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FFU Episode Guide Part 1

Episode 14: "Omega, Reunion and Departure"
Back on the subway, Yu tells Lisa his entire story; about his parents being swallowed up by the dark pillar in Sadogashima, their adventures, their best-selling book on Inner World flora and fauna, their return, and their subsequent disappearance back into the Inner World. In Gaudium, Earl Tyrant takes the now four Deathlords to visit the Room of Chaos, and again orders them to make Omega whole again, so that he can sit in the "seat of God".
The subway is again attacked by Omega, but this time he succeeds in destroying it. Fabra makes another appearance, and her oyster home (sprouting wings) guides their subway car out of the dimensional tunnel.
Warming themselves by a fire, the party is visited by none other than Fungo, who takes them to the Comodin's northern base. Ai gets another change of clothes from Mireth. Sid explains to them that the subway was powered by a piece of antimatter, which was actually a part of Omega, which is why he kept attacking the subway. He also shows them Silvia, the prototype airship to be used against Earl Tyrant. (Cue a remixed music video of Over the FANTASY involving all the summons Kaze has ever done, and Lisa Pacifist musing about why everyone has to fight.) The Comodin (with Lisa, Ai, and Yu aboard) launch Sid's submarine, Jane, across the Inner World ocean in search for "Flight Water" to power Silvia. Crux watches them leave.
Episode 15: "Jane. The Moving Ocean Puzzle"
Onboard the ship, Knave gives the Comodin a pep talk while Sid brags about Jane to the kids. They manage to sidestep his talks and run around having fun and watching the Comodin practice their blowing techniques (cue a music video with VIVID playing). After a rather messy meal, Mireth gives the kids their room (Yu, Ai,, Chobi in one room, with Mireth and Lisa in another). A week later, Fungo has a strange premonition...
The submarine wanders into Pist's Ocean Puzzle, and he starts it up. The first attraction, a strange water monster, is easily destroyed by the Comodin's suck-blow missile. 8-) They then come across none other than Kaze, sinking in the ocean. Sid brings him into the submarine, and Kaze narrowly misses having CPR done on him by Knave. 8p Pist then appears and explains the Ocean Puzzle to his hapless victims: Each cube of the puzzle is a challenge; losing a challenge brings them closer to being swallowed by Chaos, whereas winning one (supposedly) brings them closer to the exit. The puzzle begins to turn, spewing them into the next challenge...
Episode 16: "Kigen Summon, behind the Smile"
The crew awakens to find the sub on dry land, unable to move. The first challenge is in the form of a giant mermaid, Somosan. She demands that three people come out and answer three questions each; each right question brings them closer to the exit, and each wrong one brings them closer to Chaos. Knave, Mireth, and Lisa volunteer. Knave and then Mireth both end up getting every single question wrong, and are turned into puddles of guk. Now it's Lisa's turn...
Lisa answers the first two questions wrong, as well. She smiles at the mermaid, trying to buy time, but Somosan comments on the falsity of the smile. Lisa remembers her mother's deathbed, where she was always told to smile... Kaze (surprisingly) stands up and tells her that her smile is meaningless. This gives Lisa the real answer - that there was no answer to begin with; no matter what anyone said, it would always be wrong. Somosan disappears, but tries to take the submarine with her. Lisa uses her life energy to save the submarine, reacting with the water energy to create a sort of water creature ("kigenjuu"). She gives herself up for lost, but Kaze saves her (apparently). She awakes inside the submarine, with Knave and Mireth back to their old selves.
Episode 17: Frog - A Tiny Huge Adventure
The next challenge is a weird one: first Jane is dumped into an ocean of mud, slowly sinking to Chaos at the bottom. However, trusty Sid isn't around to help: he's been turned into a frog by the Frog Sage! A whole slew of nasty adventures ensues. Sid keeps thinking someone will recognize him (Fungo, Lisa, Chobi) but they just end up chasing him around or trying to eat him. Yu finally grabs a hold of him and wants to keep him as a pet (calling him "Keronta", with "kero" being Japanese for "ribbit") but Ai firmly takes Sid and flushes him down the toilet into the mud outside the sub!
