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Appearances: FF5, FF6, FFT
Aliases: Mimic

Mimes have mysterious origins and only ever have one ability - Mime. Mime copies the very last action done by a party member without using MP, HP, or anything costly. This can be very devastating or very ineffective, sometimes detrimental. The trick is to time the activation of the Mime command.

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NAME: Mimic
OVERVIEW: Mimics can equip any armor. Mime is learned from Gogo, who appears in FF6.
WEAPONS: Knives, Rods, Staffs, Flail, Morning Star, Full Moon, Rising Sun, Double Lance
  • !Mimic - Copy last action taken by an ally (also copies their automatic abilities, like Counter and Berserk)
  • ATTRIBUTES: Average in all stats

    NAME: Gogo
    OVERVIEW: Gogo can also customize his battle action list to equipped accessories. The only action he cannot mimic is Terra's Morph. He has access to all the magic spells learned by the party. His command list can also be customized to include three of any other commands of the party.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Rods
  • Mime - Copy action of last character to take a turn
  • ATTRIBUTES: Low attack power

    FF: Tactics
    NAME: Mime
    OVERVIEW: Mime cannot equip anything. The only thing Mime ever does is copy the last action taken by an ally. It is always in the same direction and range of the original action.
    WEAPONS: None
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: None
    Move Abilities: None
    ATTRIBUTES: High HP, high speed, high attack power, high magic power, low MP, low evasion

    Traits of Mime in Other Games

    FF7: There is a Mime materia which allows the same effects.
    FF10: There is a Copycat ability which does the same effect as Mime. It is usually learned by Rikku first.

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