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Zodiac Brave Story: Characters

This is a much-expanded version of the Character page from the main site. Only one note: For the "Title" and "Job" lines, titles/jobs followed by commas (,) are held concurrently (at the same time), while those followed by semicolons (;) are held subsequently (one after another).

Adrammelech; Adramelk (PSX)

Given Job: Ghost of Fury
Personality/Goals: A powerful Lucavi demon whose link to our world is the Capricorn Holy Stone. The host eventually given him is Dycedarg Beoulve. Like all Lucavi, he's trying to get the Bloody Angel, Ultima, back to Earth.

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Personality/Goals: A flower girl who lives in the Trade City of Sal Ghidos. In reality she's a crossover from FF7, which is why Cloud thinks she looks familiar.

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Agrias Oaks

Titles: Holy Knight, Lesalia St. Konoe Hokuten Knight, Bodyguard of Princess Ovelia
Given Job: Holy Knight
Personality/Goals: A pure-hearted warrior who is devoted to Princess Ovelia. She will stop at nothing to rescue her from those who relentlessly pursue her. She also feels a kind of pity for Ovelia.
History: A Hokuten Knight under the Lesalia St. Konoe division, she quit her day job after discovering that it was Prince Larg who tried to capture Ovelia. When Ovelia is taken to Zeltennia after a complicated sequence of events in Lionel Castle, Agrias joins Ramza to try to get her back.

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Aliste Rosenheim (PSP Only)

Title: Knight Templar Given Job: Templar Aliste was formerly the lieutenant commander of the Gryphon Knights at Lionel Castle, and once Beowulf left, he became the commander. He nursed a desire to defeat Beowulf in battle, finally crowning said desire by helping Bremondt to kidnap Beowulf's girlfriend Reis and challenge Beowulf at Lionel. He reveals the real reason for his helping Bremondt - not the bounty on Beowulf's head, but the fact that Aliste is dying of a disease, and wishes to settle his score once and for all. He has no real wish for Beowulf to lose Reis - in fact, he drugs the guards inside, ensuring Beowulf will have an easy passage in if Aliste should lose. Lose he does, and is killed by Beowulf.
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Arazlam Durai; Alazlam J.D. (PSX)

Title: Historian
Alazlam lives 400 years after the scope of the game. He finds a long-hidden book, the Durai Writings (written by Orran Durai) which describe the role of someone hitherto unknown in the War of the Lions: Ramza Beoulve. (General consensus is that Delita was the outstanding hero of the war.) Alazlam embarks on a journey to discover the real truth behind the War of the Lions; this is how the game supposedly begins. We later find out the Alazlam is a direct descendant of Orran.

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Argath Thadalfus; Algus Sadalfas (PSX)

Title: Hokuten Cadet
Given Job: Squire
Personality/Goals: Argath, a noble whose family was dishonored, harbors an enormous grudge against the common folk. His ridiculous views treat common folk as animals, whose lives are only there to be thrown away at nobility's expense.
History: Argath's grandfather disgraced the Sadalfas name during the Fifty Year War by betraying his friends to save himself. Before he could escape, however, a Hokuten Cadet stabbed him in the back. Argath became a Hokuten Cadet himself, under the auspices of Marquis Elmdore. When Elmdore is kidnapped by Gustav, he travels to Eagrose. He meets Ramza on the way; Ramza rescues him from some monsters, and they travel together to Eagrose to inform the Beoulves of the Marquis' kidnapping. (Dycedarg and Larg were the ones who actually perpetrated it, however, and are oblivious to his pleas.) Argath travels with Ramza and they rescue the Marquis, but a heated conversation between Ramza, Delita, and Argath back at Eagrose causes Ramza to banish Argath ("I never want to see you again!") Argath returns to his superior, Zalbaag, and by Zalbaag's order (for a strategic coup at Ziekden Fortress) he kills Teta, Gragoroth's hostage, and then kills Gragoroth. Delita is so incensed at the death of his sister that he kills Argath himself.
(PSP Only) Ramza again meets up with Argath as a zombie warrior in Limberry Castle, on the way to fighting Elmdore as Zarela. The two taunt each other, but Argath is again defeated by Ramza.

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Alma Beoulve

Given Job: Cleric
Personality/Goals: Alma is a very brave and kind-hearted girl, who's much closer to Ramza (her full brother) than her other half-brothers. She fights when she can, but Ramza constantly has to rescue her: she is the only eligible body for St. Ajora and Ultima, the Bloody Angel; she is the cornerstone of the Lucavi plan.
History: Alma attended the Eagrose Aristocratic School with Teta. After the coup at Ziekden Fortress when Ramza disappeared, she was at a monastery where she befriended Princess Ovelia. Later, she lived in the Royal City of Lesalia with her brother Zalbaag. She met Ramza there and accompanied him to Orbonne Monastery (she wished to know the truth about the Holy Stones, and Ramza being a heretic would find it hard to enter the monastery alone). There, she is kidnapped by Isilud and taken to Riovanes Castle. When Folmarv goes nuts in the castle, she finds Isilud wounded; Isilud gives her his Pisces Holy Stone. Ramza tries to save her, but she is again kidnapped by Folmarv; she is taken to Mullonde. When Folmarv finds the true location of Murond Death City, she is taken there. Her body is at first taken over by St. Ajora, but she somehow gets it back. After St. Ajora and Ultima are defeated, Alma is buried by the Church, but history is unsure whether she really died, or the burial was just a ruse.

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Balthier (PSP Only)

Given Job: Sky Pirate Personality/Goals: Balthier is a crossover from Final Fantasy XII. He's a suave ladies' man.
History: Given the confusion of timelines between FF12 and FFT, Balthier's history is intentionally murky. He mentions having lost his airship, the Strahl, but not how. He also mentions searching for the Cache of Glabados, an important plot element in FF12: Revenant Wings. He says he found it once, and "look what it's gotten me into"; he hopes if he finds it again he can "put things back as they were". This seems to indicate that the Cache teleported him into Ramza's time, probably in the time between FF12 and FF12:RW. In any case, this search leads him to perpetrate a rash of thefts against Glabados clergy, and has apparently rendered him a heretic, like Ramza. Ramza, upon looking into the rumors, falls into a trap the Church has set for Balthier in Dorter. Together they fend off the bounty hunters, and Balthier joins Ramza.
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Barbaneth Beoulve; Balbanes Beoulve (PSX)

Title: Heavenly Knight, leader of Order of the Northern Sky
Personality/Goals: An amazingly courageous and honorable soldier, Barbaneth's valiant fighting is part of what kept Ivalice from total surrender after the Fifty Year War. Barbaneth dies before the scope of the game begins.
History: Barbaneth was instrumental in the Fifty Year War. He has two sons from one wife (Dycedarg and Zalbaag) and two other children from a different wife (Ramza and Alma). After the Fifty Year War, he was slowly poisoned by Dycedarg using Mossfungus; this was the beginning of Dycedarg's long-term plot for the throne of Ivalice...

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Barich Fendsor; Balk Fenzol (PSX)

Title: Templar
Given Job: Machinist
Personality/Goals: Barich doesn't care much for human life. He's the mastermind behind the Mossfungus plague, and his ideals are less than honorable.
History: Barich used to live in the Clockwork City of Goug. He was blacklisted by the royal knights for anti-aristocratic behavior, and ended up joining the Knights Templar. He was killed by Ramza in a battle in the Beddha Sandwaste, but not before infecting the entire Hokuten army with Mossfungus poison. He is ressurrected by the Lucavi to guard Murond Death City.

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Balias; Bariaus (PSX)

The first disciple of St. Ajora, who lived over 1200 years before the scope of the game. He was chased by the Holy Empire Yudora all over; he hid away in Balias Swale, and was finally caught and executed at Balias Tor.

