Final Fantasy Compendium

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1. Where Love Doesn't Reach (FF9 Piano Collections)
2. Traces Of Distant Days [Nostalgia - FF5] (FF Love Will Grow)
3. GAIA [FF1 Main Theme] (FF Love Will Grow)
4. Once You Meet Her [Elia, Maiden Of Water - FF3] (FF Pray)
5. Don't Cry, Little Girl [Kids Run Through The City Corner - FF6] (FF Pray)
6. My Home, Sweet Home (FF5: Dear Friends)
7. Theme of Love (FF4: Celtic Moon)
8. As I Feel, You Feel (The Great Forest) (FF5: Dear Friends)
9. Into the Darkness (FF4: Celtic Moon)
10. Celes' Theme (FF6 Piano Collections)
11. Fisherman's Horizon (FF8 Piano Collections)
12. Melodies of Life (FF9 Piano Collections)
13. Love Will Grow (FF Love Will Grow)
14. Bonus track: Eyes on Me (Acoustic Guitar Version)

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