Final Fantasy Compendium


01. Fragments of Memories -d.m.w.-
02. Theme of Crisis Core "Succession"
03. Mission Start
04. First Mission (FFVII 'Opening - Bombing Mission' remix)
05. Mako City
06. Patriotism's Moonlit Night
07. Encounter
08. Theme of Crisis Core "Dreams and Pride"
09. Last Order-crisis mix ("Last Order FFVII" remix)
10. The Importance of Truth
11. Wandering in the Afternoon Sunlight
12. Conflict
13. Manipulating the Iron Beasts
14. Theme of Crisis Core "Under the Apple Trees"
15. The Summoned (FFVII "Those Who Fight Further" remix)
16. The Burdened One
17. Just Before the Raid (FFVII "Those Who Fight Further" remix)
18. Secretly Maneuvering in Dark Suits (FFVII "Turks Theme" remix)
19. A Building of Iron and Pipes ("Last Order FFVII" remix)
20. Combat
21. Theme of Crisis Core "Scar of Friendship"
22. Flowers Blooming in the Slums (FFVII "Aerith's Theme" remix)
23. Sky Blue Eyes
24. Theme of Crisis Core "Together with Pride"
25. Melody of Anguish
26. Marching on the Frontier ("Last Order FFVII" remix)
27. A Moment of Courtesies
28. Flapping Black Wings
29. Theme of Crisis Core "The True Project"
30. The Way Pride was Lost
31. Why


01. The Town that Shut out Light
02. Getting the Situation Moving
03. The Organization Ruled by Mako (FFVII "Shinra Company" remix)
04. Theme of Crisis Core "To the New Appointment"
05. The Locked Village (FFVII "Anxious Heart" remix)
06. Farewell Melody
07. Melancholy Mansion
08. A Bit of Relief
09. Prelude to Decay
10. The One who Seeks Revenge on the World (FFVII "One-Winged Angel" remix)
11. Night in Seclusion
12. Missions and Friendship
13. Theme of Crisis Core "Sprint to the Battlefield"
14. Escape into the Wasteland
15. Melody of Resolution
16. Prowling in the Moonlight
17. Reciting an Ancient Poem by the Waterside
18. Meeting the Grotesque Roar
19. The One who Receives the Planet's Divine Protection
20. A SOLDIER's Struggle
21. The Price of Freedom
22. The Inherited Hope
23. Why
24. To be Continued (FFVII "Opening - Bombing Mission" remix)

Final Fantasy 6 VI Moogles MOG Figure Ballchain FF Swing Bandai SQUARE picture

Final Fantasy 6 VI Moogles MOG Figure Ballchain FF Swing Bandai SQUARE


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