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Moogle (AKA Mog, Mogli)

After chocobos, the second mainstay of the FF world are moogles. They don't have as prominent role in most of the games, but they're super-cute. Their calling cry is "Kupo!". They look kind of like white teddy bears with some cat-like features. They have an antenna-like red pom-pom on their heads and two tiny bat wings on their backs.

In Japan, they are called Mogli. For FF6, the name was translated as Moogle, but in FF7 and FF8, they were called Mogs. A moogle named "Mog" was a playable character in six. Guest appearances include a character in the Chocobo games for PSX, a status problem in Secret of Mana, and an armor called the "Moogle Smock" in Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret Of Mana 2).

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Beaver FF2 NES Beaver FF2 NES Beaver FF2 PSX Beaver FF2 PSX 2: The Beavers are sort of a precursor to Moogles - they look almost identical.
3: Moogles took an unusual role in this game, as they were the personal guards of Dorga.
5: Moogles can talk to Cara and they help you out now and again. You can find a Moogle suit to put on and have them fall in love with you. (See Famous Moments)
6: Mog the Moogle is playable and has some cool dances to try out! There's also a Moogle Suit for Relm and Strago which turn them into Moogles!
7: Mog rides the Chocobo for a Summon spell. Cait Sith rides a giant toy Mog (whose design is a bit crude). There's also a mini-game in the Gold Saucer called "Mog House" where you control one (sorta) for a little bit.
7AC: A girl in Edge has a Moogle doll.
7CC: You can summon Moogles via the DMW, and their Moogle Power skill will level up your Materia. You can also equip Moogle Charms to ensure you get rare items.
FF8 Mini-Mog in-game 8: This little guy is only obtainable by using the PocketStation accessory. Summoning him heals all GF HP.
9: Moogles were everywhere in this game. They deliver mail all over the world through "Mognet, and they act as save points.
10: Some of Lulu's weapons are Moogle dolls.
X-2: Yuna's Mascot costume (the one she wears in the intro as well as the one from the Mascot dressphere) is a giant Moogle. One of the missions in Luca in Chapter 5 also features moogles.
11: The Moogle has a support role in FF11. Mainly, they take care of your "Mog House" which is basically a sanctuary for your character. Within the Mog house is a "Mog Safe" for item storage and a "Delivery Box", where all your funds go after selling items in auction or when people send you items. The moogle also provides you with the option to change your "Job" & "Sub-Job" and equipped items as well. In addition, they allow you to check on your plants and re-arrange furniture. "Nomad Moogles" come out in smaller remote towns to give you access to you "Mog House".
12: There are some moogles everywhere, but they especially congregate in Bhujerba (where, apparently, they used to be the dominant species). They are excellent artisans, and are involved with all sorts of trades, from clans to airships to chocobos. Montblanc and Nono are the only two moogles who are heavily involved in your quest. Appearance-wise, they are similar to their TA incarnation.
Tactics Moogle art Tactics: Mogli is a spell cast by summoners, that heals HP to a large group of allies.
TA: You could have these guys join your party and take on a variety of jobs: Animist, Black Mage, Gadgeteer, Gunner, Juggler, Mog Knight, Thief, or Time Mage.
TA2: Very similar to TA. In addition to the TA job list, Moogles can be Flintlocks and Chocobo Knights. One particular city, Goug, seems to be rife with moogles.
CC: In the single player game of CC, the moogle carries your chalice. Moogles also show up in various other places around the game, such as delivering mail, as they did in FF9.

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