Final Fantasy Compendium

Family Jobs: FF Crystal Chronicles


In Crystal Chronicles, scrolls are needed to create items and equipment. The alchemist's job is to create these scrolls. Once a year, the alchemist will produce a scroll for a character. The alchemist's ability to create better scrolls is dependent on how good of a relationship the character has with him. The alchemist job seems best suited to the Yuke race, as many Yuke characters in the story tend to be alchemists. Amidatty and most of the residents of Shella are examples of this. There is one Selkie alchemist named De Nam.


The Blacksmith's ability is to forge weapons and armor if given the correct materials. To create better weapons and armor, a better relationship level with the Blacksmith is needed. Also, the Blacksmith's son or daughter can get a 30%, 55%, or 65% discount depending on their relationship. The blacksmith job seems most suited to the Lilty race - story-wise, they are continually considered the best blacksmiths in the world.


The Farmer family's ability is to grow seeds of any type to give to the Crystal Caravan. They can grow Striped Apples, Rainbow Grapes, Cherry Clusters, Gourd Potatoes, Round Corn, and Star Carrots. Additionally, if given a Wheat seed, they can supply Bannock Bread and Wheat bundles. Storywise, Clavats are the designated farmers of the game, overseeing the world's food supply in the fields of Fum.


The Fisherman's ability is to catch fish for the Crystal Caravan. Once a year, fish will be given out, the amount determined by how good the relationship with the Fisherman. The Fisherman's family also tends to have the most enthusiastic younger siblings. Storywise, Selkies live on a diet primarily composed of fish, and the only fishermen seen in the game are Selkies.


The Merchant's ability is to sell items. This job has been around since the first Final Fantasy, only this time you can choose it as your family's job! The merchant's item selection gets better as a character's relationship with the merchant increases. Being the Merchant's kid can net you a 30%, 55%, or 65% discount, depending on how much he loves you. Storywise, there is a pair of Selkies that travel throughout the world as merchants, though really, any race can be suited to the Merchant job.


The Miller's family is quite possibly the poorest family in the game. The Miller's ability is to take wheat seeds and make Bannock Bread. Occasionally, other family members will offer the Crystal Caravan bags of Flour. The amount of Bannock Bread received varies with how good of a relationship a character has with the Miller. Other than the family in the hometown of Tipa, there are no Millers in the game - but it's safe to assume that Clavats are most probable for the job. An interesting side note, Amidatty, the Yuke leader of the Shella Caravan, has a strange fascination with Bannock bread.


The Rancher's ability is to provide meat for the Crystal Caravan. Once a year, depending on the character's relationship with the Rancher, he will supply a greater or lesser amount of meat. If he receives a cow from the fields of Fum, he will also provide milk to the party. The Rancher's family likes to offer up anecdotes about their children riding around on cows when they were babies and the youngest family member has a crisis on whether cows are better 'cute' or 'tasty'. Storywise, Lilties or Clavats suit this profession well.


The Tailor's ability is to craft accessories when given the right materials. Accessories function in a variety of ways, such as elemental/physical protection, status-enhancing, etc. The Tailor's ability to make better accessories increases with the relationship between the character and the Tailor. The Tailor's son or daughter can receive a 30%, 55%, or 65% discount depending on their relationship. In the story of the game, pretty much any race would suit the Tailor occupation, but the best tailors are the Yukes in Shella and the Lilties in Alfitaria.

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