Barrington, Gerrith; Barinten, Gelkanis (PSX)

Title: Grand Duke of Riovanes, Weapon King
Personality/Goals: An ambition-driven man who has some very sick tendencies. His eagerness and prowess with weapons of all types has earned him the moniker "Weapon King". He wishes to become king of Ivalice by threatening the Knights Templar into working with him; he tells them that he'll get the Germonique Scriptures and expose their lies.
History: During the Fifty Year War, Barrington burned a village of people with magical Sky and Netherseer abilities, because they refused to service him. He found two children (siblings) named Rapha and Marach Galthena. One was a Skyseer, one was a Netherseer. He raised them as his own children; they eventually became the main members of an assassin group called Kamyuja, which was headed by Barrington. Barrington began to become debauched and greedy. He raped Rapha, but she was always too scared to tell anyone about it. He sends Marach to get the Germonique Scriptures from Ramza; when Ramza finally arrives, he makes the bad mistake of threatening Folmarv with the Taurus and Scorpio Stones (taken from Isilud) and the Germonique Scriptures. Folmarv goes on a rampage and kills Barrington's men, as well as Isilud. Barrington escapes, however, and has a showdown with Rapha on the roof of Riovanes Castle. He pulls a gun on her, but makes another bad mistake of mentioning her rape. Marach was listening, and saves Rapha from the bullet by taking it himself. However, before anything can be done, Lettie (an assassin friend of the ressurrected Marquis Elmdore) comes out of nowhere, grabs Barrington, and throws him off the roof. End of story.

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Belias; Velius (PSX)

Title/Given Job: Gigas
Beliasis the Lucavi assosciated with the Aries Stone and Wiegraf. He took control of Wiegraf after he was fatally wounded by Ramza. He left, but later faced Ramza's troops in an all-out battle in Riovanes Castle. Ramza slew Belias, who left only his Zodiac Stone behind.

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Beowulf Kadmas

Former Title: Head of the Lionel Knights Templar
Given Job: Templar
Personality/Goals: Beowulf is a lovelorn knight searching for his old flame, transformed by a curse. He's a former Templar and knows the ins and outs of the Church's misdemeanour-laden politics. He's a valiant fighter as well.
History: Priest Bremondt of Lionel became insanely jealous of the love shared between Beowulf and his girlfried Reis. He tried to lay a curse on Beowulf, but Reis sacrificed herself and she was transformed into a dragon. She immediately runs away, and Beowulf spends a long while searching for her, calling himself a "hunter" to find more rumors about monsters. A rumor in the Royal City of Lesalia about a monster in Goland Colliery leads him to an alliance with Ramza. They rescue Reis from an Archaeodaemon in the Colliery, then begin their search for the Cancer Holy Stone, which can cure her. They find it in Nelveska Temple, guarded by Construct 7-new. Beowulf later confronts Bremondt and his former ally Aliste at Lionel Castle after Reis is kidnapped by them, defeating them both.

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Besrudio Bunansa; Besrodio Bunanza (PSX)

Personality/Goals: An engineer living in the Clockwork City of Goug, Besrudio combs the ancient mines for traces of lost former civilizations. He's an honest man, but rather frail by now.
History: Besrudio has lived in Goug with his son Mustadio all his life. When he happens on the Taurus Holy Stone in a mine, he's chased by the Baert Company (sent by Cardinal Delacroix and Baert Ludovich) and eventually rescued by Ramza and Mustadio. He plays his part in the Cloud Subquest by finding Construct 8 in the mines, and later the device which calls Cloud from his world into the Tactics world.

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Blanche; Blansh (PSX)

Title: Aide to Prince Goltanna
Plays a bit part and only has a few lines in the game.

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Bolmina, Baron; Bolmna (PSX)

Title: Aide to Prince Goltanna
Nothing much is known about him besides his title.

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Bremondt, Celebrant
; Buremonda, Priest (PSX)
Title: Priest of Murond Glabados Church
Given Job: Celebrant
In the PSX version, Bremondt doesn't appear in the game, but he plays a part in the story of Beowulf and Reis. Jealous of their love, he casts a curse on Beowulf, but hits Reis instead, turning her into a dragon.
In the PSP version, he is the subject of an extended sidequest. We see Bremondt as a weak-willed, ignorant, spoiled man driven almost insane by desire for Reis, and his previous loss. He succeeds Cardinal Delacroix as liege lord of Lionel when the Cardinal is killed by Ramza. Upon discovering the fact that Beowulf has undone his curse, he orders Reis kidnapped and brought to Lionel. Beowulf and Ramza rescue her. In the process, Bremondt turns himself into a Dark Dragon, but to no avail; he is still defeated and Reis is brought back to Beowulf for good.
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Given Job: Assassin; Ultima Demon
A mysterious woman working for the ressurrected Marquis Elmdore; in reality she's an Ultima Demon working for the Lucavi.

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Cletienne Duroi; Kletian Drowa (PSX)

Title: Templar
Given Job: Sorceror
Cletienne is Folmarv's left-hand man. He's a master of all magic. He usually works behind the scenes, but follows Folmarv when the final hour of Ultima's ressurrection is at hand. He goes with him to Mullonde and fights Ramza there; he's then sent to guard the Lost Sacred Precincts at Murond Death City. Ramza slays him there.

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Cloud Strife

Given Job: Soldier
A crossover from FF7. Cloud (who has these really weird flashes where he gets a headache and talks strange) arrives thanks to a heavenly globe machine found by Besrudio in the Clockwork City of Goug. He runs away, but meets Aeris in the Trade City of Sal Ghidos and notices something familiar about her. Aeris is accosted by bandits, but Cloud and Ramza (who shows up right then) fight them off. Cloud joins Ramza for fairly confusing reasons.

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Construct 7-new;Worker 7-new (PSX)

Given Job: Automaton
Apparently a guardian of Nelveska Temple, formerly a research institute, Worker 7-new continues guarding it centuries after it's been completely devoid of people. It runs via the Cancer Holy Stone. Ramza finally defeats it during the Cloud Subquest.

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Construct 8;Worker 8 (PSX)

Given Job: Automaton
A long-inactive robot found in the Goug mines, Worker 8 finally came to life after Ramza gave it the Aquarius Stone (its power source). It named Ramza its master, and joined Ramza's troops.

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; Queklain (PSX)
Title/Given Job: The Impure
Cuchulainn is the Lucavi assosciated with Cardinal Delacroix and the Scorpio Stone. He was defeated by Ramza in Lionel Castle.

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Darlavon, Master; Daravon, Bordam (PSX)

Title: Holy Knight, Senior Lecturer, Gariland Military Academy
Personality/Goals: His long lectures can be a major bore, but no one knows more about battle than this veteran. Although he's only been in a single battle, he's a master of strategy. The Holy Knight title is honorary.

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Delita Heiral; Delita Hyral (PSX)

