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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Characters

The main playable characters in Crystal Chronicles are all player-made, so only NPCs are listed here.
Leader of the Caravan from Shella, Amidatty is a Yuke researcher. He, along with the caravan, travels the world in search of the mysteries behind the miasma plaguing the world. As they uncover these 'truths', Amidatty devises a theory on how the world is like a loaf of Bannock bread - it was fresh when he put it in his bag, but over time, began to mold and decay. The party can really shock this caravan if they choose to take a bite out of the model. Amidatty is apparently quite a popular Yuke as he has a devoted girlfriend in Shella named Eleanor who will extoll on his discoveries and theories. The other members of the Shella caravan are named: Yufina (female), Bessamzan (male), and Leonamiel (female).

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Either a crossover or simply a homage to another inky-coated moogle from Final Fantasy IX, Artemecion is the moogle member of the Striped Brigands band of thieves. He's still self-centered and accident prone, and makes a perfect addition to the incompetent team of bandits. Occasionally, this team manages to steal some fruit from the caravan.

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Bal Dat
The leader of the Striped Brigands, Bal Dat is a red-haired Selkie who travels the world, not for Myrrh, but for fame and fortune as a skilled thief. His band of followers is small (only three, including himself), but he's dedicated. His code of morals doesn't seem too greatly different from most Selkies, but he's the only one in the game who actually takes part in thievery of any sort.

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Black Knight
A Lilty warrior trying to get back the memories of his lost family. He travels the world, mad with confusion, fighting against 'imaginary' monsters. It's said that he has the strength of 20 Lilty warriors and battles in a frenzy. At one point, he is hired by a priest named Hurdy to investigate a swamp that might have clues involving the missing memories. When the party finally comes across him, he is in the midst of finding his answer with his inner demons, before a young Lilty ends his life to avenge his father.
* Leon Esla, the Lilty who finally killed the Black Knight to avenge is father, was in fact, the Black Knight's son.

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The Clavat Elder of Marr's Pass. He seems to think he's quite the ladies' man, despite his age. His granddaughter, Rashe, thinks he's a little senile.

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Dah Vis & Mana Kohl
A Selkie couple from Leuda who form the closest thing to a crystal caravan that the port town can claim. The pair travel on foot with their chalice and spend most of their time being lazy and having fun. Occasionally, they argue over inane problems and try to get the party involved. Somehow, though, they always get the job done, and if you visit them after they've completed for the year, they'll ask you to join in on their dancing festivities, which is always fun. Dah Vis plays the instruments while Mana Kohl leads the dancing.

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De Nam
A Selkie with a purpose in life, this guy is the best alchemist researcher in the game. He figures out the origin of monsters, miasma, and the link between the memory loss and the crystals. He spends his time in Shella amongst the Yukes and clues the party in on most of the mysteries of the world, including how to solve these problems. Apparently he doesn't share the normal Selkie creed.

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Quite possibly the prettiest character in the game, Princess Fiona is the daughter of a Lilty and a Clavat from Alfitaria. While many of the people in the game do not approve of her, she is determined to learn about the world before she accepts her duties as a princess. However, she goes about it by running away and travelling the world in disguise, much to the chagrin of her Lilty protector, Knocfelna, and his loyal dog. As a half breed, she's quite interesting, with Lilty characteristics such as flower-petal-like hair and steel-gloved arms along with a mostly-Clavat like face and body. When she returns home, she gives the party 1000 Gil each for helping her reach her conclusions.

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A Clavat traveler of shady morals, Gurdy comes off as sincere, but in the end turns out to be some sort of pathological liar, leading the party in unusual directions that often turn out poorly. He occasionally works with the Striped Brigands to further his questionable goals. He does, however, give the party useful information in the form of cryptic poems he claims just came to him. Later in the game, it is revealed that he makes up his lies to cover up for the fact that he's lost most of his memory - even the memory of the brother he apparently lives with from clothes he finds in the closet that do not belong to him.

