Final Fantasy Compendium

Altair, Altea (JP)
The population of Fynn, after the city was taken over by the Paramecia Empire, relocated to this small village to the south, where they plot their comeuppance. Princess Hilda and her new boyfriend Gordon, as well as Pavel the ninja, live here for a while.

Emperor Paramecia offers an interesting prize for whoever can defeat the Behemoth: Princess Hilda of Fynn! However, the Emperor naturally isn't as good a sport as he claims...

Arubboth (GBA/PSP only)
The Palace of the Heavens, counterpart to Pandaemonium, where the Emperero's light side reigns.

BMask Cave (JP)
See Tropical Island.

Bafsk, Bofsk (JP)
A town near Poft; the entire population of the town is enslaved by Emperor Paramecia to finish his engine of destruction, the Warship. The work is first overseen by Borghen and later by the Dark Knight. A passage leads from the Bafsk sewers into the Warship.

Deist Castle, Dist Castle (JP)
The former home of the people called Dragoons (see Jobs) who had special connections with the Wind Drake (see Species). However, all the Dragoons have been wiped out, and only the wife and son of the last remaining Dragoon, Gareth, remains. But Gareth disappeared looking for the magic spell Ultima...

Deist Cave, Dist Cave (JP)
A cave north of Deist Castle has a pendant belonging to a Dragoon; this allows for speech with the Wind Drake. Deep within lies a Spring of Life. Placing a Wind Drake egg in the spring allows for incubation and a new Wind Drake can be hatched.

Fynn Castle/Town, Phin (JP)
The headquarters of Princess/Queen Hilda was overtaken by the Paramecia Empire. The town is filled with Imperial soldiers, until the Emperor is killed once. Then, Hilda, her fiancee Gordon, and Pavel the ninja return to their home. Fynn Castle is locked until Altair's force is strong enough to retake it. Scott, Gordon's brother and Hilda's former love, dies in a back room in the Fynn bar early in the game. The W.Mask, which is needed to open Mysidia Tower, is hidden in the basement of Fynn Castle.

A small town between Fynn and Altair.

Jade Portal
An innocuous-looking circle of power is the only way to enter the newly-created Pandaemonium, which springs up from the ruins of Paramecia Castle. Inside the portal is a secret shop behind a waterfall which sells awesome magic.

Kas'ion, Kashuon (JP)
The place wherein resides Prince Gordon and his elder brother Scott. It's been overtaken by enemies and abandoned, thanks to Emperor Paramecia. The Sun Flame, which powers airships and the Warship, can only be obtained here.

The future Summon now works as the guardian of Mysidia Tower and the Ultima spell. He swallows anyone who gets near it with the Crystal Rod. His gastric juices aren't anywhere near as bad as the enemies guarding the exit from his giant maw! Gareth the last Dragoon has been swallowed by the beast as well while looking for the spell, and joins you in attempting to leave its body.

Machanon (GBA/PSP only)
A shanty town in the middle of Hell where deceased, innocent people wander in a state of purgatory afraid of the monsters outside.

A town of wizards which has some of the best equipment and magic in the game. The Goddess Statue in this town has a strong connection with Mysidia Tower.

Mysidia Cave
A cave east of Mysidia holds the Crystal Rod; however, you can't enter the cave unless you can get past a doppelganger of Firion (it can be dispatched by using the BMask on it). The Crystal Rod is used to open Mysidia Tower.

Mysidia Tower
The strongest magic spell, Ultima, is hidden here, but there are several obstacles: Three items (hidden in Fynn Basement, Tropical Island, and Mysidia Cave) are needed to open the gate, and even when you have them, the tower's guardian Leviathan makes a meal of anyone trying to enter...

Paloom, Palm (JP)
A seaside town east of Altair; a ship here goes to Poft, its sister town. The heroes meet Leila here later in the game.

Pandaemonium, Pandemonium (JP)
After the Dark Knight recovers his memory as Leon, the Emperor changes Paramecia Castle into Pandaemonium, which is a gateway to Hell. The only way to enter this place is through the Jade Portal; at the end lies the newly-resurrected Emperor, stronger than ever.

Paramecia Castle, Paramekia Castle (JP)
After the Emperor moves his home from here to the Whirlwind, and subsequently is killed by Firion and co., the Dark Knight takes up residence in Paramecia Castle and declares himself Emperor. But the real Emperor seems to like life so much, he comes back for a second go...

Phin Town/Castle (JP)
See Fynn.

A seaside town in the northeast. A ship runs from here to its sister town, Paloom; Cid's airship business has its base here.

Raqia (GBA/PSP only)
The realm of angels that exists outside of Arubboth that was originally thought to be the Jade Passage by Minwu and company. Angels who have sinned are turned into beasts and reside here for eternity. Most of the adventure in Soul of Rebirth takes place here.

Salamand, Salmando (JP)
A snowbound town in the north. Josef and his daughter Nellie live here; Josef will join you to reach the Snow Cave.

Semitt Falls, Semite Falls (JP)
A cave near the waterfall hides a vast deposit of the valuable material, Mithril. The Emperor has captured many citizens to work in the mines, including Pavel and Nellie, Josef's daughter. Josef has hidden an Ice Sled here.

Snow Cave
A cave lies in the middle of a giant ice field and can only be reached by an Ice Sled, which was hidden by Josef in Semitt Falls. The deepest level of the cave hides the Goddess Bell, which unlocks Kas'ion Castle. Both Borghen and Josef meet their demise here.

Tropical Island, BMask Cave (JP)
The Black Mask is hidden deep underground here.

The Paramecia Empire's coup de force has been built by the enslaved villagers of Bafsk. The Warship has the power to decimate any town which stands in its way. However, it can be destroyed by throwing the Sun Flame into its engine...

A giant tornado summoned by Emperor Paramecia leaves a wake of destruction wherever it goes. The only way to enter it is by using the legendary Wind Drake. At the top of its whirling chaos waits Emperor Paramecia...

*Elfheim #1  (1991, NIght Wynd Enterprises) picture

*Elfheim #1 (1991, NIght Wynd Enterprises)


Elfheim #4 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim #4 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [x, picture

Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [x,


Elfheim (Vol. 2) #1 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #1 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


Elfheim #2 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.5 VF-  picture

Elfheim #2 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.5 VF-





Elfheim #1 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.0 FN/VF  picture

Elfheim #1 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.0 FN/VF





Elfheim #2 FN; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim #2 FN; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


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