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trans·por·ta·tion / n. 1. Conveying; being conveyed. 2a. System of conveying. b. Means of this. [L. portare carry]

Getting a new kind of vehicle is a thrill in any Final Fantasy game. Here's a rundown of every type of transportational device in any FF game. (Note that there are NO transportational devices in Tactics.) Enjoy! The large airship pics from FF9 were taken from this site; I was unable to find any contact information, so I do not have express permission to post the pictures. I'm assuming the owner doesn't mind, though. ^^;

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Air Cab (9)
Not really something you can control... these little shuttles take you from place to place in Lindblum.

Airplane (7)f
Shin-Ra uses military planes as troop transport. Cid has a small biplane called the Tiny Bronco in his backyard. But when it;s shot down, it acts as a ship - it can only land on a seashore. No enemies will attack while riding it.

Airship (all but MQ)
Usually you receive this ultimate machine towards the end of the game; it allows you to travel through the entire globe! Although Tactics doesn't have an airship, there are two references to them: the final battle takes place in the Graveyard of Airships, and in the Japanese version there was a special mini-game which could be played using airships (it was received via a special bar quest). Some airships are more powerful than others, and some can land where others can't.
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WonderSwan FF1 - Not Named

Can only land on grass plains; can travel over mountains.
FF2 - Not named

Can only land on grass plains; can travel over mountains.
FF3 - Cid's Airship

Can't travel over mountains, can only land on grass.
FF3 - Enterprise

Can't travel over mountains; can only land on water, where it transforms into a ship.
FF3 - Nautilus

Can't travel over mountains; at first it can only land on grass plains; after upgrading, it can land on water and turn into a submarine. It's fast enough to fight the winds on the Dalug continent.
FF3 - Invincible

Can land over any terrain besides water, because it never actually lands! You just take a ladder down from it. It has four vending machines, a free bed, and a Fat Chocobo inside it. Also, in any fights you encounter (on the Dalug continent), it will automatically give a cannon blast to the enemies at the start of the fight. You can leap over a small mountain path by pressing A.
FF4 - Enterprise

Can only land on grass plains, can go over mountains; after upgrading, it can pick up the Hovercraft using a winch.
FF4 - Enemy Airship/Falcon

Can only land on grass plains, can go over mountains; after upgrading, it can drill a hole from the underworld to the overworld.
FF4 - Magical Ship/Big Whale/Lunar Whale

A giant spaceship used to travel to the moon; you can rest inside or visit a free Chubby Chocobo.
FF5 - Not Named

At first it can only be used as an airship (can only land on plain grass; can go over mountains) but later it can turn into a ship and a submarine. It can also head up to a floating city when reinforced with Adamantite.
FF6 - Blackjack

Can go over mountains; can only land on plains. Inside is an item shop, a place to rest up, and a man who will de-equip any non-active characters; all the characters you have hang out inside. It has a casino which you can't play. 8-) You can also take it to the floating continent at the end of the first half of the game.
FF6 - Falcon

Same as Setzer's Airship, minus the shop, HP refill, and casino.
FF7 - Highwind

Can go over mountains; can only land on plains, and only ones which can fit it. You can ride a Chocobo inside it and ride it out again. There's a man who acts as a save point inside, and all the characters hang out there. You can also land inside the Northern Crater at the end of the game.
FF7AC/DoC - Shera

Cid's new airship makes a brief appearance in AC; the inside doesn't look that much different from the Highwind, but the outside's been totally revamped! You can explore it more fully in DoC, where it's revealed that it was found, not built. Cid managed to put the Highwind's pinup design on the bridge floor, though.
FF8 - Balamb Garden

A Centra Shelter which acts as a hovercraft. It moves maddeningly slow, but can go through ocean as well as land. It can only go onto land via seashores, though. It can't land on forests or water. It can enter Fishermans Horizon automatically. Inside BG is a massive school for SeeDs; see Places for more info.
FF8 - Ragnarok

A giant spaceship which acts as an airship. There's an autopilot control which lets you travel directly to any location on the map. The Ragnarok can land directly on Fishermans Horizon, Esthar Airstation, or Deep Sea Research Center. In Disc 4, if the Card Club Quest has been completed, the entire Card Club will be on the ship.
FF9 - Prima Vista

This is the theater ship for the Tantalus theater group, used at the beginning of the game. This airship can only be ridden on, not driven.
FF9 - Cargo Ship

This airship can only be ridden on, not driven.
FF9 - Hilda Garde 1

This airship can only be ridden on, not driven.
FF9 - Hilda Garde 2

This airship can only be ridden on, not driven.
FF9 - Red Rose

This airship can only be ridden on, not driven.
FF9 - Hilda Garde 3

Can go anywhere, but can only land on green or brown plains.
FF9 - Invincible

Can go anywhere, but can't land in forests, mountains, or water.
FF10 - Not Named

It's your ticket to going anywhere, anytime! You can't actually fly around in it, but you can select locations from a list.
FFX-2 - Celsius

The gullwings use this ship shaped like a motorcycle to sphere hunt. You can't actually fly around in it, but you can select locations from a list, just like in FF10.
FF11 - Not Named

Airships act as a taxi service from one of the three main countries, and a pass must be acquired to use it. Tickets are 200 gil after obtaining this pass. All airships must pass through Jeuno on their destinations, as this is the port hub. Airships can only land and take off in water, and each country has a seaport for this.
FF12 - Strahl

The Strahl, available near the end of the game, can't be directly controlled, but it can take you to over a dozen different locations, allowing you to board and disembark instantly. You can't go absolutely anywhere, but judicious use of the Strahl and gate crystals will get you there. It can turn invisible, as well! You can also travel by commercial airship for a fee.
FF12 - Galbana

The Galbana used to be Feolthanos's ship, but Vaan's Clan Galbana hijacks it! You can visit the bridge and a huge Sky Saloon inside it, and it can travel around Lemurés as well as Ivalice. It's your base for pretty much the whole game.
FF: Legend of the Crystals - Iron Wing

Can go anywhere but outer space. Has some really good firepower.
FFTA2 - Airship

A ferry between the two major continents of Loar and Ordalia.

