Final Fantasy Compendium

FF7 Jobs

NAME: Aeris Gainsborough
OVERVIEW: See White Mage.

NAME: Barret Wallace
OVERVIEW: See Gunner.

NAME: Cait Sith
OVERVIEW: See Gambler.

NAME: Cid Highwind
OVERVIEW: See Dragoon.

NAME: Cloud Strife
OVERVIEW: See Fighter.

WEAPONS: Headdress
  • Sled Fang - Pounce through the enemy to cause damage
  • Lunatic High - Envelop the party in a yellow field, casting Haste and increasing evasion of the party
  • Bloodfang - Pounce through the enemy to cause damage and gain HP and MP
  • Stardust Ray - Call upon the stars, causing them to rain down from the heavens and damage all enemies
  • Howling Moon - Cast Berserk and Haste on self
  • Earth Rave - Make five magic attacks on enemies
  • Cosmo Memory - Howl to the moon and blast enemy with a blast of fire

    NAME: Tifa Lockheart
    OVERVIEW: See Monk.

    NAME: Vincent Valentine
    OVERVIEW: See Gunner.

    NAME: Yuffie Kisaragi
    OVERVIEW: See Ninja.

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