Final Fantasy Compendium

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Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

1. MYSTIC RE-QUEST I (Arrangement of three Battle themes)
2. MYSTIC RE-QUEST II (Arrangement of Last Dungeon and Lava Dome)
3. Mystic Quest MIDI (8K) SPC
4. Hill of Destiny MIDI (35K) SPC
5. World MIDI (7K) SPC
6. Beautiful Forest MIDI (48K) SPC
7. Battle 1 MIDI (49K) SPC
8. Victory Fanfare SPC
9. City of Forest MIDI (14K) SPC
10. Bone Dungeon MIDI (41K) SPC
11. Battle 2 MIDI (26K) SPC
12. Middle Tower MIDI (11K) SPC
13. Temple of Light MIDI (46K) SPC
14. Rock Theme MIDI (54K) SPC
15. Fanfare of Friendship SPC
16. Dungeon of Ice MIDI (56K) SPC
17. Dungeon and Waterfall MIDI (54K)
18. City of Fire - Fireburg MIDI (15K) SPC
19. Rock 'n' Roll MIDI (14K) SPC
20. Lava Dome MIDI (54K) SPC
21. City of Wind - Windia SPC
22. Mountain Range of Whirlwinds MIDI (22K) SPC
23. The Crystal SPC
24. Last Castle MIDI (26K) SPC
25. Battle 3 MIDI (36K) SPC
26. Mystic Ballad (Game Over) SPC
27. Ending SPC
28. RE-MIXTIC QUEST - Arranged

Unreleased Tracks:
Bar Song SPC

Click here for all MIDIs from FFMQ (46K).

Click here for all SPCs from FFMQ (917K).

MIDI Credits

SinclairC: Hill Of Destiny
M.W.S.: World
Daniel Lippert: Beautiful Forest, Bone Dungeon, Temple Of Light, Rock Theme, Dungeon Of Ice, Dungeon And Waterfall, Lava Dome
ÆlphA TraK: Battle 1, Battle 2
Anthony Bellisimo: City Of Forest, Middle Tower, Battle 3
SinclairC, Dark_elf: City Of Fire ~ Fireburg
FRANKY CHAN (Ling To): Mountain Range Of Whirlwinds, The Last Castle

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