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A Clavat priest who travels the world in search of answers to the mysteries of the miasma and the memory loss plaguing the people of the world. He hires the Black Knight during his search of the swamp where many of the answers lie. Hurdy has mysterious relationship with the traveller Gurdy.

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Jake is the Clavat leader of the caravan from the Fields of Fum, where all the world's food supply comes from. His caravan is a friendly lot who enjoy being part of their town's community and being able to protect everyone. This caravan is also more shrewd than one would first expect, and while they freely share their food, they also freely try to sell less useful items for extravagant costs. The other members of the Fum Caravan are named: Sheula (female), Lulie (female), and Andy (male).

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Ji Meon & Te Odow
A pair of travelling Selkie merchants, Ji Meon is a trader and merchant, while Te Odow supports him as a money-budgeting wife. The two of them frequent every town in the game and tends to have the best prices.

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He is Princess Fiona's watcher and protector, but this heavily-armored Lilty spends most of the game being her search party. When she runs away, he and his loyal (and also heavily armored) dog are always right behind her, inquiring to the party as to her location. When she returns home to Alfitaria, Knocfelna resumes his position as her guardian.

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Meh Gat
An aging Selkie who, along with Bal Dat and Artemecion, forms the team of the Striped Brigands, who rob and plunder unsuspecting crystal caravans. While Meh Gat doesn't seem to have his heart in all the robbing and plundering, he's loyal to Bal Dat, even if he's often asleep at the wrong time during their bungled missions. He's a brave fellow, and Bal Dat takes it hard when Meh Gat dies to save him.

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A princess who feeds on faded memories. She is a benevolent, powerful figure, and by "nibbling" on memories, she encourages people to make new ones. She believes that Raem has gone too far, so she seeks traveling warriors with truly strong memories to rise up and defeat him.

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Mog is your moogle party member when you play Crystal Chronicles single-player. He's the one who'll carry your chalice when you can't do it yourself, though he gets tired easily. He also likes to cast spells to help you out, depending on what color he's been painted. Apparently, moogles like to have their fur painted (and sheared). He may or may not be a crossover character from FF9 or FF6.

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The counterpart to Mio. He feeds on the memories of travelers, consuming them totally. He likes dark, painful memories, so he hides the Meteor Parasite from adventurers to foster the miasma to grow over the land, creating as many bad memories as possible. He can only be defeated by the power of strong memories.

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Roland & Malayde
An aging Clavat couple who are the Elders of Tipa. Roland is the one who performs the ceremony to regenerate the crystal's energy with Myrrh. The couple seems to be well-informed of events that go on around the world as they always see the party off at the start of each new year with an anecdote for what to keep an eye on this time. (NOTE: Tipa is the default name given to the party's hometown.)

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The Lilty leader of the caravan from Marr's Pass. They seem a bit less personable than the Lilties from Alfitaria. There are only three of them in the caravan, and they claim to be the best blacksmiths and warriors in the world. Rolfwood lets the party know that town Lilties from Marr's Pass and city Lilties from Alfitaria don't get along very well. The other members of the caravan are named: Leuts Royle (this is the talkative one), and Lyne Dott.

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Sol Racht
A brave and noble Lilty warrior who leads the caravan from Alfitaria. While he's a nice enough guy, he seems pretty prejudiced that only Lilties can handle themselves in a battle, and will give the party healing items whenever there aren't any Lilties around. His primary quest is to find and subdue the Black Knight, though his team finds time to collect Myrrh, too.

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A moogle who travels the world in search of the answers behind the miasma... and his own existance. Stiltzkin wonders, "If moogles can remain unaffected by the miasma like monsters, then does that mean that moogles are monsters?" His search takes him through the whole world and he ends up in Mag Mell, investigating the strange occurrences there. He's also a good teacher for battle, and the party can make use of his wisdom. Stiltzkin is almost certainly a crossover character, with the same name, clothing, design, and characteristics as the Stiltzkin that appears in FF9.

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