Final Fantasy Compendium

Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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1. Prelude (36K)
2. Opening ~ Bombing Mission (56K)
3. Makou Reactor (17K)
4. Anxious Heart (9K)
5. Tifa's Theme (5K)
6. Barret's Theme (21K)
7. Hurry! (53K)
8. Lurking in the Darkness (8K)
9. ShinRa Company (10K)
10. Fighting (19K)
11. Fanfare (19K)
12. Flowers Blooming in the Church (27K)
13. Turks Theme (11K)
14. Underneath the Rotting Pizza [Midgar Slums] (20K)
15. Oppressed People [Wall Market] (10K)
16. Honeybee Inn (13K)
17. Who are you? (6K)
18. Don of the Slums (5K)
19. Infiltrating Shinra Tower (12K)
20. Still More Fighting (47K)
21. Red XIII's Theme (7K)
22. Crazy Motorcycle (35K)
23. Holding My Thoughts in my Head (10K)


1/24. FFVII Main Theme (18K)
2/25. Ahead On Our Way (9K)
3/26. Good Night, Until Tomorrow (1K)
4/27. On That Day, 5 Years Ago... (4K)
5/28. Farm Boy (18K)
6/29. Waltz de Chocobo (4K)
7/30. Electric de Chocobo (70K)
8/31. Cinco de Chocobo (19K)
9/32. Chasing the Black Caped Man (39K)
10/33. Fortress Of The Condor (20K)
11/34. Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony (18K)
12/35. It's Difficult To Stand On Both Feet, Isn't It? (17K)
13/36. Trail Of Blood (2K)
14/37. J-E-N-O-V-A (23K)
15/38. Continue? (3K)
16/39. Costa del Sol (12K)
17/40. Mark of a Traitor [Cargo Ship] (4K)
18/41. Mining Town (9K)
19/42. Golden Saucer (63K)
20/43. Cait Sith's Theme (10K)
21/44. Sandy Badlands (20K)


1/45. Cosmo Canyon [Valley Of The Fallen Star] (19K)
2/46. Life Stream (5K)
3/47. Great Warrior [Seto's Theme] (19K)
4/48. Descendant of the Shinobi [Yuffie's Theme] (8K)
5/49. Those Chosen By The Planet [Sephiroth's Theme] (4K)
6/50. The Nightmare Begins [Vincent's Theme] (3K)
7/51. Cid's Theme (7K)
8/52. Steal The Tiny Bronco (16K)
9/53. Wutai (21K)
10/54. Stolen Materia [Materia Mountain] (7K)
11/55. Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets (6K)
12/56. Fiddle de Chocobo (55K)
      Fiddle de Chocobo (17K)
13/57. A Great Success [Winning Chocobo Race] (2K)
14/58. Tango of Tears [Losing Chocobo Race] (4K)
15/59. Debut (13K)
16/60. Interrupted by Fireworks (9K)
17/61. Forested Temple (6K)
18/62. You Can Hear The Cries Of The Planet (16K)
19/63. Aeris's Theme (12K)
20/64. Buried In The Snow (11K)
21/65. The Great North Cave (32K)
22/66. Reunion (29K)
23/67. Who Am I? (5K)


1/68. Shinra Army Wages A Full-Scale Attack (19K)
2/69. Weapon Raid (15K)
3/70. Highwind Takes To The Skies! (42K)
4/71. A Secret Sleeping In The Deep Sea (6K)
5/72. Parochial Town (13K)
6/73. Off The Edge Of Despair (14K)
7/74. On The Other Side Of The Mountain (9K)
8/75. Hurry Faster! (19K)
9/76. Sending A Dream Into The Universe (3K)
10/77. The Countdown Begins (13K)
11/78. If You Open Your Heart... (5K)
12/79. Mako Cannon Is Fired ~ Shinra Explodes (6K)
13/80. Judgment Day [Final Dungeon] (22K)
14/81. JENOVA Absolute (53K)
15/82. Birth Of A God (140K)
16/83. One Winged Angel (56K); Lyrics and translation
17/84. World Crisis (66K)
18/85. Staff Roll (71K)

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MIDI Credits

Tomo Takebe: Tifa's Theme
ÆlphA TraK: Hurry!
Valius: Fanfare, The Nightmare Begins
SynthRye: Still More Fighting, Forested Temple, Parochial Town, Sending A Dream Into The Universe
Kenji Terakura: Chasing The Black Caped Man, Fiddle de Chocobo (1)
Eliminator: It's Difficult To Stand On Both Feet, Isn't It?
Junj: Mining Town, Off The Edge Of Despair
Gen Nishimura: Golden Saucer
Thom Stearns: Wutai
Mr. Data: Debut
Noah E. Sproat: Reunion
Cael Husband: A Secret Sleeping In The Deep Sea
Mitsuaki Hiyama (Meos): On The Other Side Of The Mountain
Water Sprite: Staff Roll

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