Final Fantasy Compendium

Alive Forest
The forest is overrun with monsters; Kaeli is the only one who can speak to the Giant Tree who lives here.

Phoebe's and Spencer's home is frozen over when the Water Crystal is taken. Spencer lives in Spencer's Place, a tunnel under Phoebe's house.

Bone Dungeon
The Earth Crystal rests here. Watch out for shifting sand dunes! Benjamin and Tristam come here; it's where Benjamin learns to use Bombs. At the heart of the dungeon is a treasure called the Dragon Claw.

Doom Castle
Home of what is most definitely the coolest dungeon music ever made. The Dark King and rehashes of his four cronies reside here.

Falls Basin
This small dungeon, which consists of quite a few blocks you must manoeuvre into place, is the prerequisite for entering the Ice Pyramid.

The home of Reuben and Arion; volcano fires are all over the place here. There's also a happenin' band playing at the hotel.

Focus Tower
The central edifice in MQ connects all four regions; it's also the base of Doom Castle.

Kaeli's home town was once green, but a monster who stole the Earth Crystal turned it brown and many of its inhabitants grew withered like the trees.

Giant Tree
The inside of a... well, a giant tree. With a moustache. Kaeli helps Benjamin get through this with the aid of the Dragon Claw and Giant's Axe.

Hill Of Destiny
The place where you start your quest and save an old man (who's really the Crystal of Light in disguise) from a Behemoth. The hill collapses when you're done.

Ice Pyramid
The Water Crystal is guarded by an angry ice golem. You'll make full use of your sword to flip switches and the Cat Claw to climb around. The monsters here are invisible until you get the Magic Mirror.

Kaidge Temple
Basically empty besides for some potions.

Lava Dome
The Dualheaded Hydra guards the Fire Crystal in this hellhole.

Level Forest
Home of the evil Minotaur. It's brown at the beginning of the game, but green once the Earth Crystal has been revived.

Libra Temple
This is where you meet Phoebe. There's a Libra Crest on the floor which leads to the Life Temple.

Life Temple
This temple is unreachable by normal means; you can only get there from the Libra tile in the Libra Temple. The Wakewater, which can supposedly revive Aquaria, is stored here.

Mac's Ship
The ferry between the Ship Dock and the last stage of Focus Tower (Doom Castle) is infested with monsters. Captain Mac resides, but quickly steps down to let you handle things.

Arion gets trapped here; Benjamin and Reuben must use a Mega Grenade to free him. The boss is Jinn, whose palette swap monster pal is Iflyte... makes you think, huh? (See Ifrit in the Summons section.)

Mount Gale
The source of the winds plaguing Windia. Dullahan is the mastermind behind it all.

Pazuzu's Tower
The giant bird-man lives here and guards the Wind Crystal. An escape elevator makes him that much tougher to get ahold of.

Rainbow Bridge
An energy bridge leading from Windia to Pazuzu's Tower and Spencer's Place; created by Otto.

Rope Bridge
Just a connector to the main Wind region; Reuben falls here and hurts himself seriously.

Sand Temple
The Elixir to heal Kaeli is supposed to grow here, but Tristam took it and only gives it to you if you complete the Bone Dungeon.

Sealed Temple
Nothing much here besides a warp stone to the Wintry Temple in the Water region.

Ship Dock
The only way to get here and from here to Mac's Ship is by using the Mobius tile from a house in Windia.

Spencer's Place
The canals and bridges lead to Phoebe's grandfather, a strange one if there ever was.

A fiery monster haven. Some monsters are invisible until you get the Gas Mask.

Windhole Temple
Another basically empty temple.

No relation to the one from Breath Of Fire. This is the home of Otto and Norma; people like putting Chocobos on their rooftops. The Rainbow Road runs from here to Pazuzu's Tower. The place is plagued with strong winds from Mt. Gale.

Wintry Cave
The Libra Crest is guarded here by a snowy crab. You learn to use the Cat Claw here.

Wintry Temple
Nothing much here besides a warp tile to the Sealed Temple in the Fire region.

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