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Valiant Eternal Warrior (1992) #1 GOLD Embossed Edition - No Reserve - For Sale

Valiant Eternal Warrior (1992) #1 GOLD Embossed Edition - No Reserve -

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Valiant Eternal Warrior (1992) #1 GOLD Embossed Edition - No Reserve - :

Hello and welcome to 1st Print Comics...
We are here to help you, a fellow comic enthusiast finish your collection.
We have the same love for comics as you do, if you\'re reading this, and if it\'s Spider-Man or Spider-Ham, we want to help you.
Up for sale is the book in the title and picture...Took in a small collection of some of the rarer Valiant books from Valiant 1.0.These are pictures of the EXACT book you will receive. Please look them over, zoom in and check them out. I am not guaranteeing any specific grade, and will not accept any returns for a defect you didn\'t see. I will be available to take extra pics until the Saturday before this sale ends (1/23, available thru 1/22 around noon). Books are at the shop, and I\'m closed Sundays.As always, if you are unsure, or want a more specific grading, just shoot us an e-mail. We\'ll be happy to do that for you.
We completely understand being a demanding collector.
Your money is hard earned, and we will deliver exactly as described. If you have any questions at all, or want a higher resolution picture,
or want to have us go over a book again to ensure it is as we describe, do not hesitate to e-mail us.
Give us a day to get back to you, and we can make sure you have all of the information you need before offerding or making an offer.A note on new books. They do NOT come individually bagged and boarded as priced. They will come SECURELY packed in a bulk bag technique.
We do offer those at 20 cents a piece for fresh bags/boards, not reused ones.
Any variants, or books that sell for $10 plus (per book average) will come in fresh bags/boards. Title Key:
COMPLETE SET - Means every issue in the series or story arc or mini series is present. All should be shown in the picture.
FULL RUN - Means that every issue between the issue numbers shown are included. i.e. #1-10 FULL RUN means #s 1 thru 10 are included, but there may be more issues in the series or set.
LOT - Odd assembly of issues, not a run, set or otherwise. Issue numbers will be in title or top of this description.Terms:
Shipping and Handling:
Due to recent events witht he post office searching and damaging items being shipped media rate, we are no longer shipping via media. We are cutting our Priority handling
to cushion the additional postage cost this incurs to you.
Keep in mind of the S&H rate, and paypal get about 15% of that off the top, so they will make money on the S&H, but not us.
S&H on single books is $5 via First Class, and an extra $1 every single book added.
S&H for listings with multiple books, 2 to 8 books is $8.95 via priority mail. Each additional listing is $2.50 additional for Priority Mail.
Larger lots will be $11 to $18 depending on the size of the lot. A larger lot becomes the base S&H that smaller lots are added to.
If you\'re in the Rochester, NY area, we are happy to accommodate you picking it up at our shop, with cash or credit card in shop.
Insurance is included in shipments of books over $25, and can be added at the buyer\'s request for shipments under $25.
Signature required on items over $150, and can be added to any shipment at the buyer\'s request for $2.50.
International shipments:
We use the global shipping program for international shipments. The cost should populate if you add it to the shopping cart.
Payment: Payment is due within 10 days of sales close. Per \'s payments policy, we accept paypal. If there are any problems with this policy,
the timeframe of payment due or if you just have questions pertaining to payments or need a combined invoice sent over, do not hesitate to
contact due to the medium of grade sensitive collectibles, we cannot accept returns. This is why we dedicated almost a paragraph above to making
our contact info and our dedication to answering any question clear. Let us re-iterate, if there are ANY questions of the comic\'s condition or specific criteria
you need, please e-mail us first.
We full and well understand how important response is to us and as a community. We are happy and would love to exchange response with our customers.
But PLEASE, do not leave response until you are satisfied. response is not the way to solve a problem or announce that there is one.
We are dedicated to making you, our customer, happy. Our policies stated above are just that, policies. But we totally understand that there are things
that happen that are outside of these policies and that there are extenuating circumstances at times. The key is to contact us and we will do
whatever we can to make the situation right for all parties involved. If you don\'t tell us of a problem, we can\'t make it right, so any problems, any
questions, any anything, e-mail us.


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