Titles: Hokuten Cadet, Blackram Knight (under Baron Grimms, who is under Prince Goltanna), Holy Knight (Hokuten), leader of the Blackram Knights, leader of the Order of the Southern Sky, ruler of Ivalice.
Given Job: Squire; Holy Knight
Personality/Goals: Delita, although ultimately an idealistically honorable man (who thinks of himself as the people's "hero"), holds of the unfortunate maxim of "the ends justify the means". After his sister's death because of a manipulative plot, he vows never to be manipulated again, but instead to manipulate others. His manipulations lead to his eventual rulership of Ivalice, while he lets everyone else deke it out. He uses Ovelia for his purposes, but actually falls in love with her while he's doing it. Although his goals coincide with those of Goltanna and the Church at points, he always plans on double-crossing them. He intends on letting Ramza and his friends live so that they can destroy the Church's new Zodiac Braves and allow Delita to become king himself.
History: Delita was born to poor farmers on the Beoulve land. Barbaneth basically adopted him and his sister Teta, and they became fast friends with Ramza and Alma. Delita attended the Gariland Military Academy with Ramza. He follows Ramza through the rescue of Argath, the kidnapping of Teta, and the decisive battle at Ziekden Fortress, where Argath kills Teta. Delita kills Argath, but Gragoroth (Teta's kidnapper) ignites the ammunition inside Ziekden Fortress. Teta shields Delita with her body, saving him. Delita's plan begins to form. He rises in rank in the Nanten Blackram Knights and then switches sides (after an assassin group called the Ryomoku destroy the Blackram Knights, including their leader, Baron Grimms) and joins the Hokuten again to go undercover during Larg's scheme. Throughout all this, he's in contact with the Murond Glabados Church, vowing allegiance to their scheme to dethrone BOTH Larg and Goltanna. He's sent to kidnap Ovelia for Larg, but instead takes her for Goltanna. However, after a fight with some Order of the Southern Sky, he leaves Ovelia in Ramza's charge. Later, when Ramza is involved in rescuing Besrudio Bunansa, Ovelia is left in Lionel Castle. Delita (who is supposedly in alliance with the Church) visits her in her cell and eventually takes her to Zeltennia Castle, leaving Ramza to fight with Cardinal Delacroix. After Delacroix's death, Delita exposes Glevanne for kidnapping Ovelia, then demands that Goltanna storm the Imperial Capital and capture Queen Louveria, who masterminded the kidnapping. The Queen is taken to Fort Besselat. In Zeltennia, Delita finds himself becoming closer to Ovelia. Valmafra Lenande is dispatched by the Church to "help" Delita; Delita knows her true purpose (to kill him), but is also a shrewd enough judge to know that she won't be able to do it. Eventually, Ramza secretly meets Delita in Zeltennia Church, where Delita discloses the Church's plan - to kill the leaders of the Hokuten and Nanten. Ramza is attacked by Zalmour Lucianada, a Pagan Examiner; Delita kills him for seeing him meet with Ramza. Later, Orlandeau is accused by Goltanna of conspiracy against him; Delita is appointed head of the Order of the Southern Sky. Delita allows both Ramza and Orlandeau to escape Fort Besselat (he wants them both to be able to fight the Church). Delita then stabs Goltanna and blames it on Orlandeau; he kills a look-alike Orlandeau to make sure no one would be looking for him. Ovelia is visited by Orran in Zeltennia; he tries to tell her the truth about Delita's killing Goltanna, but Delita interrupts him. Delita declares his true purposes (to betray even the Church); as he expected, Valmafra can't bring herself to kill him. He locks Orran away in Zeltennia for knowing too much. After Ramza defeats the Lucavi and the Zodiac Braves, no one is left to rule in Ivalice besides Ovelia, whom Delita marries and thus becomes king of Ivalice. Much later, Ovelia becomes insane with mulling over Ramza's fate; she stabs King Delita with a knife. He stabs her back, and there ends the complete saga of the War of the Lions.

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Denamda Atkascha; Denamunda Atkascha (PSX)

Title: King of Ivalice
This name was given to two kings of Ivalice (father and son), both of whom ruled during the Fifty Year War and were killed during it (Denamda I died of illness; Denamda II was rumored to have been assassinated.) The son of Denamda II was Ondoria.

Delacroix, Alphonse; Draclau, Alphons (PSX)

Title: Cardinal in Murond Glabados Church; leader of Lionel.
Personality/Goals: Delacroix, like nearly all members of the Church, is in on the Zodiac Brave scandal and wants to ressurrect Ultima. His Holy Stone, Scorpio, is assosciated with Cuchulainn. He's ruthless, but can put on a good enough show to fool even the shrewdest warriors like Ramza and Ovelia.
History: In his search for the Holy Stones, Delacroix uses Baert Ludovich's Baert Company. They discover that Besrudio has found the Taurus Stone in the Goug mines; they chase after him. In the meantime, Ovelia and Agrias head to Lionel to seek sanctuary with Delacroix. They meet Mustadio on the way. Delacroix sends Mustadio and Ramza to rescue Besrudio (actually to get the Holy Stone) and then return to Lionel; while keeping Ovelia and Agrias in Lionel. Agrias discovers his plot and escapes, but Ovelia is taken captive and eventually taken to Zeltennia Castle by Delita. Delacroix kills Ludovichfor his incompetence (Ludovichwas the one who let Ramza on to Delacroix's involvement in Besrudio's chase). Ramza then confronts Delacroix, but he transforms into Cuchulainn. Ramza kills Cuchulainn and Delacroix.

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Dycedarg Beoulve

Titles: Magic Fencer, Aide to Prince Larg
Given Job: Rune Knight
Personality/Goals: A man driven completely and incessantly by greed, Dycedarg is the only Beoulve who dishonors his family name. He's sneaky, too, but isn't very good at tact. Definitely someone to stay away from. His goal is to become king; first by killing his father, then Prince Larg.
History: Dycedarg slowly poisoned his father Barbaneth during the Fifty Year War in a long-term goal to become king; after Barbaneth dies, Dycedarg becomes the aide to Prince Larg; the two become inseperable. Dycedarg goes along with all of Larg's plans, including the kidnapping of Princess Ovelia. He and Larg also wish to get rid of the anti-aristocratic Corpse Brigade. Dycedarg pays a Corpse Brigade fencer named Gustav to kidnap Marquis Elmdore, in an excuse to wipe out the Corpse Brigade. However, Ramza (against Dycedarg's will) rescues the Marquis anyway. (Larg tells Dycedarg it doesn't matter.) In an effort to redeem himself, Dycedarg sends Ramza to deal with the Corpse Brigade hiding in the Brigands' Den. During that time, Gragoroth (a Corpse Brigade member) tries to assassinate Dycedarg but fails, leading to Teta's kidnapping. Three months later, Dycedarg hires Gaffgarionto kidnap Ovelia and blame it on the Nanten. He tells Gaffgarionto kill Ramza if he gets in the way. Much later, during the coup on Ziekden Fortress, Dycedarg is poisoned by the Mossfungus poison spread by Barich (but not badly). In front of Zalbaag, he kills Prince Larg, and tells Zalbaag to put a knife in the hands of a dead Hokuten Knight, claiming that the knight was a Nanten spy and killed Larg. However, the dying words of Larg, alluding to Dycedarg's killing Barbaneth, sets Zalbaag wondering. Dycedarg assumes control of the Hokuten. Loffrey (a Templar) meets with Dycedarg at Eagrose and suggests that he accept the Church's offer of mediation. Loffrey knows that Dycedarg killed Barbaneth and makes several strong suggestions about it. he leaves Dycedarg the Capricorn Stone (intending for Dycedarg to be the host body for the Lucavi demon Adrammelech). Zalbaag overhears, and later confirms the truth. Zalbaag enters Eagrose and kills Dycedarg for his crime, but the Zodiac Stone reacts and Dycedarg becomes Adrammelech. Adrammelech kills Zalbaag (his body disappears) but is then slain by Ramza.

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Elidibus;Elidibs (PSX)

Given Job: Serpentarius
A mysterious wizard, a graduate of the Gariland Military School. He was a great fighter for Ivalice during the Fifty Year War, but disappeared during the recapture of Riovanes Castle. Between then and the War of the Lions, he somehow found or created a thirteenth Zodiac Stone and hid out in the lowest level of Midlight's Deep to meditate. He challenges Ramza to a duel when Ramza reaches him, and he then transforms into a Lucavi demon. Ramza slays Elidibus and collects his 13th Stone, Serpentarius.

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Elmdore, Messam; Elmdor, Mesdoram (PSX)

Title: Marquis of Limberry, Pagan Examiner
Given Job: Ark Knight
Personality/Goals: The real Marquis Elmdore was a strong fighter for Ivalice. He was known as the "Silver Noble" to his friends, but "Silver Ogre" to his enemies (both nicknames coming from the color of his hair). However, when he's ressurrected as a Lucavi, he's a nasty SOB.
History: The Marquis was a powerful force during the Fifty Year War. He was kidnapped by Gustav (sent by Dycedarg) but rescued by Ramza and Argath (who is a squire under him). After the War of the Lions broke out, he was killed by a stray arrow in an early battle at the Fuse Plains. He was ressurrected as the Lucavi demon Zarela and was given two Ultima Demons as helpers (they disguised themselves as assassins): Celia and Lettie. He travels to Riovanes Castle to gain Barrington's Holy Stones, but Ramza foils him. He then returns to Limberry where he awaits Ramza. Ramza does indeed enter, and defeats both Elmdore and his alterego Zarela.