He realizes that he can reach another piece of the Inner World by swimming through a dimensional break, and ends up with none other than Chocobaba and Chocoimo, who think he's a prince and try kissing him. 8p Though of course it doesn't work, it does give him the hint of what he does need to break the spell: a maiden's kiss. He rushes back to the sub and decides to try it out on Lisa, but she misunderstands the energy she detects from him, and thinks he's a trap from Earl Tyrant! She even warns everyone to stomp on him. 8p Kaze seems to kind of understand him, but doesn't really care.
Just when he's given up all hope, who should meet him but Mireth? Unfortunately she's no better than the rest: she puts him in a sandwich and gets ready to eat! Fortunately Sid jumps the boat and gives her a big smooch, breaking the spell. He rushes to the bridge, where he finds out that the engines were broken when the Comodin tried escaping by themselves. -_-, He goes nuts, ends up finding a hole in the distortion around the ship, and pilots it through! Phew.
Episode 18: Madoushi - The Battle Between Mist And Clouds
Oscar uses his voodoo magic to awaken Madoushi, Shroi Kumo's brother. In the meantime, Jane lands on a cloudy surface; everybody gets out and has fun. However, a ruined city arises from the clouds, and Madoushi is on it. He breathes out a mist that paralyzes everyone besides Kaze, who summons Shiva. The summon fails to hurt Madoushi, but cracks his soul sword. Madoushi then traps Kaze in an energy cube. Shroi Kumo chooses this moment to arrive, full of confusion.
Madoushi challenges Shroi Kumo, telling him that he'd always been in his big brother's shadow, and that even after his death his passion lived on. They battle, and each summons a dragon. Madoushi's destroys Shroi Kumo's and attacks Shroi Kumo himself, but vanishes in mid-thrust; Madoushi's sword cracks completely, weakened by Kaze's summon. They physically attack each other, and Shroi Kumo destroys Madoushi's sword. Madoushi dissipates into dust, and both the mist and the energy cube disappear. Kaze prepares to attack Shroi Kumo, but the Gaudium deathlords realize that the battle may destroy the world, so Pist shifts Kaze and the sub into the next level before the fight can take place.
Episode 19: Ai - An Encounter With Kuria
Ai and Yu have a bit of a fight in the hall, but are interrupted by a spectre that looks like Ai's face, which mocks her. A tussle breaks out, ending up in Ai being tossed off the submarine into the ocean! Unfortunately, the sky is below the ocean, so Ai is dumped into a strange land all by herself. She meets a strange green-skinned boy, but their meeting is interrupted by three creatures sent by Pist to search for Omega. The boy warns her not to touch him, but she ends up grabbing him anyway while fleeing the creatures. Safe in a cave, he tells her his name is Kuria and he's searching for his siblings - that is, other pieces of Omega!
He also tells her that the Flight Water from Tenos (which his strange clothing is made of) protects his powers from destroying everything. Ai invites him to come with her, but they are again interrupted - this time by Kaze, who tries to attack Kuria but is rebuffed by Ai. The Omega catchers decide to try again this time. Ai is almost caught, but Kuria saves her... unfortunately, one of his gloves comes off as he does so, and the power of Omega is unleashed. Lisa and Yu manage to dive in on Chobi and save Ai, leaving Kuria behind.
Episode 20: Yu - The Secret Of Gaudium
Jane is dumped right into the sky... the sky right above Gaudium! It lands on one of the defense satellites. Knave tries to use the main cannon, but nothing can get through the defense. Chobi suddenly smells Dead Peppers and goes nuts. He transforms into Ciel and flies right into Gaudium, with Yu hanging on for dear life! Yu gets knocked off and wanders the halls, where he is met by none other than Earl Tyrant! And when the conversation turns to why Yu entered the Inner World to begin with, Earl Tyrant shows him a room wherein wait his parents...
However, as might be expected, it seems Earl Tyrant has brainwashed them in some way; they don't recognize Yu. Chobi picks this time to finish his Dead Pepper and rush Yu out of there. In the meantime, Sid has uplinked to the satellite he's on and uses it to blow the crap out of the other satellites. Kaze sees Shroi Kumo and begins attacking him (throwing off Lisa's protests). However, Shroi Kumo summons his dragon which destroys the satellite Jane is on (but not Jane...hmmm.) Jane escapes back into the portal.
