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Appearances: FF5, FF6, FFX-2, FF11, FFT
Aliases: None

Samurais are more defined by their outfits than their abilities, although the most common one is "Spare Change" where the user throws and loses money to cause damage. They often equip a long samurai sword or katana, and wear traditional samurai armor. Their abilities also tend to include a way to instantly kill an enemy, and the ability to paralyze enemies. Their attributes lend themselves well to physical combat, but their magic is only satisfactory.

Similar Job Classes: Knight, Ninja, Sky Samurai (12RW)

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NAME: Samurai
OVERVIEW: Can paralyze enemies
WEAPONS: Knives, Katanas
  • !Mineuchi - Paralyze all enemies by tapping them with sword
  • !Zeninage - Choose amount of gil to throw to damage enemies (default)
  • Evade - Increase evasion by 33% (default)
  • Equip Katanas - Equip any katana despite job class
  • !Slash - Attempt to instantly kill all enemies. High chance of failure.
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high HP, low magic

    NAME: Cyan Garamonde
    OVERVIEW: Charges power to perform an SwdTech. The SwdTech is based on the level of the charge.
    WEAPONS: Katanas
  • Dispatch - Piercing physical damage with the sword
  • Retort - Counterattack when hit
  • Slash - Cut enemy's current HP in half, and cause them to slowly lose HP over time. High chance of failure.
  • QuadraSlam - Attack all enemies at random with four sword slashes
  • Empowerer - Drain enemy HP and MP
  • Stunner - Attack and paralyze all enemies
  • QuadraSlice - Attack all enemies at random with powerful four sword slashes
  • Cleave - Attempt to eliminate all enemies from the battlefield
  • ATTRIBUTES: High attack power, high magic defense, low magic, low evade, low magic defense

    NAME: Samurai
    OVERVIEW: Includes several damage-causing spells.
    WEAPONS: Katana
  • Spare Change - Throw gil at enemy for damage
  • Zantetsu - Instantly kill one enemy
  • Mirror of Equity - Attack with power inversely proportional to current HP
  • Magicide - Damage enemy MP
  • Dismissal - Halt enemy's impending attack
  • Fingersnap - Revert enemy attributes to normal
  • Sparkler - Damage one enemy with a burst of fire
  • Fireworks - Damage all enemies with a burst of fire
  • Momentum - Attack with power directly proportional to the number of enemy's killed
  • Shin-Zantetsu - Instantly kill all enemies, with chance of failure
  • Nonpareil - Raise user's strength and accuracy
  • No Fear - Casts Shell and Protect on user
  • Clean Slate - Restore HP and remove status effects
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: SOS Critical (critical hits when HP is low)

    NAME: Samurai
    OVERVIEW: Abilities revolve around TP (similar to limit breaks)
    WEAPONS: Uses Great Katanas best
  • Meikyo Shisui - Reduces cost of weapon skills
  • Warding Circle - Increase allies' resistance to demons
  • Third Eye - Dodge next attack
  • Meditate - Charge TP
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Resist Blind, Store TP, Demon Killer, Zanshin (chance of attacking again after missing target)
    ATTRIBUTES: Low accuracy

    FF: Tactics
    NAME: Samurai
    OVERVIEW: Can "draw out" special abilities of their weapon at the risk of breaking it.
    WEAPONS: Katana
    Iaido/Draw Out (PSX):
  • Ashura/Asura Knife (PSX) - Attack for physical damage
  • Kotetsu/Koutetsu (PSX)- Attack with a wave of damage
  • Osafune/Bizen Boat (PSX) - MP damage
  • Murasame - Restore HP
  • Ama-no-Murakumo/Heaven's Cloud (PSX) - Attack through ethereal spirit
  • Kiyomori - Engulf ally in protective veil
  • Muramasa - Vengeful wraiths attempt to kill enemy in one blow
  • Kikuichimoji - Spirit charges enemy in a rage
  • Masamune - Enhance strength and agility of allies
  • Chirijiraden - Spirits become blue flame and attack living beings
    Reaction Abilities: Bonecrush/Meatbone Slash (PSX) - when terminal, inflict damage equal to max HP; Shirahadori/Blade Grasp (PSX) - evade physical attack
    Support Abilities: Equip Knife, Doublehand/Two Hands (PSX) - hold weapon with two hands
    Move Abilities: Swim/Walk on Water (PSX)
  • ATTRIBUTES: High evasion

    Traits of Samurai in Other Games

    FF6: Setzer can equip the Coin Toss accessory to replace the ability Slots with GP Rain.
    FF7: The Coin materia allows the user to throw gil at the enemy for damage.
    FF9: Amarant has the Spare Change ability.
    FF10: Auron has many physical characteristics of a traditional Japanese samurai ronin (sake jug, invalid sword hand, clothing, sword).
    FF10: The ability Spare Change allows the user to throw gil at the enemy for damage and is usually first learned by Rikku.
    FFTA: The Juggler can use the Gil Toss command to throw 30 gil for exactly 30 damage.
    Odin's common attack, Zantetsuken, is the same as the samurai ability of the same name.

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