Cockatrice (MONSTER) for more information.

Crusader / Knights of the Round

The ultimate Summon in FF6 and FF7. In FF6, Crusader consists of three knights who attacked for non-elemental damage. Unfortunately, the attack damaged allies as well. In FF7, there are thirteen different knights, based on King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table (hence the name) that cause an insane amount of damage which is only useful for fighting the optional bosses. The different knights fly through a psychedelic background and slice and dice the enemy using multiple weapons.

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FF6 in-game FF6
-Crusader (NA) / Jihad (JP)
ATK: Purifier
FF6 Advance
ATK: Cleansing
FF7 in-game FF7 in-game FF7 in-game FF7
-Knights of the Round
ATK: Ultimate End


A blue one-eyed giant who causes ultimate damage.

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FF Tactics art Tactics
ATK: Climactic Fear


This summon looks very much like a winged demon from hell and bears a slight resemblance to Chaos (see FF1 and FF7). He emerges from a ball of liquid blackness, doles out gravity-based damage (one of the only summons who do), and transforms into a flock of bats that fly away.

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FF6 Advance FF6 Advance
ATK: Dark Messenger
FF8 in-game FF8 face FF8
ATK: Dark Messenger
FF11 in-game FF11
ATK: Ruminous Omen, Camisado, Somnolence, Ruinous Omen (Astral Flow), Ultimate Terror, Noctoshield, Dream Shroud, Nether Blast, Cacodemonia
FF12 Clan Primer FF12
-Diabolos (ENEMY)
Though not directly related to the Diablos summon, it does share a few characteristics.
CP: What strange Change does Magicite work on creatures, a perfect Example being this Gargoyle of the Lhusu Mines. Its Form inspired the commonly held Misconception in Bhujerba that the Creatures in its Magicite mines are Visitors from an Otherworld.
ATK: Nightmare, Gravity

See Doomtrain for more information.


Most people have no idea WHAT Eden is is, though some postulate that it is the Garden of the future (which would fit in with the name, as in the Garden of Eden). It looks like a giant spaceship which blasts the enemy into a black hole.

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FF8 in-game FF8 in-game FF8 face FF8
ATK: Eternal Breath


Fairy appears as a woman wrapped in heavenly wings, who heals the entire party.

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Tactics in-game Tactics art Tactics
ATK: Fey Light
Tactics (PSX)
ATK: Fey Light

See Fenrir for more information.


See Garuda (MONSTER) for more information.


See Gilgamesh for more information.


See Goblin/Imp (MONSTER) for more information.


See Golem for more information.


As a summon in FF7, Hades is a skeleton-man, cloaked in a black robe, who stirs a cauldron and spills it on the enemy, causing status effects and damage. For information about Hades as a monster, see Hades.

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FF7 in-game FF7 (SUMMON)
ATK: Black Cauldron

Hydra / Syldra

Translated as Hydra in the English version of FF5, Faris's childhood dragon friend piloted her ship until the loyal dragon died in battle with a monster. Her soul returns to help out by using a Thunderstorm attack.

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FF5 summon in-game FF5 Overworld (pulling the ship) FF5
-Hydra (NA) / Syldra (JP)
ATK: Thunder Storm

See Ifrit for more information.

Indra (AKA Ramuh)

See Ramuh for more information.


Ixion is a magical unicorn brimming with electrical energy. As Yuna's mid-level summon, it casts powerful lightning attacks.

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FF10 in-game FF10 face FF10
ATK: Aerospark (Special Attack), Thor's Hammer (Overdrive)
FF11 in-game FF11 (MONSTER)
A Notorious Monster boss enemy.
FF12 Clan Primer FF12
A Rank VI mark in the Pharos at Ridorana.
CP: Being a variety of Nightmare, oft told of Legends of Ridorana. Having the power to turn the Dreams of Men to Terrors, then feeding off its Victims' Anguish.
-Ixion (Esper)
ATK: Hoof Kick
FFU FFU Unlimited
-Ixion / Ixion Type Zero
SOIL: Steel Grey + Heat Crimson + Lightning Yellow


This creature resembles a kind of sheep which casts Regen on the party. Kylin from SaGa Frontier may be the same character. In FF11, it is a manticore "god" that appears when the seals of the other four "gods" are used.

