Final Fantasy Compendium

This is where the Al Bhed temporarily settle in after their Home is destroyed. The Al Bhed Psyches blitzball team hangs out in a storage room. Once Tidus reaches here, he can instantly go to any other spot on the world map.

Baaj Temple
Baaj Island is where Seymour and his mother were exiled while Seymour was a child; his mother died here and became Anima's fayth. Her temple lies underwater. Tidus is thrust here from Zanarkand; it's where Rikku picks him up. He can later return to obtain Anima's powers, but she'll only open the door if Tidus has collected treasure from every other temple in Spira.

Besaid Island
Originally a machina city like Zanarkand, long ago destroyed by Sin. Now home to a colony of Jamaican-style islanders, and the home field of the Besaid Aurochs. Wakka and Lulu are both from here, and Kimahri brought Yuna here at Braska's request (via Auron). Besaid Temple is where the fayth of Valefor resides. It's also the center for Gatta and Luzzu's cadre of the Crusaders.
[X-2] Wakka (the soon-to-be-daddy) is now in charge of protecting the village; even the lazy Aurochs jump on board to be trained by Beclem, a slavedriver from the Youth League. Several heretofore unexplored caves can be found around the island, too. The Cloister of Trials gets revisited (like all the others) too.

Originally a powerful machina city, rivalling even Zanarkand. After being defeated by Zanarkand and Sin, Bevelle became the center of the Yevonite church. Maester Mika rules over here. Tidus only gets a short glimpse at the castle and the temple below, where Bahamut's fayth dwells, not counting the Via Purifico where he's cast after a mock trial. The Bevelle Highbridge is where several key scenes play out.
[X-2] Now the headquarters of New Yevon, Bevelle's secrets include an underground labyrinth below the Cloister of Trials, whose heart is the hiding place of Vegnagun (or used to be). The Via Infinito can be found in the last chapter for those brave of heart.

Bikanel Island
A desert island, consisting of the Sanubia Desert and the Al Bhed Home.
[X-2] Now the lynchpin of the Machine Faction's excavations. Nhadala and her team (and Yuna, natch) spend their days combing the desert for machine parts. The Cactuar Nation can also be found here, along with the ancient fiend Angra Mainyu.

Calm Lands
So called because this huge plain is an ideal spot for defeating Sin and bringing a Calm, which many Summoners have done here. Originally the battle between Bevelle and Zanarkand took place here, which is why it's a wasteland. The Chocobo races are located here. South is Macalania Woods. Hidden in the side (only accessible via Chocobo) is Remiem Temple, off to the northeast is the Monster Arena, and the far north leads to Mount Gagazet. The team meets Father Zuke here for the first and only time.
[X-2] The Calm Lands are now home to two competing entertainment companies, Open Air and Argent Inc., whose amusement features can be found dotting the landscape. The Monster Arena turns into the Chocobo Ranch.

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
A cave stuffed with Tonberries, Ghosts, and Magic Urns. At the far end is a fight with Lulu's previous summoner ward, and her Aeon, Yojimbo. In the room of the fayth, Yojimbo's fayth will agree to offer his powers, but only for the right price.
[X-2] The cavern's still around, and you have to return here to rescue tourists when fiends start pouring out of the Chamber of the Fayth.
Chocobo Ranch
[X-2] This is where Clasko ends up taking care of Chocobos for you. Eventually (after a fairly inane set of required events) he can also find a hidden ruins in the back, home of the Amazing Chocobo.

Den of Woe
[X-2] A hidden cave on the Mushroom Rock Road, which only opens with the 10 Crimson Spheres. This is where Shuyin's spirit raged for a thousand years, infecting anyone who came in - including the entire Crimson Squad. Yuna can revisit it, at her own peril.

Djose Temple
Protected by a huge Mushroom Rock that only splits apart for summoners. This is the home of the fayth connected to Ixion. It can be reached via the Mushroom Rock Road.
[X-2] This is now the headquarters of the Machine Faction. You go here to sign up for excavations in the Bikanel Desert, and to fight their Experiment. You'll also still have to go into the Cloister of Trials when fiends start pouring out of it.

Located near Guadosalam, this eerie place is where the souls of the dead end up once they are Sent. Only those close to the dead can see them here.
[X-2] The Farplane is now the final dungeon, where you land up after jumping in a hole from one of the Chambers of the Fayth. Yuna passes through a rather rocky landscape of floating platforms, a flowery paradise, and finally a metallic hell before finally facing Vegnagun.

