Final Fantasy Compendium

Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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1. The Prelude MIDI (11K) SPC
2. Red Wings [Cecil's Theme] MIDI (19K) SPC
3. Kingdom of Baron MIDI (27K) SPC
4. Theme of Love [Rosa's Theme] MIDI (8K) SPC
5. Prologue... MIDI (16K) SPC
6. Welcome To Our Town! MIDI (7K) SPC
7. Main Theme MIDI (27K) SPC
8. Fight 1 MIDI (19K) SPC
9. Fanfare MIDI (6K) SPC
10. Hello! Big Chocobo! MIDI (3K) SPC
11. Chocobo-Chocobo MIDI (13K) SPC
12. Into the Darkness MIDI (22K) SPC
13. Fight 2 MIDI (23K) SPC
14. Ring of Bomb MIDI (7K) SPC
15. Rydia MIDI [Arranged] (12K) SPC
16. Castle Damcyan MIDI (13K) SPC
17. Cry in Sorrow MIDI (10K) SPC 1 SPC 2
18. Melody of Lute [Edward's Theme] MIDI (6K) SPC
19. Mt. Ordeals MIDI (22K) SPC
20. Fabul MIDI (4K) SPC
21. Run! MIDI (16K) SPC
22. Suspicion MIDI (12K) SPC
23. Golbez, Clad in the Dark MIDI (8K) SPC
24. Hey, Cid! MIDI (37K) SPC
25. Mystic Mysidia MIDI (20K) SPC
26. Long Way to Go MIDI (6K) SPC 1 SPC 2
27. Palom and Porom MIDI (7K) SPC
28. The Dreadful Fight MIDI (57K) SPC
29. The Airship MIDI (14K) SPC
30. Tororian Beauty MIDI (17K) SPC
31. Samba De Chocobo! MIDI (3K) SPC
32. Tower of Babel MIDI (21K) SPC
33. Somewhere in the World... MIDI (4K) SPC
34. Land of Dwarves MIDI (13K) SPC
35. Giott, The Great King MIDI (9K) SPC
36. Dancing Calcobrena MIDI (7K) SPC
37. Tower of Zot MIDI (10K) SPC
38. Illusionary World MIDI (22K) SPC
39. The Big Whale MIDI (14K) SPC
40. Another Moon MIDI (96K) SPC
41. The Lunarians MIDI (86K) SPC
42. Within the Giant MIDI (19K) SPC
43. The Final Battle MIDI (38K) SPC
44. Epilogue MIDI (103K) SPC 1 SPC 2

Unreleased Tracks:
Moon's Core SPC - music from the Moon's Core final dungeon.
Chocobo Theme 2 SPC
Fanfare 2 SPC
Dancer SPC
Short Sound Clip SPC

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MIDI Credits

Peter Moore: The Prelude, Red Wings[Cecil's Theme], Theme of Love[Rosa's Theme], Main Theme, Golbeze, Clad In The Dark
JM Stalker: Kingdom of Baron
Andrew Thompson: Prologue..., Fight 1, Fight 2, Melody Of Lute[Edward's Theme], Hey Cid!, Long Way To Go, Somewhere In The World, Land Of Dwarves, Dancing Calcobrena, Tower of Zot, Illusionary World, The Big Whale
Paul Edward Jensen: Welcome To Our Town!, Into The Darkness, Troian Beauty
Jason Zaffary: Fanfare, Hello! Big Chocobo!, Chocobo-Chocobo, Samba de Chocobo!
Electric Mew: Ring of Bomb
Tomo Takebe: Rydia
Creak: Castle Damcyan
Rumil Erutan, Doremi: Cry In Sorrow, Suspicion
Daniel Smith: Mystic Mysidia, Another Moon
Wind Alpha: Palom and Porom
Andrew Thompson, Andrew Vestal: The Dreadful Fight
Nick Tsilakis: Tower of Babel
Seth Brown, Andrew Thompson: Jiott, The Great King
Jay Payne: Within The Giant
SEN: The Final Battle

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Final Fantasy 6 Vi Moogles Mog Figure Ballchain Ff Swing Bandai Square

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