Final Fantasy Compendium

name / n. 1. Word or phrase by which an individual person, family, animal, place, thing, or class of things is spoken of, etc. 2. Famous person. 3. Reputation.

The names in Square's flagship series are usually more than just random syllables. Many of them have histories and backgrounds, either in linguistics or mythology, from diverse cultures. The original document this section is based on was by Mark Rosa and Andrew Vestal. That document contains info from other Squaresoft games, as well, which were not included here. Eventually, though, I got so many additions to the section that the additions almost outweighed the original! I ended up getting Mark Rosa's permission to amalgamate the document; therefore, wherever you see "I", it can be either me or him speaking (sometimes both in the same entry!)

Sending in Name Origins: Everyone's encouraged to e-mail me any additions or corrections I don't have! However, do realize that if I think your idea is either too obvious or too farfetched, I won't add it. A good percent of ideas do get in, though! I will also usually ask you where you got your information from; to avoid time waste, please include your source in your original e-mail ("I think I heard about it" is not a source and will probably not be accepted). If a name is a word in a foreign language, please tell me which language.

One more thing: I will assume that you don't mind me posting your e-mail address on the site along with your contribution. If you don't want me to put it there, just say so.

Click on a page below to go to a specific Name Origins page for that subject. Before everyone asks, the Name Origin for Ultima/Ultimecia/Artemicion/Ultima Weapon/etc. can be found here.

See the original document for further credits.


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