Final Fantasy Compendium

01. March of the Allied Forces
02. Flowers on the Batlefield
03. Roar of the Battledrums
04. Griffons Never Die
05. Clash of the Standards
07. Echoes of a Sephyr
08. Thunder of the March
09. Encampment Dreams
10. The Cosmic Wheel
11. Stargazing
12. On this Blade
13. Young Griffons in Flight
14. Run Maggot, Run!
15. Cloister of Time and Souls
16. Royal Wanderlust
17. Under a Clouded Moon
18. Where Lords Rule Not
19. Kindred Cry
20. Snowdrift Waltz
21. Troubled Shadows
22. Wings of the Goddess
23. Iron Colossus [*]
24. Ragnarok [*]
25. An Invisible Crown [*]

*: bonus track

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