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Appearances: FF1, FF2, FF3, FF5, FF11

Although the Knight originally was the upgrade from Warrior, and often had the ability to Cover allies from damage, in later games with higher emphasis on abilities, this class began to fade away, replaced with specialty classes Soldier and Paladin.

Similar Job Classes: Soldier, WarriorFighter, Paladin

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NAME: Knight
OVERVIEW: Evolves from Fighter. This class shares some attributes with Paladin in that it can perform White Magic.
WEAPONS: Bane Sword, Coral Sword, Defense Sword, Dragon Sword, Falchion, Flame Sword, Giant Sword, Ice Sword, Long Sword, Masamune, Rapier, Rune Sword, Sabre, Scimitar, Short Sword, Silver Sword, Sun Sword, Vorpal, Were Sword, XCalibur, Cat Claw, Large Dagger, Silver Knife, Small Dagger, Great Axe, Hand Axe, Light Axe, Silver Axe, Iron Staff, Power Staff, Wooden Staff, Iron Hammer, Silver Hammer, Thor's Hammer
ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high HP, low magic power
White Magic: Cure, Fog, Ruse, ALit, Invs, Mute, Lamp, Cur2, AFir

NAME: Gordon
OVERVIEW: Although he equips a spear, his place in the party is that of a Knight.

NAME: Knight
OVERVIEW: Evolves from Fighter.
WEAPONS: Knife, Dagger, Mithril Knife, Long Sword, Mithril Sword, Serpent, Salamander, Ice Blade, King Sword, Blood Sword, Ancient Sword, Defender, Shiny Sword, Break Sword, Full Moon, Excalibur, Ragnarok
  • Fight - Attack with equipped weapon
  • Defend - Increase defense for one turn
  • Run - Run away from battle
  • Item - Use an item from inventory
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high defense, high HP, low magic, low magic defense


    NAME: Knight
    OVERVIEW: This is the only "fighter"-type class in the game. It does not evolve from Warrior. They can hold weapons with both hands.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Swords
  • !Cover - Take damage for critically injured party members for one turn (default)
  • !Guard - Take 0 damage from physical attacks. Remains in effect until next turn.
  • DblGrip - Allows you to equip some swords with both hands, doubling damage
  • Equip Shield - Equip any shield despite job class
  • Equip Armor - Equip Knight armor despite job class
  • Equip Sword - Equip general and knight swords despite job class
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high HP, low magic

    NAME: Warrior
    OVERVIEW: Warriors are great damage-dealers and can receive a lot of punishment. Their abilities are rooted in trading one advantage for one disadvantage.
    WEAPONS: Uses axes and swords best
  • Mighty Strikes - All attacks become critical hits
  • Provoke - Taunts enemy into attacking self
  • Berserk - Increases attack, lowers defense
  • Defender - Increases defense, lowers attack
  • Warcry - Increases attack of nearby party members
  • Aggressor - Increases accuracy, lowers evasion
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Defense Bonus, Attack Bonus, Resist Virus, Double Attack
    ATTRIBUTES: High attack power, high defense, low magic defense

    Traits of Knight in Other Games

    FF6: The Gauntlet accessory allows the user to equip a sword with both hands, increasing attack power.
    FF8: The GF Cactuar and Brothers teach the Defend ability, in which the user's physical defense is greatly increased for one turn.

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