Final Fantasy Compendium

01. Opening Theme
02. Storm Warning
03. Setting Out
04. Chocobo Theme
05. Introducing The Airship Pirate Rouge!
06. The Spirit Of The Woods
07. Linaly's Flight
08. The Wind Shrine
09. Charge Of The PrinPrin
10. Iron Wings Theme
11. Into The Shrine!
12. Crystal Crisis
13. The Secret Of The Crystals
14. Linaly The Firefly!
15. Elemental Journey
16. Prettz's Theme
17. Linaly's Theme
18. Valkas Appears
19. Prettz Vs. Valkas, One On One
20. To Rouge Island
21. The Crystal Appears
22. The Ghost Child Mid
23. Prettz And Valkas, Captured
24. Prettz's Big Action Scene
25. Escape
26. Deathgyunos Attacks
27. The Collapse Of Rouge Island
28. Prettz Comes Back Alive
29. Elemental Journey {Lyrics}
30. Rouge's Theme
31. Valkas's Theme

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