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A loner hero, a mysterious sorceress, a space shuttle, amnesia-inducing magical creatures, and a four-student concert are some of the elements you'll meet on this fantasy/space opera for PlayStation. The GF/Junction system allows for even greater customizing, and physical interaction is more pronounced in the continued Limit system.


The American version had two main differences, besides the changed default controller settings (a moot point): A new, very useful menu option called "Junction Exchange", and the ability to draw missed GFs from bosses in Ultimecia Castle. Several points of decision within conversations were also taken out from the American release, and the Fire Cavern time limit restrictions were changed. The PC version also came with a PocketStation emulator, to play the Chocobo World mini-game.

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    Game Script:

    FFVIII Game Script by Shotgunnova


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    Postcard Joe Fleming
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    Grade 5 Volcanoes And Special Genomics Ω

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    The Ones Within 1- 10 Japanese Comic Set Naka No Hito Genome Jikkyōchū

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