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FF6 in-game FF6
ATK: Life Guard
FF6 Advance
ATK: Holy Aura
11 in-game FF11
TA in-game Tactics Advance
ATK: Not named
Tactics A2
ATK: Not named


Kjata looks like a cross between a warthog and a donkey, and turns the battle area into a bunch of sparks and ripples with a Fire/Ice/Lightning attack.

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FF7 in-game FF7 in-game FF7
ATK: Tetra Disaster
Knights of the Round

See Crusader for more information.


A pretty woman who heals the party.

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FF6 in-game FF6
ATK: Group Hug
FF6 Advance
ATK: Alluring Embrace

See Leviathan for more information.


See Lich (MONSTER) for more information.


See Madeen/Maduin for more information.

Magus Sisters

The Magus Sisters consist of Cindy (the fat one), Sandy (the tall one), and Mindy (the small one). In Japan, they are known as Mag, Dog, and Rag. They are enemies in FF4, but return in FF10 as summons (in insect costumes for some reason). They're nearly impossible to defeat because of the way they complement each other with healing, status effects, and physical attacks. They cannot be defeated until all three of them are down, but their Overdrive requires the trio to be active with full overdrives. You can't command them to use specific actions, but you can "suggest" what you want them to do. They're pretty smart, though, and incredibly powerful (as long as they're not "taking a break")!

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FF4 Sandy in-game FF4 Cindy in-game FF4 Mindy in-game FF4 Sandy in-game FF4 Cindy in-game FF4 Mindy in-game FF4 (ENEMY)
-Sandy (NA) / Dogu (JP), Cindy (NA) / Magu (JP), Mindy (NA) / Lagu (JP)
FF10 Sandy in-game FF10 Cindy in-game FF10 Mindy in-game
FF10 Sandy face FF10 Cindy face FF10 Mindy face
-Magus Sisters (Sandy, Cindy, Mindy)
ATK: Special Attacks:
  • Sandy - Razzia
  • Cindy - Camisade
  • Mindy - Passado
  • Delta Attack (Overdrive)

  • Midgardsormr

    A giant snake who delivers an earth attack. "Midgar Zolom" reappears in FF7, and in an attack by Elidibus in Tactics. Midgar is a city in FF7 (see Places).

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    FF6 in-game FF6 (SUMMON)
    -Terrato (NA) / Midgar Zolom (JP)
    ATK: Earth Aura
    FF6 Advance
    ATK: Abyssal Maw
    FF7 in-game FF7 (ENEMY)
    -Midgar Zolom
    FF12 Clan Primer FF12 (ENEMY)
    CP: Primordial basilisk, thought to be of an ancient, if not original, species.

    See Moogle for more information.

    Mist Dragon

    The first summon received in FF4, belonging to Rydia's mother. It attacks with non-elemental damage.

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    FF4 in-game FF4
    -Mist Dragon
    ATK: Mist Breath

    See Moogle for more information.


    The Moomba is actually a species in FF8 and, like MiniMog, can only be summoned by using an item gained from the PocketStation accessory. He does non-elemental damage. See Species for more information.

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    FF8 in-game FF8
    ATK: ???

    See Odin for more information.


    This bizarre creature sucks up the enemies into a vacuum cleaner-like sac on its back and spits them out, causing wind damage.

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    FF8 in-game FF8 face FF8
    -Pandemona (NA) / Pandemonium (JP)
    ATK: Tornado Zone


    A ghostly character cowled in darkness who causes all allies to vanish.

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    FF6 in-game FF6 in-game FF6
    ATK: Fader
    FF6 Advance
    ATK: Ghostly Veil

    See Phoenix for more information.