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Folmarv Tengille;Vormav Tingel (PSX)

Title: Head of the Knights Templar
Given Job: Divine Knight
Personality/Goals: Folmarv's true personality is unknown; he's been completely taken over by his alterego, the Lucavi Hashmal . He lives to ressurrect his master Ultima, after which the Lucavi can basically do whatever the hell they want.
History: Folmarv enters the picture in Lionel, where he visits Ovelia in her cell and informs her of her true identity. He is later summoned to Riovanes to meet with Barrington, who wants to force the Knights Templar into helping him by threatening them with the Germonique Scriptures. Folmarv, maddened not only by this but by his son Isilud's incompetency in letting Barrington get Isilud's two Holy Stones, turns into Hashmal and goes on a rampage, killing not only Barrington's troops but also Isilud. Folmarv later enters the main hall again to find Alma. He walks up to her, intending to kill her, but his Virgo Stone reacts with her, making him believe that she's the intended host body of Ultima. He takes her with him. Folmarv later meets with the ressurrected Elmdore in Limberry Castle; he decides to go on a quest to find Murond Death City, the place where Ultima's soul rests. He travels to Mullonde and confronts High Priest Funebris, wounding him. He tells him he'll let him live if Funebris tells him the location of Murond Death City. Funebris complies, telling him that he'd still need to open the gate there (the spell is in the Germonique Scriptures) but Loffrey stabs him anyway. Folmarv then confronts Ramza and demands the Holy Stones and the Germonique Scriptures in exchange for Alma. Ramza gives him the Scriptures but won't give him the Stones till he shows him Alma. Folmarv, Loffrey, and Cletienne fight Ramza but lose; they disappear, going to Orbonne. Folmarv stays ahead of Ramza and reaches the farthest depths of Murond Death City, the Airship Graveyard. He tries to revive St. Ajora but fails; he concludes he needs more blood and turns into Hashmal , to fight Ramza. Ramza beats him, but Hashmal sacrifices himself to St. Ajora, finally completing the ressurrection process.

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Funebris, Marcel; Funeral, Marge (PSX)

Title: High Priest of the Murond Glabados Church
Funebris is shrewd, but not shrewd enough. He wants to ressurrect the Zodiac Braves and St. Ajora, but his age and infirmity prove to be his undoing; his Knights Templar (supposedly employed to protect him) turn against him once he outlives his usefulness. Folmarv kills him at Mullonde after he tells the Knights Templar where to find the entrance to Murond Death City. However, he's alive long enough to blurt out the one word, "Orbonne", to Ramza who chases after them.

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Gaffgarion, Goffard;Gafgarion, Gaff (PSX)

Given Job: Fell Knight
Personality/Goals: Gaffgarion's pretty sneaky, and very shrewd. He doesn't have the best set of morals, though. He knows what's going on better than anyone else, but doesn't care, as long as he gets his money.
History: A Touten Knight during the Fifty Year War, he was discharged because of his reckless actions. He became a mercenary selling to the highest bidder. He enlisted a Squire named Ladd, and later Ramza Beoulve, as his cohorts. (He was the only one who knew Ramza's true identity after the Ziekden Fortress battle.) He is hired by Dycedarg to put up a pretense of defending Ovelia, while letting her be captured by Delita, the backup. He catches up to Delita at Zeirchele Falls, and fights Ramza and Delita. Ovelia falls into Ramza's hands. Later, he visits Cardinal Delacroix who tells him to bring both Ramza and Mustadio to Lionel; Ramza knows the truth about the kidnapping, and Mustadio is wanted by Delacroix (who's in league with Dycedarg, Gaffgarion's employer). Gaffgarionsets up a trap at Golgollada Gallows, but is defeated by Ramza. Gaffgarion's final attempt is at the gate to Lionel; Ramza finally slays him.

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Glevanne; Gelwan (PSX)

Title: Aide to Prince Goltanna
Glevanne (a real chicken) secretly defects to Larg's side; to prove his willingness, he concocts a plan to kidnap Ovelia and blame it on Goltanna. However, one of the Order of the Northern Sky he sent snitches on him (thanks to Delita) and Delita kills him on the spot.

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Germonique; Germonik (PSX)

One of St. Ajora's first disciples was actually a spy sent by the Holy Empire Yudora to investigate Ajora's true actions. He didn't find proof of Ajora's spy business, but he did discover some Zodiac Stones, giving the Holy Empire enough evidence to kill Ajora. Germonique later wrote the Germonique Scriptures, telling the truth about Ajora and the Zodiac Brave legend.

Goltanna, Druksmald

Title: Prince of Ivalice, supreme leader of Order of the Southern Sky, leader of Zeltennia
Personality/Goals: Goltanna's a bit paranoid, not very moralistic, and wants to rule Ivalice by declaring Princess Ovelia as ruler and not letting her out of Zeltennia. He's not as underhanded as his enemy Larg, though. Because of his flag, he's known as the Black Lion.
History: Goltanna was framed by Larg for kidnapping Ovelia, but had his own ace up his sleeve: Delita, Larg's backup, was really working for Goltanna. After Delacroix's death and Ovelia's arrival at Zeltennia, Delita exposes Glevanne's plot and demands that Goltanna storm Lesalia and capture Queen Louveria, who ordered the kidnapping of Ovelia. She is to be held in Fort Besselat for her crimes. Goltanna agrees. During Louveria's capture, Larg insists that Prince Orinus is the ruler; Goltanna retorts with his claim of Ovelia being the true ruler, and the War of the Lions begins. Despite heavy losses for both sides, Goltanna would rather raise taxes to ridiculous heights than try for a peace treaty with Larg. During the battle at Fort Besselat, Goltanna hears reports of Orlandeau (his most trusted aide and leader of his Order of the Southern Sky) plotting rebellion; he sentences him to death. (Orlandeau escapes afterwards.) He appoints Delita as head of the Nanten. At the same time, he knows of Delita's ties to the Murond Church and asks for a sanction of his claim. (He knows that the Church poisoned the Hokuten and therefore they must be on Goltanna's side.) After the battle, Goltanna is assassinated by Delita, who frames it on Orlandeau (but he kills an impostor Orlandeau so that the real Orlandeau can be at peace).

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Gragoroth Levigne; Gragoroth Levine (PSX)

A member of the Corpse Brigade who carries out a failed assassination attempt on Dycedarg and instead kidnaps Teta as his hostage. He takes her to the windmill on Fovoham Windflats, but retreats to Ziekden Fortress when Ramza reaches it. At Ziekden Fortress, he's surprised when Argath (at Zalbaag's order) shoots Teta, leaving him unprotected; Argath shoots him as well. He retreats into the fort, and ignites the explosives inside, killing all but Ramza and Delita.

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A fanatic follower of the Glabados Church, he also bears a striking resemblance to Orlandeau. He agrees to sacrifice himself for the Church, although he doesn't really know why. (Delita dresses him up as Orlandeau and kills him, thus letting the real Orlandeau, whom he framed for Goltanna's death, go free.)

Grimms, Baron; Grims, Baron (PSX)

Title: Baron in Zeltennia, leader of the Blackram Knights of the Order of the Southern Sky
Baron Grimms leads the Blackram Knights and Delita quickly rises to second-in-command under Grimms' leadership. However, Grimms and the rest of the Blackram Knights (everyone besides Delita) is killed by a rebel group of ex-knights called "Ryomoku". Delita assumes leadership of the newly reformed Blackram Knights.

