Final Fantasy Compendium

Magic Knight

Appearances: FF5, FF9, FFX-2, FF12RW, FFTA
Aliases: Sorcerer, Mystic Knight, Warrior, Gladiator, Warmage

Magic Knights combine great strength with the ability to assign elemental affinities to their weapon (such as Fire, Water, Holy, etc.) In effect, it allows you to make a physical attack and a magic attack at the same time. However, enemies that are invulnerable to elemental affinities, or certain types of attacks will receive the same damage as if the attack were one or the other (e.g., if a snake absorbs ice damage, it will absorb the damage from an Ice Sword Magic spell). They're a little weaker than knights, but make up for it with their stronger attributes in magic power and magic defense.

Similar Job Classes: Knight, Black Mage, Dark Knight, Paladin

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NAME: Magic Knight/Mystic Knight/Sorcerer
OVERVIEW: Activating a Sword Magic spell imbues the Sword with that element for until the battle ends, the character is KO'd, or another spell is cast.
WEAPONS: Knives, Swords
  • Shell - Cast Shell on self when near death
  • Spellblade - Cast magic spell on sword, imbueing it with that attribute
    Spellblade: Fire, Ice, Bolt, Mute, Poison, Sleep, Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2, Drain, Break, Bio, Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3, Holy, Flare, Asper
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high speed, high HP

    NAME: Adelbert Steiner
    OVERVIEW: Steiner can only use Magic Sword when Vivi is in the party, and drains Steiner's MP rather than Vivi's. Steiner's physical attack power is tripled when in Trance.
    WEAPONS: Swords
  • Magic Sword - When Vivi is in the party, Steiner can perform a combination physical attack/magic attack
    Sword Art:
  • Darkside - Sacrifice HP to make a strong attack on enemy
  • Armor Break - Reduce target's defense
  • Magic Break - Reduce target's magic power
  • Minus Strike - Inflicts damage equal to HP lost
  • Mental Break - Reduce target's magic defense
  • Power Break - Reduce target's attack power
  • Charge! - Allies in critical status attack simultaneously
  • Iai Strike - Cause instant death to target. High chance of failure.
  • Thunder Slash - Lightning attack equal to 19% of current HP
  • Stock Break - Damage all enemies 50% stronger than normal attack
  • Climhazzard - Non-elemental magic damage twice as strong as normal attack
  • Shock - Massive physical damage three times as strong as normal attack
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES (character specific):
    ATTRIBUTES: High strength, low magic power

    NAME: Warrior
    OVERVIEW: This is Paine's default job. Warrior was originally called Fighter in JP. This class is basically a combination of Knight and Magic Knight.
    WEAPONS: Sword
  • Sentinel - Decrease physical damage for one turn
  • Assault - Cast Berserk, Haste, Shell, and Protect on party
  • Flametongue - Inflict fire-elemental damage
  • Ice Brand - Inflict ice-elemental damage
  • Thunder Blade - Inflict lightning-elemental damage
  • Liquid Steel - Inflict water-elemental damage
  • Demi Sword - Inflict gravity-elemental damage
  • Excalibur - Inflict holy-elemental damage
  • Power Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's attack power
  • Magic Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's magic power
  • Armor Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's physical defense
  • Mental Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's magic defense
  • Delay Attack - Attack and delay enemy's next turn
  • Delay Buster - Attack and greatly delay enemy's next turn
    ATTRIBUTES: High HP, high strength, high physical defense, low magic defense

    NAME: Warmage
    OVERVIEW: Only enemy vieras can be warmages.
  • Fire Sword, Blizzard Sword, Thunder Sword, Stone Sword, Mighty Guard, Piercing Blow

  • FF: Tactics Advance
    NAME: Gladiator
    OVERVIEW: Gladiator includes some abilities from the Fighter class in addition to three elemental sword abilities.
    WEAPONS: Blade
  • Rush - Damage and knock back target
  • Wild Swing - Damage on all sides
  • Beatdown - Attack with high damage, low accuracy
  • Blitz - Attack with low damage, high accuracy
  • Fire Sword - Large fire melee damage
  • Bolt Sword - Large lightning melee damage
  • Ice Sword - Large ice melee damage
  • Ultima Sword - Triple damage attack
    Reaction Abilities: Strikeback - Block and counter physical attack
    Support Abilities: Doublehand - Hold one-handed sword in two hands to increase damage
    Combo: Sword Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High attack power, low magic power

    Traits of Magic Knight in Other Games

    FF2: Minh resembles a Sorceror, but uses White Magic, and not in conjunction with a physical attack.
    FF3: The Hunter can equip arrows with elemental attributes.
    FF6: Celes can absorb the MP of magic spells through her "Runic" ability, but can not redirect nor use the spell for offensive purposes.

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