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cross necklace pendant celtic amulet crucifix witch jewelry pentacle star druids For Sale

cross necklace pendant celtic amulet crucifix witch jewelry pentacle star druids

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cross necklace pendant celtic amulet crucifix witch jewelry pentacle star druids:

THE CELTIC WICCA TALISMANThe Celtic Wicca Talisman is made of various symbols inherent in Wicca magic and ancient Druidic rituals. Thus, in addition to the pentacle, the triskele, the triple moon and the cross appear.The pendant is double-sided so it can be worn by displaying either the side with silver decorations (very precious metal and symbolically very significant in Celtic culture) or the one with gold decorations.Handcrafted and hand-decorated by Amira Munteanu Bergmann, it can be considereda small work of art, a unique piece of which there will never be another perfectly identical.Like all talismans brandedAmira di Transilvaniait has been created following a particular ritual and each of its components has a specific meaning.These two aspects are aimed at charging it with specific energies and magical powers that are then transmitted to whoever wears it as long as his/her aura is in tune with that of the represented subject.This amulet is suitable for performing ceremonies and spells Wicca and ancient Druidic magic.
SYMBOLISMAmong the various symbolic components that form the talisman should be highlighted:HANDMADE PRODUCTS MADE IN ITALY
Amira Munteanu Bergmann has taken care of the entire production process of the talisman: from the concept to the creation of the various parts composing it, from their assembly to their painting and decoration.Being a work completely signed byAmira di Transilvania, it is a 100% Made in Italy product.For its realization it took 15 hours of work.Moreover, having been inspired by a philosophy of complete respect for the environment in the choice of the materials that compose it, it is also 100% ecological.
Being an artisan product,Amira di Transilvaniacan customize it WITHOUT additional costs according to the needs and desires of the individual buyer.Among other things, it can:
As a unique piece, a small work of art, the buyer will receive it accompanied by a certificate-guarantee attesting:



Amira di Transilvania is both a brand and a monobrand store 100% Made in Italy.

To sign them is Amira Munteanu Bergmann who, as an artist, actress, entrepreneur, passionate and curious researcher, scholar and collector, is one of the most brilliant and multifaceted figures on the Italian scene.


All Amira di Transilvania products are covered by copyright.

Thus the reproduction, either integral or partial, of them and of their images is forofferden.

Any violation of intellectual property will be sanctioned in accordance with the law.

Amira di Transilvania brand has no dealer around the world.

All its products are sold only and exclusively in Amira di Transilvania real and virtual stores.


Amira di Transilvania evaluates the importance of Made in Italy craftsmanship, therefore it enhances the talent and the resources of Creatives and Designers working by hand in Italy, in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

By re-evaluating local production, it fights against multinational and mass consumerism brands that relocate, exploiting foreign workers as well as losing control over the quality of what they put on the market.

No poducts in Amira di Transilvania store are purchased and resold.

Everything, from the initial concept to its realization up to the way of communicating it, is rigorously signed and created by Amira di Transilvania.

The main goal of the Brand is the complete satisfaction of the needs, of the desires and of the whims of its buyers.


Each product signed by Amira di Transilvania is customized, in limited edition and series, fully conceived, designed, modeled, painted, decorated by hand, with eco-sustainable materials.

For this reason there will never be two perfectly alike objects.

To underline their uniqueness, each of them is accompanied by a certificate of guarantee and orginality, marked by an archive number and headed with the name of the purchaser.

Respecting all the criteria of environmental sustainability, craftnabship and uniqueness, Amira di Transilvania is a 100% Made in Italy luxury brand.


Since Amira di Transilvania products are handmade, it is possible to request their customization WITHOUT additional costs.

Everyone can, therefore, receive in short, his small work of art, unique and unrepeatable, made according to his specific indications and requests.

Finally, Amira di Transilvania also offers personalized gift boxes and many gift ideas that can satisfy all the needs, desires and whims of its customers.

CONTACT Amira di Transilvania for FREE consultation.

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