Final Fantasy Compendium

This section deals with terms, concepts, places, and organizations in the FFU universe. It's meant to clear up some niggling details not covered by the story and character pages. See Notes for more information about the translation and story.

An ancient Chocobo who had the power to fly. The Ciel Ruins, found by Chocoimo, granted the power of Ciel to Chobi when he touched them. That means he can transform into the Ciel when he wants to.

An organization led by Knave (and including Mireth, Fungo, and Sid in its ranks) which is dedicated to restoring order to the chaotic Inner World by challenging Earl Tyrant. Its generic members wear masks at all times and generally attack using blowpipes (or blow missiles, sometimes).

Dead Pepper
A HUGE, spicy pepper which chocobos love... however, it makes them turn red, go crazy, and run around flapping their wings. 8-)

One of four (or five) of Earl Tyrant's most trusted and most powerful helpers. Herba, Oscar, Pist, and Fungus are the original four; then Shroi Kumo is added and Fungus deleted.

Demon Gun (Magan)
Kaze's ultimate weapon, attached to his arm. It doesn't always work (apparently it's broken); when it "moves", Kaze can transform it from a blank cylinder into a wicked cool gun with three cylinders. Each cylinder takes a canister of Soil and the combination of the three results in a shoukanjuu, or summoned creature. Note that the name can also be translated "Magic Gun".

A source of energy, Elenium is present in the water throughout the Inner World. Sid's Elenium Condenser can transform water into pure energy; it powers both Catherine and Jane, his water transportation.

Flight Water (Tobi Mizu)
Another source of energy, only found in Telos at the other end of the Inner World ocean. It has powers of flight, allowing even a little bit of it to support many times its own weight. It's also impregnable against highly volatile material like antimatter, which is why it supresses Kuria's Omega powers when he wears a suit of it.

The home of Earl Tyrant and his four (er, five, for two episodes) Deathlords. It's surrounded by four defense satellites which destroy any incoming objects besides for Fungus's mushroom UFO or Herba's dandelion seed ship. Shroi Kumo enjoys sitting silently outside on one of its protrusions (presumably Earl Tyrant and his cronies make him itch on the inside of his skin).

Inner World (Ikai)
A place sort of like a giant virus. It swallows up parts of Outer Worlds (usually destroying them in the process). It connects its pieces via a dimensional tunnel, where Elizabeth the subway rides. The heart of the inner world and its devouring tendencies is Chaos.

Kigenjutsu (Skill of Genesis)
A power used by Lisa. It can be used for defense, attack, or healing; it utilizes the inner energies of the matter around her. Misjudging the energies can be catastrophic. However, Lisa needs to be still to be able to use it. Lisa eventually learns to create a kigenjuu, or energy creature, from it; the creature looks quite a bit like Leviathan.

Japanese for Chaos. See Characters.

Kuroki Kaze (Black Wind)
One of the names of Kaze.

Makenshi (Demon Swordsman, or Magic Swordsman)
One of the names of Shroi Kumo.

Ocean Puzzle (Umi Puzzle)
The brainchild of Pist. It's a 3D "puzzle" made up of a bunch of cubes; each cube contains a part of the Inner World. Each cube has a challenge for our wanderers. Beating it brings them closer to the exit of the puzzle (supposedly); losing brings them closer to the bottom and being swallowed by Chaos.

Outer World (Gaikai)
Basically any place that's not the Inner World. Sort of like alternate dimensions, I guess. This includes our own world.

Japanese for Summoned Creature, used to describe the beings summoned by the Demon Gun. Also used in several of the FF games to describe the creatures.

Like it sounds, it's a kind of sand. However, it has hidden energies that can be used in various ways, generally by the use of a screw-type mechanism. Both the Inner World subway and Kaze's Demon Gun use it as a source of energy. We later learn it's made up from "life crystals" of those killed by Chaos.

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