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This is a long, thin snake-like dragon who controls the power of water. It looks similar to a Japanese dragon, which is usually assosciated with water rather than fire. In FF4 and FF5, this monster (not Bahamut) was the King of Phantom Beasts/Summons. In FF7, it was the personal god of Wutai and its scales could calm the fires in Da-Chao Statue.

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FF3 'Stony Glare' in-game FF3 'Tempest' in-game FF3 'Tsunami' in-game FF3
ATK: Stony Glare, Tempest, Tsunami
FF4 in-game FF4
ATK: not named
FF4 Lamia in-game FF4
-Great Boros
-Lamia Queen
FF5 in-game FF5 art FF5
ATK: Big Wave
FF6 Advance in-game FF6 Advance
ATK: Tidal Wave
FF7 in-game FF7
ATK: Tidal Wave
FF8 in-game FF8 face FF8 art FF8
ATK: Tsunam
FF9 in-game FF9 in-game FF9
ATK: Tsunami
FF11 in-game FF11
ATK: Barracuda Drive, Water II, Tail Whip, Slowga, Spring Water, Water IV, Spinning Drive, Tsunami (Astral Flow)
FF11 in-game FF12 - Transportation
CP: The Leviathan: No. 1 Dreadnought Class Airship. Being the flagship of the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army. The 8th Fleet was assigned to the Galtea Tactical Force of the Western Armada, under the command of Judge Ghis. Fitted with a skystone made to resist the effects of jagd, the Leviathan was a linchpin of the Imperial army's main force. Sunk in an explosion caused by the uncontainable reaction of the nethicite fragment known as the Dawn Shard.
FF12RW Art 12RW
ATK: Tidal Wave
NOTE: Leviathan, the ship from FF12, also appears in this game.
Tactics Art Tactics
ATK: Tidal Wave
FFU Unlimited

FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin picture

FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin


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