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The Uncanny X-men #131 (1980, 1st App of Hell Fire Knights) For Sale

The Uncanny X-men #131 (1980, 1st App of Hell Fire Knights)

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The Uncanny X-men #131 (1980, 1st App of Hell Fire Knights):

💥Please refer to my response & know that you are doing business with a trusted &experiencedseller!💥

Please look at all the pictures provided & ask all questions so you can determine if this itemISorISNOTfor you!Grading isVERYsubjective so make sure you look at pictures ask questions & request more pictures if you need them.I doNOTuse stock photos the items you see in the pictures are the items you will receive!I'm a private collector turned hobby seller with25 yearsofexperiencedealing with comics, action figures & pop culture items in general so if I can be of any help pleaseASK PRIORto offers, offers or purchase because all sells areFINAL!Thank you for your time, thank you for your consideration & for your interest!

💥Please contact me before making a purchase if you have 10 or less on your response or the order will be cancelled. If you have any issues I do ask that you contact me1stso I may attempt to resolve the issue. If the item isNEW & SEALED IDO NOTaccept returns or issue refunds if the itemHAS BEEN OPENED! If any of this is a problem for you then I am not the seller for you!💥

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