    Quetzalcoatl (12RW), Quezacotl (8)

    Yes, that IS the way it's spelled in FF8; they didn't have room for the full name. This featureless bird casts thunder-based damage. The 12RW version is much cuter but still thunder-elemental.

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    FF8 in-game FF8 CG FF8 face FF8
    ATK: Thunder Storm


    A bird of paradise who picks up the party and allows them all to do a Jump attack.

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    FF6 in-game FF6
    ATK: Sonic Dive
    FF6 Advance
    ATK: Sonic Dive


    In FF6, you are given a choice between Ragnarok the sword (see weapons) and Ragnarok the summon. The summon looks like a sword and turns one enemy into an item. It also teaches the Ultima spell. (See also Transportation for info on the Ragnarok of FF8.)

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    FF6 in-game FF6
    ATK: Metamorph
    FF6 Advance
    ATK: Metamorphose

    See Ramuh for more information.


    Odin can be upgraded to the form of Raiden near the end of FF6. He has the same method of operation as Odin, but his attack, "True Edge", has a higher success rate (see Odin).

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    FF6 Raiden in-game FF6
    -Raiden (NA) / Raijin (JP)
    ATK: True Edge
    FF6 Advance
    ATK: Shin-Zantetsuken


    Remora is just a bunch of little fish that attach themselves to the enemy and leech MP.

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    FF5 in-game FF5
    ATK: Constrict / Latch On (PSX)
    FF12 - Transportation
    The Draklor CB56 Remora Fighter is one of the airships Reks fights with Basch in the introduction.
    CP: Small fighter airship of the Imperial army. Gun turrets placed on the keel, and turrets on the deck make this an effective weapon against air and ground threats. A mainstay of the Imperial Armored Forces together with the newer *CB58 Valfarre* fighter. The initials of the craft's designer, Dr. Cid, and the year of its production adorn the hull.
    ATK: Thunderchop
    FF10 beatsiary FFX


    A lizard who causes fire damage.

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    Tactics art Tactics
    ATK: Wyrmfire


    An angel-like summon who heals the party.

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    FF6 in-game FF6
    ATK: Reviver
    FF6 Advance
    ATK: Angel Feathers

    See Shiva for more information.


    See Catoblepas for more information.


    See Siren for more information.

    Sylph, Silf

    See Sylph for more information.


    See Titan for more information.


    See Tonberry (MONSTER) for more information.


    See Typhon for more information.


    See Unicorn for more information.


    Valefor is a giant, feathered bird with a chain of rings coming down from one of its wings. It has a non-elemental attack and is Yuna's first Aeon.

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    FF10 in-game FF10 face FF10
    ATK: Sonic Wings (Special Attack), Energy Ray, Energy Blast (overdrive)

    Other Appearances

    According to the Clan Primer, the CB58 Valfarre is the newest of the small fighter airships of the Archadian Imperial Air Force.


    A cross between a snake and a dragon, it unleashes a Fire/Ice/Thunder attack. This attack will unfortunately heal any enemy who can absorb even one of the elements.

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    FF6 in-game FF6
    ATK: Tri-Dazer
    FF6 Advance
    ATK: Tri-Disaster

    See Yojimbo for more information.


    The most powerful summon of Tactics, it is a strange beast that causes non-elemental damage. For information about Zodiac as a monster, see Zodiark.

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    Tactics in-game Tactics
    ATK: Darkening Cloud
    Tactics (PSX)
    ATK: Darkening Cloud
    FF12 art FF12
    ATK: Flare, Scathe, Banish Ray, Final Eclipse

    Zona Seeker

    It's hard to tell exactly what this creature is. It's vaguely Lich-like, with a robe, skeletal body, and horns. It casts Shell and Safe on the party.

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    FF6 in-game FF6
    ATK: Wall
    FF6 Advance
    -Zona Seeker
    ATK: Magic Shield

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