Gagazet, Mount
Home of the Ronso tribe (and their blitzball team, the Ronso Fangs). The mountain itself is a cruel foe, as shown by the various graves of summoners whose pilgrimages ended here. Seymour makes his best effort to have Yuna's pilgrimage end here as well. South is the Calm Lands, and north leads to the wall of the fayth, dreaming of Zanarkand, and the ruins of Zanarkand.
[X-2] Elder Kimahri takes over here and tries to lead his tribe faithfully after Sin's defeat, but runs into some major problems. However, he does discover some nice new ruins as well as a hot spring!

The home of the Guado (and their blitzball team, the Guado Glories) is very... alive-looking, growing all over the place, much like the Guado themselves. It's connected to the Moonflow to the south and the Thunder Plains to the north, and their main attraction is the entrance to the Farplane nearby. Seymour lives in a mansion here.
[X-2] After Seymour's ignoble defeat, the Guado leave their home, and Sphere Hunters move in (notably the Leblanc Syndicate, who take over Seymour's mansion and turn it into Chateau Leblanc). Tobli also has his headquarters here. The Guadosalam Farplane is off-limits in FFX-2.

The nomad Al Bhed uncomplicatedly call their home, er, Home. Currently it's located in the desert sands of Bikanel Island, but after an attack by the Guado Cid ends up destroying Home using the airship. For the remainder of the game, Rin sets up shop dedicated to restoring Home.

This town is built right on top of a bay of water; unfortunately, it makes them a prime target for Sin, who batters it quite badly near the start of the game. It also hosts Kilika Temple (separated from the town by a large forest) wherein lies the fayth of Ifrit. The Kilika Beasts are the blitzball team for this town.
[X-2] The Youth League helps to rebuild Kilika, but peace is elusive. Kilika's youth, most of whom join the Youth League, constantly have it out with New Yevon, who are holed up in the temple past the jungle. Even Dona and Barthello, who moved here earlier, are caught up in it (she's with the Youth League, he's with New Yevon). The plain old folk who live in the village would rather everyone just quit their bickering.

The "big city" of FFX, Luca hosts the huge Blitzball tournament every year. It's also got the much-touted Sphere Theater, where Tidus can listen to music or watch movies from throughout the game. The Luca Goers are a bunch of stuck-up bastards - and unfortunately, very, very good at blitzball.
[X-2] Still the party city, Luca now plays host to Rin's latest brainstorm, Sphere Break. (Blitzball also makes a comeback late in the game.) You can also find Shelinda here, in her new role as TV personality. This is also where the introduction (where Leblanc, in Yuna costume, stages a concert) takes place.

Macalania Lake/Temple
Between the woods and the temple lies a frozen tundra. The Al Bhed make their second attempt to capture Yuna here. Inside the temple (once Yuna has gained the friendship of Shiva), Seymour dies for the first time at the hands of our heroes. The Guado chase them down the lake, but the lake cracks and they find themselves under it!
[X-2] After the defeat of Sin, the temple falls into the sea (much to the chagrin of O'aka, who just bought Rin's Travel Agency, to find himself with no customers).

Macalania Woods
A frozen forest stuffed to the brim with fiends and an extremely annoying mini-game involving chasing butterflies. It's also the spot where Auron shows Tidus his first Sphere dropped during Braska's pilgrimage. Finally, it's the home of the huge plant eye who powers up the Ultimate Weapons. South of the woods is the Thunder Plains; northwest leads to Macalania Lake, and to the east lies the Calm Lands.
[X-2] After the temple disappeared, the magical forest soon began to wither away, and its denizens resigned themselves to death. The Guado also flee here, determined to wither away with the forest - but music ignites hope in both Guado and native alike, and everyone moves back to Guadosalam in the end.

Mi'ihen Road
A long, winding road leading from Luca to the Mushroom Rock Road. It's named after Mi'ihen, the original creator of the Crimson Knights, later renamed the Crusaders. The Chocobo Knights patrol it. This is the first place Tidus encounters Rin's Travel Agency. It's also where he meets Maechen and Belgemine for the first time, and fights a large Chocobo Eater monster here as well.
[X-2] Rin's machina now watch over the road to try to protect passengers from fiends, but not everyone is happy with the new developments; lots of people miss the good ol' Chocobos. After the machina go haywire, Rin undertakes a whodunit, with Yuna's help, to find out who made it happen. Several different outcomes can occur from this, a few of which also end up with Chocobos making a grand return. There's also a hidden dungeon to be found here via the Chocobo Ranch in the Calm Lands.

Connected to the Mushroom Rock Road to the south and Guadosalam to the north, this lovely river is surrounded by pyreflies (those little glowing thingies) and is decorated by moonlilies. The Hypello run a Shoopuf line between the north and south banks of the Moonflow. Jecht attacked one of these once and swore drinking off for good after the embarrassment. 8p An attempt to capture Yuna by the Al Bhed (read: Rikku) is foiled here by Tidus.
[X-2] Tobli and his Hypello workers stage concerts (and avoid creditors) here in between his big shows involving Yuna.

