Final Fantasy Compendium

Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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1. A Place To Call Home (8K)
2. Memory Erased By A Storm (4K)
3. Strategy Conference (17K)
4. Night In Alexandria (5K)
5. Vivi's Theme (22K)
6. Feel My Blade (40K)
7. Vamo' Alla Flamenco (40K)
8. Search For The Princess (14K)
9. The Jesters Of The Moons (4K)
10. Steiner's Theme (29K)
11. Prima Vista Band (16K)
12. Eye Catching
13. Tonight (2K)
14. Your Warmth
15. Fake Love
16. Queen Of The Abyss
17. Danger In The Forest (24K)
18. Battle 1 (47K)
19. Fanfare (7K)
20. Memory Of That Day (15K)
21. Battle 2 (68K)
22. Game Over (6K)
23. RUN! (34K)
24. Rest (1K)
25. Over The Hill (45K)
26. Ice Cavern (12K)
27. Village of Dali (14K)
28. Them In The Sunset (7K)
29. Steiner's Stealth
30. Limited Time
31. Zidane's Theme (29K)
32. Black Waltz (9K)


1/33. Cid's Theme (42K)
2/34. One Problem Settled... (31K)
3/35. Lindblum (12K)
4/36. A Song From Her Memory (22K)
5/37. Hunter Chance (153K)
6/38. Qu's Marsh (5K)
7/39. Quina's Theme (34K)
8/40. Aloha de Chocobo (6K)
9/41. Ukelele de Chocobo (26K)
10/42. Freya's Theme
11/43. Boundary South Gate (11K)
12/44. Fairy Battle (13K)
13/45. Kingdom Of Burmecia
14/46. Forgotten Face (13K)
15/47. Kuja's Theme (4K)
16/48. Mystery Sword (8K)
17/49. The City That Never Sleeps ~ Treno (9K)
18/50. Tantalus' Theme (18K)
19/51. Wicked Melody (7K)
20/52. Garnet's Theme (7K)
21/53. Gargan Roo (11K)
22/54. Cleyra Trunk
23/55. Cleyra Settlement (4K)
24/56. Eternal Harvest (24K)
25/57. Heaven Distress (3K)
26/58. Extraction (5K)


1/59. Ambush Attack (40K)
2/60. Loss Of Me (7K)
3/61. Fossil Roo (10K)
4/62. Mountain Pass ~ Conde Petie (18K)
5/63. Black Mage Village (32K)
6/64. The Ungrasped Memory
7/65. Ceremony Before The Gods
8/66. Eiko's Theme (44K)
9/67. Ruins Of Madain Sari (8K)
10/68. Wall of Sacred Beasts (3K)
11/69. Iifa Tree (10K)
12/70. Amarant's Theme (28K)
13/71. Footsteps Of Desire
15/73. The Slew Of Love Letters (16K)
16/74. Tetra Master (18K)
17/75. Moogle Theme
18/76. Something To Protect (22K)
19/77. The Chosen Summoner (7K)
20/78. Janitor of Time (3K)
21/79. Oeilvert
22/80. A Fleeting Past
23/81. Look Back, See The Frog!
24/82. Sacred Grounds ~ Esto Gaza (17K)
25/83. Mount Gulug (35K)
26/84. The Heart and Melting Magic


1/85. Airship ~ Hilda Garde (65K)
2/86. Daguerreo, The Hermit's Library (4K)
3/87. Ipsen Heritage
4/88. The 4 Mirrors
5/89. Consecutive Battles (22K)
6/90. Terra (9K)
7/91. Bran Bal, the Soulless Village (11K)
8/92. Castle where Time Froze ~ Pandemonium (41K)
9/93. You're Not Alone (43K)
10/94. Unforgettable Sorrow (14K)
11/95. The Rebirth of the Evil Mist (27K)
12/96. Skirmish of the Silver Dragons (56K)
13/97. The Memory Place (14K)
14/98. Crystal World (25K)
15/99. The Dark Messenger (45K)
16/100. The Final Battle (69K)
17/101. Bittersweet Romance (7K)
18/102. Hidden Lips
19/103. Wanting To Be Your Bird
20/104. Didn't Capture the Hearts Of Both (19K)
21/105. Behind The Door (51K)
22/106. Melodies Of Life ~ Final Fantasy (44K) Lyrics/Translation
23/107. Prelude (31K)
24/108. Coca Cola TV CM 1
25/109. Coca Cola TV CM 2
26/110. Melodies Of Life (The Layers Of Harmony) - A Capella Version

Unknown Tracks:

Track 1 (9K)
Track 2 (35K)

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Winamp-friendly Version (353K)

MIDI Credits

CSD: A Place To Call Home
MAY: Strategy Conference
JeffreyAtW: Vivi's Theme, Battle 1, Iifa Tree, Airship ~ Hilda Garde
Daniel Wright: Steiner's Theme, Prima Vista Band, Gargan Roo, The Slew Of Love Letters, Didn't Capture The Hearts Of Both
Justin Grant: Search For The Princess, Fairy Battle, Amarant's Theme, Crystal World
Jeff Copperthite: Tonight, Them In The Sunset, Janitor Of Time
Scott Zarchy: Fanfare
U-zy: Battle 2, Skirmish Of The Silver Dragons
Shake: Zidane's Theme, Black Waltz, Mount Gulug, The Final Battle
Sazima Takitoshi: Cid's Theme
SAT: One Problem Settled...
Unknown: Lindblum, Garnet's Theme
Aki: Hunter Chance
ryu-ju: Aloha de Chocobo
Wilbert Roget II: Ukelele de Chocobo
SleepTea: Boundary South Gate
Cirellio: Forgotten Face
Kazuhisa Ishikawa: Consecutive Battles
Joe Schwebke: The Rebirth Of The Evil Mist
Arnold Morrison: Melodies Of Life

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