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Xena warrior princess sword

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Xena warrior princess sword:

Xena of Amphipolis, known as the Warrior Princess and Destroyer of Nations, was a legendary figure in ancient Greece and throughout the Known World. As a warlord, she was at the head of one of the most ruthless and destructive armies that the world had ever seen. With her lover, Borias, she traveled to numerous countries, making her name known and feared.
When Xena acquired Xena’s Sword, it marked her life's turning point. Here the accounts disagreed. Some believed she uncovered the sword in the ruins of Amphipolis — Xena’s hometown — after it was destroyed by the warlord Cortese. Others described how one fateful day, Xena’s abusive father tried to sacrifice her to the gods when he was in a drunken stupor. Desperate, she killed him in self-defense and obtained the sword from his corpse. Whatever the case, Xena’s Sword was her constant companion thereafter, and served her well in her battles. It also embodied her belief that cruelty was the only way to fight against the viciousness of others.
Xena Sword
Features beautiful mother of pearl stones on cross and pommel and black full-grain leather wrapped grip.
All Marto Xena replicas are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.
The True Xena collectible sword.
Xena Sword features
Sword Length: 30 1/2 inches.
Blade: 23 1/2 inches - Stainless Steel.
Handle: 6 inches.
Pommel: polished bronze finish detail with pearl inlay on end- 1 1/2".
Grip: black leather wrap.
Guard: polish bronze finish with fine detail and faux pearl inlays.
Blade Stamps: "XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS" Universal Television

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