Episode 21: Cactus - The Wandering Ocean
Jane and crew find themselves stuck in an endless desert, being towed around by sand currents. Ai tries to get Pochepoke to spit out a chocolate bar for Yu, but instead he spits out a strange (and familiar) cactus creature! It runs off, and Yu, Ai, and Lisa do their best to catch it to no avail (it uses its needles to cause big pain to anyone who tries). They end up outside the submarine and in the desert, where he jumps in a hole which turns out to hold hundreds of other cactus creatures!
They turn out to be friendly (phew). Fungo arrives and apparently can understand them, and says they're called cactuars (sabotenders). He says that a "wandering ocean" attacked the desert, destroying their village and driving them underground. The Comodin offer to help (Sid provides three of his darlings, Marianne, Cordelia, and Kaoruko). Lisa finds out that the ocean consists of angry souls of the dead, attacking the living. However, none of the Comodin's efforts work; not even Kaze's Bismark summon can drain the water. Instead, all the Cactuars focus their life energy into a giant tornado which dries up the ocean. At first everyone thinks the Cactuars have all died out, but the newly released sun revives them.
Episode 22: Moogle - Nostalgic Memories
The crew reaches a sunny place which reminds everyone of home. However, as Yu, Ai, and Fungo find out, all the adults quickly become overwhelmed by their memories and become quite insensible. They meet up with a strange creature named Moogle, who looks eerily similar to Kaze, and who tells them that they've been captured by the Nostal Sidestreet, a devious phenomenon that captures people in their memories and then devours them. He says that Yu and Ai haven't been caught yet because children have less memories. They rush towards a tower which is emitting the strange waves causing the phenomenon, to find Kaze there. Yu's hit by another wave and is "finished", as Fungo puts it, as well. Moogle apparently knows him and tries to strike up a conversation, but Kaze doesn't remember him. Kaze tries to use his Demon Gun, but another wave hits him and he, too, succumbs to his memories.
Yu, Ai, and Fungo quickly follow suit, leaving Moogle the last one standing. However, as he astutely points out, Kaze's memories aren't all that nice, and he snaps out of it, but not before he remembers who Moogle is. Moogle enhances the power of the Demon Gun and Kaze summons Ixion type Zero, who smashes the tower. Everyone awakes and rushes to the submarine; they quickly escape the ocean puzzle cube just before it shatters. Moogle comes along for the ride now.
Episode 23: Telos - Eyeing The Flight
Jane finally reaches the end of the sea and arrives near Telos! (Jane's stuck on the land, though.) They're met by Ru, flying with a cape made out of Flight Water. She takes her to Bolbol, a funny tailor who makes Flight Water clothes for exorbitant prices. He shows them the way to Telos, where Sid prepares his Lamone machines for harvesting the Flight Water. However, Crux tails them and their party's broken up by Pist!
Pist uses his newest toy, Blue Elenium (a compound made from Soil) to defy everyone's attacks. He destroys a bunch of Sid's Lamones; Sid predictably goes nuts and actually manages to pierce the Blue Elenium and smash Pist, but Pist (being made of water) just reforms. Lou and Kaze arrive; Kaze summons a powered-up Giga-Phoenix (thanks to Moogle), but the Blue Elenium infects it and causes it to go nuts. Lisa tries to use her kigenjuu (Leviathan) against it, but it has no effect. At the last minute, Shroi Kumo shows up and destroys it with his mist dragons. Kaze faces off against him...
Episode 24: Chaos - The True Identity Of Earl Tyrant
The duel is broken up by the destruction of Telos! Shroi Kumo lets go with a nasty attack and blows Kaze and Moogle away (the Demon Gun is apparently broken, and Moogle's amazed it worked until now). Yu and Ai are rescued by Chobi, but somehow Yu falls off and is trapped behind while everyone else escapes to the submarine, which is swallowed back up by the ocean! In the meantime, Shroi Kumo "rescues" Kaze and returns him to the sub. Meanwhile, Pist's surprised to find out that Earl Tyrant is angry by his destruction of Telos; he wanted some of that Flight Water. He deduces that Shroi Kumo was the one who destroyed Telos...
Shroi Kumo finally tells everyone onboard the sub the truth: that Chaos is fed by emotions like anger, fear, and sadness; that the Demon Gun and all the battles they fought were meant to feed Chaos; and that this is the true identity of Earl Tyrant. Sid deduces that Shroi Kumo is investigating Earl Tyrant to find out why his world was destroyed, as well as attempting to stymie the tide of emotions feeding Chaos. However, all Shroi Kumo can tell them is that they're no match for Earl Tyrant, and to run as far away as they can. In the meantime, Yu has been taken by Crux, heading right for Gaudium...