Gustav Margriff; Gustav Margueriff (PSX)

Title: Hokuten Knight; Second-in-command of Knights of Death; second-in-command of Corpse Brigade
Gustav was dismissed from the Order of the Northern Sky during the Fifty Year war because of his unbecoming actions (like unnecessary violence and rape). He joined up with the Knights of Death, an anti-aristocratic group led by Wiegraf Folles. The Knights of Death were disbanded due to heavy losses during the Fifty Year War, but reformed under the name Corpse Brigade, where Wiegraf and Gustav resumed their roles as leader and assistant leader. However, Gustav began to become disillusioned with the losing battle they were fighting, and tried to come clean to Dycedarg. Dycedarg agreed to forgive him if Gustav did him a favor: kidnap Marquis Elmdore so that the Hokuten would have an excuse to destroy the Corpse Brigade. Gustav agrees, but Wiegraf is enraged at him. Gustav hides out with the Marquis at the Beddha Sandwaste; both Ramza and Wiegraf chase after him, but Wiegraf gets there first. Gustav is stabbed by Wiegraf for his actions.

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Hashmal; Hashmalum (PSX)

Title/Job: Bringer of Order
The closest thing the Lucavi have to a leader, in the absence of Ultima. Hashmal assosciates himself with Folmarv and controls his every action. He leads a mindless and barbaric quest to ressurect his master Ultima, and when he finally gets there, he sacrifices himself to do it.

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Isilud Tengille;Izlude Tingel (PSX)

Title: Templar
Given Job: Knight Blade
Isilud is loyal to his father Folmarv, but is slightly incompetent when it comes to it. He leads the first attack on Orbonne Monastery, looking for the Virgo Stone needed to ressurrect Ultima. He gets the Stone and disappears. However, Grand Duke Barrington called the Knights Templar to Riovanes Castle in an effort to gain their help in his goal to rule Ivalice. Isilud was foolishly caught off his guard and Marach (then Barrington's stooge) stole both Virgo and Scorpio off him. Folmarv/Hashmal goes into a violent rage, leaving Isilud fatally wounded. Alma (who's held at Riovanes) escapes and finds Isilud on the floor. Isilud tries to warn her about his father being a monster, but she doesn't understand. He passes away, and leaves Alma the Pisces Stone, which is a treasure of his family.

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Canne-Beurich, Bishop; Kanbabrif (PSX)

Title: Aide to Prince Goltanna (?)
Possibly the least-seen person in the entire game. I think he only has a single line, and it's not much.

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Larg, Bestrald;Larg, Bestrada (PSX)

Title: Prince of Gallione, supreme leader of Order of the Northern Sky
Personality/Goals: Larg is only slightly more honorable than his enemy Goltanna. He's a good deal more devious, hatching long-term plots and a long string of blames and red herrings. However, as events prove, he's not shrewd enough. His link to the throne is through Queen Louveria, his sister, and her son Orinus. Because of his flag, he's known as the White Lion.
History: Larg's first entry into the War of the Lions is to commend Ramza for his work in rescuing Marquis Elmdore (even though Dycedarg, his right-hand man, set the kidnapping up). Larg thinks Ramza may prove useful in the future. Later, Larg is visited by Glevanne, an aide to Goltanna who wishes to double-cross his master. Together with Queen Louveria, they hatch the following plot: Larg is to hire Gaffgarion's troupe to guard Ovelia, who is stationed in Orbonne Monastery; this will prove Larg's intentions to protect her. At the same time, he is to send a cadre of Order of the Northern Sky, disguised as Order of the Southern Sky, to kidnap her. He knows that they'll lose to Gaffgarion, but while they're fighting, Delita (a Hokuten, as far as Larg knows) is to kidnap her. This way, Ovelia will be out of the way, and Goltanna will be framed for the kidnapping. However, the plan backfires when Delita turns out to be a Nanten, bent on taking Ovelia to Goltanna. Larg tries to chase Ramza (the only other one who knows of Larg's plot) and fails to catch him. He counts his losses and bides his time until the death of King Ondoria, when he declares that Prince Orinus is the rightful heir. Since Orinus is only 3 at the time, he declares himself Orinus's regent, which would put him in rule of Ivalice. However, Goltanna simultaneously proclaims Ovelia as true ruler; the War of the Lions begins. However, Glevanne's true actions are exposed by Delita, who demands that Louveria be captured and kept in Fort Besselat for her crimes against Ovelia. Larg's Hokuten eventually storms Fort Besselat. However, they are paralyzed by an epidemic of Mossfungus, spread by Barich of the Knights Templar. Larg himself is poisoned, but not badly. However, Dycedarg takes advantage of Larg's state and stabs him, becoming the head of the White Lion flag.

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Lettie; Lede (PSX)

Given Job: Assassin
A mysterious woman working for the ressurrected Marquis Elmdore; in reality she's an Ultima Demon working for the Lucavi. She's the one who killed Barrington by throwing him off the roof of Riovanes Castle.

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Loffrey Wodring; Rofel Wodring (PSX)

Title: Templar
Given Job: Divine Knight
Personality/Goals: Loffrey is soft-spoken but hard-actioned. He's completely ruthless and dedicated to Folmarv and to ressurrecting Ultima.
History: Loffrey enters the fray when he arrives at Eagrose with a message from Folmarv - reconsider accepting the Church's mediation offer. When Dycedarg refuses, Loffrey gives him several overt hints that the Church knows of his assassination of his father Barbaneth. Loffrey, in a plot to give the Lucavi demon Adrammelech a host body, leaves him the Capricorn Holy Stone as a "token of good will". Later, Loffrey accompanies Folmarv to Mullonde to wrest the location of Murond Death City from High Priest Funebris. Even after Funebris gives the location, Loffrey stays behind and stabs him again, just to make sure. Loffrey is later the one who opens the way to Murond Death City from Orbonne Monastery, using the Germonique Scriptures. He guards the entrance, but when Ramza defeats him, he sends the entire party to Murond Death City, and destroys the entrance before he dies.

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Louveria Atkascha; Ruvelia Atkascha (PSX)

Title: Queen of Ivalice
When her weak-willed husband Ondoria was crowned king, she really took over the reins of the kingdom. However, she soon turned out to be a trifle megalomaniac, issuing ridiculous orders and sentencing all who argued with her to death. She wished her son Orinus to become king, not Ovelia; she hatched a plot with her brother Larg to kidnap Ovelia. However, the truth leaked out, and Louveria was captured by Goltanna's Order of the Southern Sky and taken to Fort Besselat to stew for her crime.

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Ludovich Baert; Rudvich Bart (PSX)

An asinine and incompetent bad guy, Ludovich owns the criminal Baert Company (which has many legal cover businesses, but deals in practically everything illegal as well). He is hired by Cardinal Delacroix to find the Taurus Holy Stone, but bungles everything up, including letting Ramza know that the Cardinal is behind him. Delacroix (and his alterego Cuchulainn) kills Ludovich for his incompetence.

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Luso (PSP Only)

Given Job: Game Hunter
A young hunter who Ramza saves from monsters in the Zeklaus Desert. He joins Ramza while looking for his friends. Actually a crossover character from FF Tactics Advance 2.

