Final Fantasy Compendium


01. Theme of Turks(BC-FF7-Version)
02. Mission
03. Survive
04. Secret Aaction
05. Theme of Elfe
06. Black Beat
07. Desperate Crisis
08. Last Labyrinth
09. Rebirth
10. Theme of Elfe (Angel)
11. Theme of Elfe (Devil)
12. Rebirth (Edit)

Last Order

13. 1st Climax
14. Cremation
15. Pride of Soldier
16. Pursuit
17. Beyond the Death(from Theme of Tifa)
18. Frenzy of Steel
19. Sneak Attack
20. Decision
21. Serious Attack
22. Brief Reunion(from Theme of Tifa)
23. Truth in the Dark,The
24. Theme of Turks 2005
25. Dear Friend
26. Last Order
27. Last Order(edit)

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