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Final Fantasy Characters

char·ac·ter / n. 1. Collective distinguishing qualities or characteristics. 2a. Moral strength. b. Reputation, esp. good reputation. 3a. Person in a novel, play, etc. b. Dramatic role. 4. Colloq. Person, esp. an eccentric one. 5. Printed or written letter, symbol, etc. [Gk charakter]

This is the section with all the spoilers! 8-) A comprehensive list of every named character in the entire series! The characters are arranged alphabetically by used name; usually first name, but in cases like Captain Mac, the surname (listed as "Mac, Captain"). In 1 the characters were little more than plot devices, but as the series progressed, they became more and more deep and nuanced. Enjoy!

FF1 Characters

FF2 Characters

FF3 Characters

FF4 Characters

FF5 Characters

FF6 Characters

FF7/AC/DoC Characters

FF8 Characters

FF9 Characters

FF10/X-2 Characters

FF11 Characters

FF12 Characters

FF Mystic Quest Characters

FF Tactics Characters

FFTA Characters

FFTA2 Characters

FF: Legend of the Crystals Characters

FF: The Spirits Within Characters

FF: Unlimited Characters

FFCC Characters

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