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Marach Galthena,Malak Galthana (PSX)

Given Job: Netherseer
Personality/Goals: A rough young man who fights for his beliefs tooth and nail. He's dedicated to Grand Duke Barrington, his adoptive father, until he finds out the truth behind Barrington's actions.
History: The town where Marach and his sister Rapha lived was torched by Barrington when he found that he couldn't harness the town's special Sky/Netherseer skills. However, he found the Galthena siblings crying in the wreckage, and decided that he could use them after all. Marach and Rapha become the head of the Kamyuja, an assassin group spearheaded by Barrington. The Ryomoku dissolves after the Fifty Year War. Marach, upon finding out that Ramza has obtained the Germonique Scriptures, meets him in Dorter Trade City and demands the Scriptures in exchange for Alma, who's been captured by Folmarv and taken to Riovanes while Folmarv meets with Barrington. However, Marach is surprised in the Walled City of Yardrow when he meets Rapha, who's running away from Barrington. He becomes angry with her and fights her, but she's helped by Ramza. Marach escapes, and turns into a frog to overhear Rapha's conversation with Ramza in the slums of Yardow. He then ups his demands, saying that if Ramza wants to see Alma, he must bring both the Scriptures and Rapha to Riovanes. In Riovanes, Marach catches Isilud Tengille off guard and steals the Taurus and Scorpio Stones from him. Marach then fights Ramza at the gate to Riovanes, but loses; he and Rapha both disappear. Rapha ends up on the roof, where she meets Barrington. She draws her sword, but Barrington is waiting for her with a gun. Barrington tells her she can't kill him, because her body still remembers the pain it went through when Barrington raped her. Marach overhears and demands if that's true. Barrington is caught off guard; Rapha rushes him; Barrington fires; Marach pushes her out of the way and is killed by the bullet. After Ramza fights off Marquis Elmdore (who's after the Stones Marach still has), Rapha uses one of Marach's Stones to bring him back to life. He and Rapha join Ramza's party in fighting the Knights Templar.

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Meliadoul Tengille;Tingel (PSX)

Title: Templar
Given Job: Divine Knight
Personality/Goals: Meliadoul is a noble soul who fights for what she believes in. Unfortunately, she believes that Ramza killed her brother, and that her father is a nice guy. Eventually she sees the truth, though.
History: After hearing of Isilud's death in Riovanes, Meliadoul ambushes Ramza in Bervenia Free City. Ramza tries to tell her the truth, but she refuses to listen. She loses the battle, and retreats to regroup her forces. She chases after him, finally catching up to him in Limberry Castle; she arrives in time to witness the transformation of Marquis Elmdore into the Lucavi demon Zarela. She finally believes Ramza, and fights with him against Zarela. As a token of her trust, she gives Ramza her Sagittarius Stone, and tells him that she wants to know why the Capricorn Stone was given to Dycedarg. She's also suddenly dubious about whether her father's really human or not. She joins Ramza's troops to find the answers to her questions.

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Milleuda Folles;Miluda Folles (PSX)

Title: Member of the Corpse Brigade
Given Job: Knight
Personality/Goals: Milleuda is dedicated to the causes of her brother Wiegraf, leader of the Corpse Brigade. She believes that all nobles treat commoners like dirt and vows to get her revenge on them.
History: Milleuda proved her valor to her brother during the Fifty Year War when she helped the Corpse Brigade' previous incarnation, the Knights of Death. She was appointed to head the Corpse Brigade section at the Brigands' Den. However, Ramza is sent to deal with her. He tries to reason with her, but her strong beliefs (coupled with some very nasty remarks by Argath) make her retreat with her hate for nobles even stronger than before. She is then sent to guard the Lenalian Plateau (the pass leading to Ziekden Fortress, the Corpse Brigade' headquarters). Ramza is again forced to fight her, and this time she doesn't survive.

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Mustadio Bunansa; Mustadio Bunanza (PSX)

Given Job: Machinist
Personality/Goals: A shrewd and kind young man dedicated to his father Besrudio, Mustadio is a fierce fighter and calculating planner. When his and Ramza's goals coincide, he joins him without a fuss.
History: Mustadio lives with his father Besrudio in the Clockwork City of Goug. However, when Besrudio discovers the Taurus Stone in the Goug mines, the Baert Company (sent by Cardinal Delacroix) chases after him and captures him. Mustadio manages to take the Stone and flees, but the Baert Company catches up to him. Luckily, Ramza comes to his rescue. Mustadio begs him to take him to Cardinal Delacroix (whom he thinks can help him fight Ludovich's thugs). Ramza agrees, but Mustadio refuses to tell Ramza why he's being chased by Baert Company, thinking that the less people who know, the better. They reach Lionel; Delacroix agrees to help Mustadio (knowing that he'll walk right into Ludovich's hands). Mustadio thinks that Ludovichplans on using the Stone to make weapons. The Cardinal (by showing him his own Scorpio Stone) gets him to confess the real reason he's running away from Baert Company. Mustadio separates from Ramza in Goug to look around, but he's captured by Ludovich. Ludovichshows him his father in chains, and Mustadio "reluctantly" tells him the location of the Stone - actually a fake Mustadio made for just such an occasion. Ludovich lets drop a hint that Delacroix is actually behind the whole deal and leaves Mustadio and Ramza to his goons, whom they fight off. Mustadio joins Ramza's party to fight against Delacroix and the Church.
In the PSP version, we find out that Mustadio has a shy crush on Agrias.

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Ondoria Atkascha;Omdolia Atkascha (PSX)

Title: King of Ivalice
Ondoria (son of Denamda II) was a very weak monarch and unfit to rule; all the real decisions were made by his wife Louveria. They had two sons together, both of whom died; Ondoria then adopted his much younger sister Ovelia as his daughter. However, Ondoria had another son with Louveria, Orinus, and the situation became volatile. Ondoria died due to the Black Plague soon after.

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Orinus Atkascha;Orinas Atkascha (PSX)

Title: Prince of Ivalice
Born to King Ondoria and Queen Louveria, his birth stirred a hornet's nest of betrayal and ambition later known as the "War of the Lions". Larg declared himself Orinus's regent and therefore ad hoc ruler.

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Orlandeau, Cidolfus; Orlandu, Cidolfas (PSX)

Title: Leader of Order of the Southern Sky, T.G. Cid ("Thunder God Cid")
Given Job: Sword Saint
Personality/Goals: Orlandeau is one of the last true noble knights in the land. His fearsome battle skill proved invaluable in the Fifty Year War. He refuses to fight for anything he disbelieves in, and honor plays a big part in his deeds.
History: Orlandeau led the Order of the Southern Sky during the Fifty Year War; his courage was part of what allowed Ivalice and Ordallia to come to a mutual peace rather than have Ivalice completely surrender. During the Fifty Year War, he adopted a son, Orran Durai, who became his ardent follower. He continued working for Goltanna, but began to have his doubts during the War of the Lions when Goltanna insisted on taxing the farmers beyond their means rather than try a peace agreement with Larg. Goltanna took offense at his words. Orlandeau and the Nanten fight valiantly agains the Hokuten, and end up guarding Fort Besselat (and the captured Queen Louveria) against Larg. Orran begins collecting information about the Church's conspiracy; Orlandeau encourages him but insists that he needs more evidence. Later, in Bethla, Orlandeau is falsely accused by Goltanna of rebellion; he is sentenced to be executed the next day. In deference to his lord, Orlandeau keeps quiet. However, he is rescued by Orran, Ramza, and Valmafra. Upon hearing Ramza's story, he is convinced of the Church's crimes, and joins Ramza in his fight. He gives him the Libra Stone (an heirloom of the Orlandeau family) to aid Ramza's cause.

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Orran Durai; Olan Durai (PSX)

Given Job: Astronomer
Personality/Goals: Orran is a strong-willed, bright, curious young man who's dedicated to his adoptive father Orlandeau. He knows of the Church's plans and searches for evidence to show Orlandeau and Goltanna, but comes up dry. He strikes a long friendship with Ramza.
History: Ramza chances upon Orran in the Mining Town of Gollund, where Orran has stumbled on a thieves' hideout; Ramza rescues him. Orran later discovers that his goals coincide with Ramza; he pays him a visit at the Grogh Heights, when Ramza is on the way to Riovanes. Orran tells him he's searching for evidence; Ramza almost gives him the Germonique Scriptures, but can't (Barrington demands the Scriptures in exchange for Alma's release). Orran returns to Zeltennia to report his slim findings to Orlandeau. Orran and Ramza later rescue Orlandeau from the Fort Besselat hold where Orlandeau awaits execution due to trumped-up charges of rebellion. Orlandeau sends Orran back to Zeltennia to rescue Princess Ovelia. Orran runs into some trouble on the way and ends up wounded. Ovelia (who seems to know him and refers to Orlandeau as "Uncle") tries to listen to him tell the truth about the murder of Goltanna, but Delita (the real murderer) cuts him short. Delita doesn't deny it, though. After offering Orran a position under Delita (which he refuses), Delita is forced to lock him up in the Zeltennia Dungeon; Orran just knows too much. He later releases him, after the Lucavi are defeated by Ramza. Orran comes to Alma's funeral, but is surprised to see Ramza and Alma (supposedly dead) ride by on Chocobos. He tries to chase after them, but they flee out of sight. Orran later writes a chronicle of the truth behind the War of the Lions, entitled the "Durai Writings". He means to give it to Prince Clemence on the occasion of his coronation, but the Church (who doesn't want the truth to be told) intercepts him, declares him a heretic, confiscates the Writings, and burns him at the stake.

