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Appearances: FF3, FF4, FF11, FFTA2
Aliases: None

Scholars' sole defining ability is Peep or Scan. This allows them to spy on the enemy's status, HP, MP and other statistics. In other games, this is a white magic spell or other ability. With average or weak stats all-around, this makes them a fairly unused job class.

Similar Job Classes: Blue Mage

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NAME: Scholar
OVERVIEW: Equips books as weapons
WEAPONS: Flame Book, Light Book, Ice Book, Inferno Book, Illumina Book, Blizzard Book
  • Fight - Attack with equipped weapon
  • Peep - Show enemy's HP
  • Scan - Show enemy's weaknesses
  • Item - Use an item from inventory
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic, low HP

    NAME: Cid Pollendina
    OVERVIEW: Cid is officially an Engineer job class.
    WEAPONS: Uses tools best
  • Study/Peep - View statistics of an enemy
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, low speed, low magic

    NAME: Scholar
    OVERVIEW: A mage similar to Red Mage, but combines spells with job abilities. Their spells can also be charged consecutively rather than requiring a charge each time. They can switch between White Grimoire and Black Grimoire.
  • White Grimoire: Penury (reduce MP cost by 50%), Celerity (reduce cast time by 50%), Rapture (enhance potency of next spell), Accession (makes the spell area of effect)
    Black Grimoire: Parsimony, Alacrity, Ebullience, Manifestation (all have the same effects as White Grimoire spells)
    Tabula Rasa: Optimize both black and white magic capabilities without having to charge.

    FF: Tactics A2
    NAME: Scholar
    OVERVIEW: In addition to viewing enemy information, scholars also have abilities that hit all characters. Unfortunately, this also includes your own party!
    WEAPONS: Books
  • Study - Reveal enemy loot and items
  • Force - Raise resilience of surrounding allies
  • Earth Dragon Tome - Earth damage against all
  • Rime Bolt Tome - Ice damage against all
  • Thunder Flare Tome - Thunder damage against all
  • Natural Selection - Deal damage to all units of a particular race
  • Shadow Shade Tome - Dark damage against all
  • Mad Scientist - Random debuff against target
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: Spellbound - Extend duration of all status on unit
  • Traits of Scholar in Other Games

    FF5: Scholars appear as NPCs.
    FF5: Blue Mages have the ability to Peep and find the HP and weaknesses of an enemy.
    FF7: The Sense materia allows the user to Scan an enemy.
    FF10: The Sensor ability on weapons allows the user to view the HP and elemental affinities of an enemy.

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