Mushrom Rock Road
This organic-looking pathway runs between the Mi'ihen Highway and the Crusaders' Command Center. Water geysers propel platforms vertically to join pathways at different heights.
[X-2] The site of the Command Center is now the headquarters of the Youth League. Depending on who you side with, several different missions occur here. You can also find the entrance to the Den of Woe on the lower level.

Omega Ruins
Home to the hardest monsters in the game as well as the Ultima and Omega Weapons. The chests here bite back and contain random items in a most annoying fashion. Only reachable via the airship.

Remiem Temple
Three things are in this hidden temple: a Chocobo race which leads to the Cloudy Mirror (a key ingredient in getting ultimate weapons); Belgemine's home and eventually her final resting place; and the fayth for the Magus Sisters Aeon.

Sanubia Desert
Located on Bikanel Island, this sprawling desert is home to Cactuars and Sandworms - in fact, there's an entire mini-game involving a village of Cactuars hidden by a sandstorm. It leads to the Al Bhed's Home.

The world where FFX and FFX-2 take place; however, frequently we find the world apparently divided into two entities, Spira and Zanarkand, even though Zanarkand is just one city. *shrug*

Thunder Plains
The Gandof Thunder Plains connect Guadosalam and Macalania Woods; these rocky plains are inundated with lightning bolts (and a mini-game involving them). Long ago, a man named Bilghen built towers to protect passerby from the bolts. They don't work all that well. ^^; Kimahri can get his best weapon here by praying to the Qactuar Stones nearby.
[X-2] The towers seem to have gotten better at blocking lightning, but they still need to be calibrated. Yuna stages her big concert here in chapter 4, as well. Cid can be found here, and so can a secret dungeon accessible in chapter 5.

Via Infinito
[X-2] A 100-level semi-random dungeon hidden in Bevelle. The Kinderguardians find it first, but it takes the Gullwings to plumb its depths. Nearly every monster in the game can be found here, and the bosses on every 20th floor are extremely powerful. At the end, Yuna has to fight with Trema, the founder of New Yevon.

Via Purifico
A two-part maze, one of stone and one of water. After a sham trial by the maesters, Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka (surprise) are cast into the water while the rest of the party must navigate the stone. At the end of it is the Highbridge in Bevelle.

A huge machina city a thousand years ago, now it's just rubble. Yu Yevon lived here originally. The old Zanarkand still lives on in the dream of the fayth, however, and both Jecht and Tidus escaped the dream because of Sin. Yunalesca lives here and performs the rite of the Final Summoning for any Summoner that manages to complete their pilgrimage and reach Zanarkand Dome.
[X-2] The Zanarkand Ruins have been turned into a tourist attraction by Cid and Isaaru. With Yuna's best efforts (and some help from monkeys), the tourists get chased off, restoring some manner of dignity... or maybe not.

Celtic Triple Moon Pentagram Scrying/Gazing Ball with Stand picture

Celtic Triple Moon Pentagram Scrying/Gazing Ball with Stand


Ebros Celtic Sacred Moon Triple Goddess Maiden Under Tree of Life Statue 5.5 H picture

Ebros Celtic Sacred Moon Triple Goddess Maiden Under Tree of Life Statue 5.5 H


Celtic Moon Altar Cloth Pentagram Black Batik Scarf 36

Celtic Moon Altar Cloth Pentagram Black Batik Scarf 36"x36"


Anime Cd Final Fantasy Iv Arrangement Celtic Moon picture

Anime Cd Final Fantasy Iv Arrangement Celtic Moon


Ebros Celtic Moon Goddess Arianrhod Statue 11

Ebros Celtic Moon Goddess Arianrhod Statue 11"H Cosmic Wheel Of The Year & Fate


Celtic Tree Gaia Dryad Ent Triple Goddess Moon Maiden Mother And Crone Figurine picture

Celtic Tree Gaia Dryad Ent Triple Goddess Moon Maiden Mother And Crone Figurine


Wicca Sacred Celtic Knotwork Triple Moon Crescent Shaped Trinket Box Figurine picture

Wicca Sacred Celtic Knotwork Triple Moon Crescent Shaped Trinket Box Figurine


Wicca Celtic Triune Symbol Triple Moon Goddess Mother Maiden Crone Offering Bowl picture

Wicca Celtic Triune Symbol Triple Moon Goddess Mother Maiden Crone Offering Bowl


Final Fantasy Iv Celtic Moon picture

Final Fantasy Iv Celtic Moon


Final Fantasy Iv 4 Celtic Moon / 1991.10.28 Game Music Arrangement Digipack picture

Final Fantasy Iv 4 Celtic Moon / 1991.10.28 Game Music Arrangement Digipack


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