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Ovelia Atkascha

Title: Princess of Ivalice
Given Job: Princess
Personality/Goals: Although her real identity is shrouded in mystery, Ovelia acts every inch the princess. She's brave in the face of adversity, but her courage is offset by her weakness and people are always taking advantage of her (especially Delita, without even realizing it).
History: The real Ovelia is the sister of King Ondoria; the current Ovelia was adopted by Ondoria. Whether the two are the same is a matter of doubt, but we'll assume they were. However, she's not Ondoria's real daughter; that's for certain. After Ovelia's adoption, she was taken to Orbonne Monastery, under the auspices of Simon Penn-Lachish. Her bodyguard is Agrias and her two knights. (Before going to Orbonne, she was in a different monastery where she made fast friends with Alma.) Gaffgarionis also hired by Larg to protect her. However, a kidnapping scheme perpetrated by Larg and her stepmother/sister-in-law Louveria has the Order of the Northern Sky, posing as the Nanten, kidnap her. Delita takes her from them, intending to take her to Zeltennia Castle, but decides to leave her with Ramza and Agrias for the time being. Ovelia and Ramza head to Lionel Castle, where she assumes Cardinal Delacroix will protect her. (Ovelia pours out her heart to Agrias, telling her how she wishes she wasn't a princess...) However, Delacroix uses her as bait to capture Ramza and his new friend Mustadio. Delacroix locks her up, and Delita and Folmarv visit her; Folmarv tells her that she's not the real princess. Delacroix doesn't intend to hurt her, however; and Delita ends up taking her to Zeltennia as he wanted to before. After the death of Delacroix, Goltanna proclaims Ovelia as the rightful ruler of Ivalice (whether with or against her will is unclear). She spends her time free in Zeltennia, but not allowed to leave it. Delita finds her crying in the ruins of the Church, and comforts her; he realizes he's falling for her as a person, and not seeing her as just another stepping stone to his ambitions. Later, Ovelia is visited by Orran (whom she seems to know, and she calls Orlandeau "Uncle"). Delita steps in before Orran can finish, and tells Ovelia of his true hopes. Ovelia listens to what Delita decides to do with Orran (he locks him up, but only until Ramza's finishes with his quest). After Ramza defeats the Lucavi, Delita marries Ovelia and becomes king of Ivalice. However, the deaths of Ramza and Delita's uncompromising ambition begin to eat away at her sanity; one day many years later, on her birthday, she rushes at Delita and stabs him. He stabs her back in shock, and the dynasty of the War of the Lions ends.

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Ramza Beoulve

Title: Hokuten Cadet; Heretic
Given Job: Squire
Personality/Goals: A noble the son of nobles, Ramza is the hero of FF Tactics. His absolute inability to abide wrongdoing leads to a long and arduous quest to discover the truth and right the wrongs in Ivalice. He gets along very well with his sister Alma (whom he continually has to rescue from those who wish to use her) but not as well with his other two brothers, Zalbaag and Dycedarg (who were from different mothers). At first he believes that he's fighting to clear the Beoulve name from the horrors Dycedarg has caused it, but later, a conversation with Rapha opens his eyes to his true nature - his kindness.
History: Almost every event in the game involves Ramza; check the Complete Timeline for his history. According to Ultima, though, an interesting tidbit emerges: Ramza is the descendant of the original hero who defeated Ultima in the first place.

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Rapha Galthena; Rafa Galthana (PSX)

Given Job: Skyseer
Personality/Goals: A soft-spoken young woman with a rebellious streak. All she wants is to be free of those who persecute her.
History: Rapha and her brother Marach were raised by Grand Duke Barrington (who really only wanted their powers as Skyseer and Netherseer). Barrington had previously burned their village because of those powers. Rapha continually has doubts about her "father" - especially after he rapes her. She becomes afraid to disobey him. She and Marach head an assassin organization called the "Ryomoku", led by Barrington (the Ryomoku is dissolved after the Fifty Year War). Rapha finally runs away from Barrington when she discovers his war crimes. Marach tries to chase after her, but Ramza rescues her from him. However, Rapha is forced to accompany Ramza back to Riovanes when Marach tells him that he won't see Alma again if Rapha doesn't go back. Rapha has a confrontation with Barrington on the roof of Riovanes, but Marach overhears and, finally convinced, takes the bullet meant for Rapha. However, Rapha revives Marach with the Taurus Holy Stone, and she joins Ramza in his quest to defeat the Lucavi.

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Reis Duelar; Reis Dular (PSX)

Given Job: Holy Dragon; Dragonkin
Personality/Goals: No one really knows. She's in love with Beowulf, though.
History: The love Reis shared with Beowulf sparked jealousy from Celebrant Bremondt of Lionel. He cast a curse on Beowulf, but Reis sacrificed herself for him, becoming a dragon. She quickly escaped the scene, ashamed of her new form, and Beowulf began to search for her. He finally finds her (with Ramza's help) in the deepest section of the Goland Colliery; she's beset by an Archaeodaemon named Schinoeg who wants her Aquarius Holy Stone. Ramza and Beowulf rescue her. She accompanies them to Nelveska Temple, where an Automaton named Construct 7-new guards the now-defunct temple. They defeat it and pick up the Cancer Zodiac Stone it leaves behind. With the Cancer Stone, Reis can change back into human form. However, her long years in dragon form have changed her forever; she can't use or equip normal human items. She is later kidnapped by Aliste and Bremondt, but is rescued by Beowulf and Ramza. She also still has a strong rapport with all dragons.

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St. Ajora Glabados

The Legend: St. Ajora was born in Bervenia and raised in Milodos. The day he was born, he went to the town well and said that the well meant death; as it turned out, the well was tainted. His popularity grew until the Holy Empire Yudora began to be fearful of him; they executed him at Golgollada Gallows. However, days after his death, the headquarters of the Fara Church were destroyed in a giant tidal wave. This was taken to be a supernatural occurence, and the Glabados Church was born. Legend also states that Ajora took 12 Zodiac Stones and defeated an evil demon summoned by a king of Limberry.
The Person: Ajora began as a petty spy, selling information about countries to the highest bidder. The Yudora Empire got wind of his actions and sent a spy, Germonique, to find out his activities. Germonique found more than he bargained for, though. It's unclear whether Ajora summoned the Lucavi or vice versa, but he was chosen to be the host for the Lucavi leader, Altime. Germonique found several Holy Stones (Virgo among them) and informed the Empire of Ajora's plans; the Empire, justifiably fearful of the havoc Ajora would cause, executed him. However, his spirit rested in Murond Death City, in the Airship Graveyard. 1200 years later, he was ressurrected by Hashmal , a Lucavi demon, but defeated yet again by Ramza.

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Simon Penn-Lachish; Simon Pen Rakshu (PSX)

Title: Pagan Examiner; Head of Orbonne Monastery
Simon is a kind-hearted old man who has kept a dark secret all his life. He discovered the radical Germonique Scriptures in Orbonne and spent his life dissecting it and annotating it. He used to be a Pagan Examiner for the Church, but quit after one incident, hoping to spend the rest of his life in peace at Orbonne. He was overjoyed when Princess Ovelia came to his monastery; she lent life to the entire place. He also dubiously received the Virgo Zodiac Stone from her forbears when she arrived. However, he was caught up in the War of the Lions and killed by the Knights Templar when they came searching for the Virgo Stone. He gave the Stone to Ramza for keeping before he died.