Assault Boat (8)
These hydrofoils are only used once, during the SeeD test mission, and they cannot be controlled. Balamb Garden used them to transport troops and SeeDs to Lapin Beach on Dollet to combat the invading Galbadians.

Buggy (7)
A small red thing which can go over rivers. You can still be attacked in it.

Canoe (1, 2, 3)
This cute little thing can go over rivers and lakes, but the waves of the ocean are too much for it.

canoe art from FF1 canoe from FF1 WSC canoe from FF2 canoe from FF3
Car (7, 8)
There are probably over a dozen types of car, including a military buggy, but they all have the same controls and speed, and the same advantage: no enemy attacks. However, they use up fuel, which you can buy in stores for 3000 Gil a pop. FF7 featured cars on its highways, but only FF8 allowed you to drive one.

MotorMobiles from FF7

car from FF7 car from FF7 car from FF7

Cars and vehicles from FF8

car from FF8 car from FF8
Cavernous Maw (11)
Starting with the Wings of the Goddess expansion, Cavernous Maws began appearing as a portal of sorts between the present and the past (Shadowreign Realm). It is worth noting its resemblance to the summon/monster Atomos.
Cavernous Maw from FF11
Chocobo (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, X-2, 11, Tactics)
See Species for info and pictures.

Dreadnought (2)
This massive airship is built by the people of Bafsk while under enslavement to the empire. The party destroys is by using the Sunfire to overload its engine.
Dreadnought from FF2
Fenrir (7AC, DoC)
Cloud's new motorbike is pretty bulky, and has a compartment to store his new multipart sword.

Gargant (9)
A domesticated arachnid that looks similar to a brown katydid. They travel the tunnels of Fossil Roo and Gargant Roo. When offered a stick of an herby plant, they crawl along the tunnel ceilings, harnessed to a carriage that hangs down from them.

Hiryuu (2, 5j), Wind Drake (2), Dragon (5)
A flying dragon. It can't travel over mountains and can only land on plains. See Species for pictures.
Helicopter (7)
Shin-Ra uses helicopters for getting around the world in a hurry and kidnapping girls who have fled to rooftops to hide.

Hovercraft (4)
No enemies will attack while using the hovercraft. It can go over coral reefs, but no type of water. Later in the game, it can be picked up using the Airship Enterprise.

Hover (X-2)
Hovers, which look like fanboats, can be used to quickly get from one end of an area to another (for a fee). The Al Bhed run them. They are used on the Mi'Hen Highroad and the Calm Lands.

Ice Sled (2)
Can navigate the snow fields above Salamand. Enemies still attack while on it.

Motorcycle (7)
Cloud only uses the motorcyle (known as the Hardy Daytona) during the chase scene. You can hit enemy bikers with your sword while riding it. Also used in a minigame in the Gold Saucer. See also Fenrir.

Sailing Ship (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, MQ, CC)
The quintessential water transport. Usually, whenever you can control the ship directly, you can still be attacked by enemies while on the ship (the only exception is MQ where there's no real overworld).
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FF1 and FF1 WSC
Can only dock at white docks.
One ship that you cannot control travels between Paloom and Poft. You can control Leila's ship, however. Both ships have the same sprite.
The S.S. Enterprise can be upgraded into an airship once Cid receives the Wheel of Time (see above).
The Fire Ship is quickly sunk, but the airship can transform into a boat.
Cannot be controlled.
FF7 - Cargo Ship
Cannot be controlled. Takes you across the ocean to Costa Del Sol.
White SeeD ship cannot be controlled, but has unfurlablesails.
FF9 - Card
The Blue Narciss was propelled by steam rather than wind, it was the prototype for the airship Hilda Garde 3.
None of the boats can be controlled. They include a ferry and the Manaclipper.

Shoopuf (10)
See Species for pictures and info.
Snowboard (7)
Only used when traveling from Icicle Inn to the Great Glacier. You can collect balloons and dodge moogles. Also used in a minigame in the Gold Saucer.
Submarine (1, 3, 5, 7)
The sub allows you to travel underwater. You automatically enter any underwater edifice you find when you run into it (there are never more than three or four of these). In 1, the submarine allows you to travel between Onrac and the sunken shrine; it requires Oxyale to use (in the GBA version the submarine is called a barrel). The Nautilus in 3 is also an airship. In 5, the first sub is a stand-alone, but the second one (which is identical) is also an airship and sailing ship (the sub has a set of beds inside). In 5 and 7, enemies will not attack while on the Shinra sub (you can pick either red or gray, depending on whether you completed the Sub Mission or not).

From left: Nautilus from 3, sub from 5, outer view of sub from 5, Shinra Sub from 7 (screen and FMV shots).

Trains (6, 7, 8)
In 6, trains were used by Doma but were destroyed in the war with the empire. You also have to fight the Phantom Train, which carries the spirits of the departed to the afterlife. In 7 and 8, a wealth of trains run between cities and even under the ocean! Cost of a ticket: 3000 Gil. There is also a summonable train.

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