Yu is taken back to Earl Tyrant and is forced to watch his parents again, serving Earl Tyrant by cooking up more emotions (he's not hungry any more... bad sign...) and not recognizing him. In the meantime, Ru and Lisa figure out that Soil is the life crystals of those who have died by Chaos's hands. While all this is happening, Pist's gathered enough energy to restart the Ocean Puzzle back from the beginning! However, he's interrupted by Shroi Kumo. He informs him that Gaudium's known about his plans for a while, and that all of Omega's crystals, including Kuria, have been sent to Earl Tyrant, with Flight Water to control them.
Shroi Kumo interrupts him and uses an empty bottle to capture him inside and turn him to mist, then goes ahead and "summons" him to destroy the Ocean Puzzle! This causes Omega's crystals to disappear from Earl Tyrant's room. By this time, Jane emerges from the Ocean Puzzle to see Gaudium appear! Its guard satellites attack, but Shroi Kumo saves the day and destroys them. However, he's interrupted by Earl Tyrant, who transforms into his true form, Chaos! Everyone on the sub loses their energy, and then the monster attacks...
Episode 25: Kaze - When Life Gives Hope
Earl Tyrant has trapped Ai, Lisa, Kaze, and Shroi Kumo in a dank dungeon. Yu stands nearby, helpless. Oscar tells them he's sunk the Comodin into Chaos. Joe and Marie Hayakawa, still controlled, reveal a plan to merge Earl Tyrant with Kuria, who is revealed to be the heart of Omega. Earl Tyrant says that his original plan was to collect all of Omega's crystals and unleash Chaos to the Outer Worlds, but only Kuria is left. With a new invention made by the Hayakawas, Earl Tyrant instead plans to merge his powers with that of Kuria's. He starts by turning Kuria back into a crystal!
Shroi Kumo awakens and tries to use his sword to destroy the machine, but it's intercepted by Earl Tyrant and heads right back for him, piercing him straight through! Oscar has another trick up his sleeve: he's collected all of Kaze's Soil bullets and Shroi Kumo's Mist bottles and commands Crux to throw them into Chaos. She does so... surprisingly reluctantly. Ai tries to get Pochepoke to do something, but he's swallowed by Herba's pet Hug-hug flower!
Earl Tyrant and Oscar next reveal another shocker: Earl Tyrant plans to merge with Yu and Ai as well - they're not actually human! In fact, they're the "apex of evolution" of the Inner World! When the Hayakawas first entered the Inner World, they found the two babies (intentionally left there) and adopted them in place of their twins who died at birth. Isabel, Chobi's clock, was actually a tracking device used to track them through the Inner World. The battles along the way were designed to complete the maturation of their innate powers in order to eventually merge them with Earl Tyrant.
The experiment begins... but Lisa interrupts it by finally revealing her real reason for being in the Inner World - to find Joe and Marie and bring them back. She exhorts them not to kill the ones who risked their lives to find them... and the spell is broken. Herba's mind control mechanism falls out of Joe and Marie's ears. Lou and Moogle finally arrive by air and destroy the apparatus, freeing the children.
Herba sics Hug-Hug on them, but Pochepoke devours it from the inside! Lou then lets loose on Herba and smashes her to fall into Chaos. However, one of Earl Tyrant's tentacles appears and impales her. Her eyes close for good. Earl Tyrant reappears as Chaos and threatens everyone. However, somehow Ai and Yu repair the Demon Gun so it works again! But there's no bullets left...
Crux revisits Shroi Kumo, who's still barely alive... she's saved a single empty Mist bottle for him. He takes it and turns his soul into Mist! It enters Chaos and possesses it. Shroi Kumo urges Kaze to finally finish their duel. Kaze's bullets are provided by Lou and Moogle, who turn themselves into Soil to power it. Finally, Kaze turns himself into Soil as well, leaving Lisa to fire the gun, using her kigenjuu to help her. Kaze's Bahamut-creature emerges and the two summons attack each other, destroying themselves as well as Gaudium. Oscar lies on the ground, his mask cracked open, and his last word is "UNLIMITED!"...

During the ending credits, the Comodin arrive on Sylvia to find all the survivors, and the story ends.

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