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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Print Ad / Poster Game Gift Art For Sale

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Print Ad / Poster Game Gift Art

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Print Ad / Poster Game Gift Art:

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Print Ad / Poster Game Gift ArtEnjoy an authentic advertisement carefully removed from the original magazine or publication and professionally stored. These are NOT reprints or reproductions. Everything we sell is 100% Genuine and Original.Vintage print ads make great gifts for a collector and are perfect to add to your own collection. They make amazing wall art and will fit perfectly into a standard picture frame. We include measurements in the picture so you can see the exact size of the item you will be receiving. All items will come bagged and boarded, and they will be shipped in a stiff cardboard photo mailer.
You will receive the exact poster / print ad in the picture. We take photos of the item you will receive before we bag and board it for storage. Every print ad / poster is taken from the original source such as a magazine or other printed material. We do not sell items that are not authentic and we do not sale reproductions.Because of the age of most of the items we sale ( some being over 30 years old) there could minor issues such as discoloration, edge wear on pages, wrinkles, or other condition issues associated with vintage paper. We doprofessionallyremove these items from their source material and bag in board them in acid free high quality magazine bags with a cardboard backer. They are stored this way immediatelyafter the picture is taken. Please examine photo or ask questions prior to purchase.
These items will ship in a cardboard photo mailer. The photo mailer along with the cardboard backer will provide extra protection for this item during shipping. All items will ship standard USPS mail unless another service is paid for. We ship Mon-Fri excluding all holidays.
Combined ShippingAfter you pay shipping on the first item, all other items will ship for free as long as they are paid for together. If you need to get an invoice please request one before paying. If you overpay please message and you will be refunded the difference as long as they are able to be shipped together. International customers please contact me for shipping costs.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are willing to consider reasonable offers and we offer discounts on orders of more than one print ad / poster.
Thank (GS 9.0.5 (GS 9.0.5 (1436))

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