Final Fantasy Compendium

1. Opening - Bakuha Misshon (Bombing Mission) (FF7)
2. Earisu no Teema (Aeris's Theme) (FF7)
3. Zanarukando nite (At Zanarkand) (FF10)
4. Don't Be Afraid (FF8)
5. Tina no Teema (Tina's Theme) (FF6)
6. Swing de Chocobo
7. Final Fantasy
8. The Rocking Grounds (performed by The Black Mages) (FF3)
9. Maybe I'm a Lion (performed by The Black Mages) (FF8)
10. Suteki da ne (performed by Rikki) (FF10)
11. Itsuka kaeru tokoro ~ Melodies of Life (The Place I Shall Return to Someday) (Performed by Emiko Shiratori) (FF9)
12. Opera "Maria to Dorakuu" (Maria to Dracu) (FF6)
13. Encore - Sairin: Katasubasa no tenshi (Second Advent: One Winged Angel) (performed by The Black Mages and orchestra) (FF7:AC)

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