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Time Mage

Appearances: FF5, FFT, FFTA
Aliases: None

Time mages have the ability to slow down and speed up the actions of people, along with a hodge-podge of other spells. Like Bards, their magic is not damage-causing, thus they are no more than a weak support job. With many other classes that can kill the enemy before they even have a chance to attack, this class tends to fall by the wayside. Some Time Mages also can cast Meteor or Comet, a high damage attack with a low accuracy.

Similar Job Classes: Bard, White Mage, Black Mage

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NAME: Time Mage
OVERVIEW: Can cast a variety of magic spells, including some Black Magic.
WEAPONS: Knives, Rods, Staffs, Flail, Morning Star
  • !Time - Cast Time Magic (default)
  • Equip Rods & Staves - Allows character to equip rod or staff despite job class
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic

    NAME: Time Mage / Ashe
    OVERVIEW: Only enemy moogles can be archers, but Ashe holds her own as well.
    WEAPONS: Hand-bombs (Ashe only)
    ABILITIES/MAGIC (Time Mage):
  • Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Stone, Firaga, Slowga, Hastega, Regenga, Stopga, Comet
  • Slowga, Hastega, Regenga, Comet
  • Combustion (Increase attack radius)
  • Pyrotechnics (Deal damage in a wide area)
  • Teleport (Teleport Espers to current position)

  • FF: Tactics
    NAME: Time Mage
    OVERVIEW: Abilities only include time and movement, plus Meteor.
    WEAPONS: Staff
    Time Magicks/Time Magic (PSX): Haste, Hasteja/Haste 2 (PSX), Slow, Slowja/Slow 2 (PSX) , Stop, Immbolize/Don't Move (PSX), Float, Reflect, Quick (increase everyone's speed), Demi/Gravity (PSX), Demi 2/Gravija (PSX), Meteor
    Reaction Abilities: Critical Quick (when HP is critical, selected action is next executed), MP Switch (physical damage translates to lost MP)
    Support Abilities: Swiftness/Short Charge (PSX)
    Move Abilities: Teleport (move immediately to destination, chance of failure proportional to distance), Levitate/Float (PSX)
    ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, low attack power, low evasion

    FF: Tactics Advance
    NAME: Time Mage
    OVERVIEW: Does not include Meteor, but has Gravity attacks.
    WEAPONS: Rod
    Time Magic:
  • Haste - Double frequency of target turns
  • Quicken - Target takes turn after user
  • Slow - Half frequency of target turns
  • Reflect - Cast Reflect on target
  • Stop - Stop target from turns
  • Silence - Prevent spellcasting
  • Quarter - Damage equal to 1/4 target's current HP
  • Demi - Damage equal to 1/2 target's current HP
    Reaction Abilities: Last Quicken - Cast Quicken when HP critical
    Support Abilities: None
    Combo: Time Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, high magic defense, low evasion

    FF: Tactics A2

    NAME: Time Mage
    OVERVIEW: Mostly identical to Time Mage from FFTA, with a few skills moved to Green Mage and two more added.
    WEAPONS: Rod
    Time Magick:
  • Haste - Double frequency of target turns
  • Quicken - Target takes turn after user
  • Slow - Half frequency of target turns
  • Reflect - Cast Reflect on target
  • Stop - Stop target from turns
  • Hastega - Haste on area
  • Extend - Increase duration of all status on targets
    Reaction Abilities: Critical:Quicken - Cast Quicken when HP critical
    Support Abilities: Evade Magick - No damage from abilities that use MP
  • Traits of Time Mage in Other Games

    FF10: Tidus' main abilities are through manipulation of time, such as Haste and Delay Attack.
    FFX-2: Warrior has Delay Attack and Delay Buster.

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