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Tietra Heiral; Teta Hyral (PSX)

Delita's sister was basically adopted by Barbaneth Beoulveas part of the Beoulve family. She attended Eagrose Aristocratic School with her close friend Alma. She was hounded by her peers because of her lowly status. She's unwillingly thrust into the fray when Gragoroth, a Corpse Brigade member, carries out a failed assassination attempt on Dycedarg, and instead takes Teta as a hostage to allow him to escape. He takes her to the windmill on Fovoham Windflats, then retreats to Ziekden Fortress. There he's met by both Ramza's troops, and the Order of the Northern Sky, led by Zalbaag. Argath, by order of Zalbaag, shoots Teta with a crossbow, leaving Gragoroth open; he shoots Gragoroth as well. Gragoroth, fatally wounded, then locks himself in the fort. Delita goes insane over Argath's actions and kills him; Delita then kneels by Teta's side. Gragoroth suddenly ignites the explosives in the fort, but Delita is unable to move because of his grief. Teta, with her last strength, shields Delita from the blast with her own body.

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Ultima; Altima (PSX)

Title: Bloody Angel
Given Jobs: Death Seraph;High Seraph;Arch Seraph
The leader of the Lucavi is assosicated with the Virgo Holy Stone and can only enter the real world through the right body: in this case, Alma Beoulve. The mastermind behind Altima is St. Ajora. Once Ultima comes back to life, Lucavi can come and go at will without needing host bodies...

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Valmafra Lenande; Balmafula Lanando (PSX)

Personality/Goals: A heavily sarcastic sorceror working for the Murond Glabados Church. She's supposed to be ruthless, but her feelings get in the way of her job.
History: Valmafra is sent by the Church to help Delita and spy on him. If she sees that he is going to betray the Church, she is to kill him. However, she finds herself falling for him, and can't stab him; Delita overpowers her. She continues working with him; the next time we see her is at Alma's funeral.

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Varoi VI; Valowa (PSX)

Title: King of Ordallia
Varoi was crowned king after his brother Devanne III died. He led the forces of Ordallia against Ivalice in the Fifty Year War, but died before the war ended, succeeded by his son Prince Lennard.

Wiegraf Folles

Title: Head of Knights of Death; head of Corpse Brigade; Templar
Given Job: White Knight
Personality/Goals: A shrewd young man who fights for a purpose. He's even willing to die for that purpose, but he isn't interested in more suffering than necessary. He's still fairly cold-blooded, though. He's fiercely protective of his sister Milleuda, also a Corpse Brigade member.
History: Wiegraf headed the anti-aristocratic Knights of Death during the Fifty Year War; after they disbanded, they resurfaced as the Corpse Brigade. After Gustav kidnaps Marquis Elmdore (at Dycedarg's request), an enraged Wiegraf begins to search for him. (He knows that the nobles will come down like a load of bricks on him.) A fencer in Dorter Trade City leads him to the Sand Rat's Sietch in Zeklaus Desert. He gets there before Ramza and stabs Gustav. Ramza confronts him, but lets him go in exchange for the Marquis' life. Wiegraf later guards the windmill at Fovoham Windflats, where Teta (Gragoroth's hostage) is kept. He's defeated, but escapes. He surfaces many months later as a Templar under Folmarv's orders. He lives for revenge against Ramza for Milleuda's death. He finally gets his chance at Orbonne, but is fatally wounded by Ramza. His grief and despair summon Belias, who signs a pact with Wiegraf's blood, allowing Beliasto take over Wiegraf's mind and body. Wiegraf/Belias later meets Ramza for a final time in Riovanes Castle; Ramza defeats Wiegraf/Belias and all that's left is his Aries Stone.

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Zalbaag Beoulve; Zalbaag Beoulve (PSX)

Title: Head of Order of the Northern Sky
Given Job: Ark Knight
Personality/Goals: A noble and devout knight who refuses to hear any bad words about his brother... until events point otherwise. When he finally sees the truth, he pursues it without heed.
History: Zalbaag, at Barbaneth's behest, took over the Order of the Northern Sky when Barbaneth died. He meets Ramza, Delita, and Argath at Eagrose, and tells them that a spy following the Corpse Brigade was headed towards Dorter (little knowing what repercussions those few words would have). Later, Zalbaag foils Gragoroth's attempt on Dycedarg's life, but can't save Teta from him. By Dycedarg's order, Zalbaag pursues Gragoroth to Ziekden Fortress and tells Argath to kill both Teta and Gragoroth. Ashamed, he then returns to the Royal City of Lesalia. Many months later, he's visited by Ramza, who tries to tell him of Dycedarg's treachery, but Zalbaag refuses to listen. After the decisive battle at Fort Besselat, Zalbaag finds both Dycedarg and Larg mildly poisoned. Dycedarg suddenly stabs Larg, and tells Zalbaag to put the knife in the hands of a dead Hokuten, claiming that the Hokuten was a Nanten spy and killed Larg. However, Larg's dying words, accusing Dycedarg of killing his father Barbaneth, shocks Zalbaag and he resolves to find out more. He travels to Eagrose, meaning to find out more, but ends up overhearing a conversation between Dycedarg and Loffrey where Loffrey gives several strong hints regarding Dycedarg's poisoning Barbaneth with Mossfungus. Zalbaag decides to find out once and for all; he hires a chemist to go to Barbaneth's grave. The chemist confirms that Barbaneth was killed by Mossfungus poisoning. Zalbaag, in a righteous rage, heads back to Eagrose to confront Dycedarg. He kills him, but Dycedarg turns into Adrammelech and destroys Zalbaag, not even leaving a body. Zalbaag is later ressurrected against his will as a zombie, forced to fight Ramza in the basement of Mullonde. He begs Ramza to kill him; Ramza reluctantly complies, and Zalbaag finally rests in peace.

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Zalmour Lucianada/big>; Zalmo Rusnada (PSX)

Title: Pagan Examiner
Given Job: Celebrant
Personality/Goals: Zalmour is a true believer in St. Ajora and is zealous in bringing wrongdoers to justice. He believes that Ramza is a heretic and must be brought to justice.
History: Zalmour first confronts Ramza in the Royal City of Lesalia, where he surrounds him by Church knights; Ramza defeats him, however, and he escapes. He later chases him to Zeltennia Castle, where he is surprised by finding him with Delita (an ally of the Church). Delita resolves not to allow him to live once he's seen Delita with Ramza, and makes good on his resolution.

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Title: Pagan Examiner
Given Job: Celebrant
Given Job: Dark Angel
Personality/Goals: Zarela is the Lucavi assosciated with Marquis Elmdore and the Gemini Stone. He makes his last stand in Limberry Castle and is slain by Ramza.

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ELFHEIM VOL. 1 Full Run 1-4 + Extras (10 Issues) picture

ELFHEIM VOL. 1 Full Run 1-4 + Extras (10 Issues)


Elfheim Volume 1 #1 VG 1991 Stock Image Low Grade picture

Elfheim Volume 1 #1 VG 1991 Stock Image Low Grade


Elfheim Volume 4 #1 FN/VF 7.0 1992 Stock Image picture

Elfheim Volume 4 #1 FN/VF 7.0 1992 Stock Image


Elfheim Volume 2 #2 FN 1994 Stock Image picture

Elfheim Volume 2 #2 FN 1994 Stock Image





Elfheim (Vol. 2) #2 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #2 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping





Elfheim Volume 4 #3 FN 6.0 1993 Stock Image picture

Elfheim Volume 4 #3 FN 6.0 1993 Stock Image


Elfheim Night Wynd Enterprise Comics Lot Of 5 Including 3 First Issues picture

Elfheim Night Wynd Enterprise Comics Lot Of 5 Including 3 First Issues


Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


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