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The Elfheim Eagles Blood Bowl ** COMMISSION ** painting For Sale

The Elfheim Eagles Blood Bowl ** COMMISSION ** painting

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The Elfheim Eagles Blood Bowl ** COMMISSION ** painting:

This is a commissionpainting sale! The models are purchased by us andwillbeprofessionally painted specifically to a very high display/gamingstandard andwill befinished with 2 coats of matt spray varnish.

This sale includes:The model itself, Custom assembly and painting services for this model (please note we are NOT selling the above model. Thephotos are anexamplefrom aprevious commission)

We will provide youphotos at every point of the commission so that you will be perfectly satisfiedwith the result!

The models can beassembled and painted to a standard similar to that which is featured above oryou can tell us what colors you would like to use to match any theme you havein mind!

This model will berepackaged and shipped back to you securely. The entire process takesabout 10-15 days to receive the models from the store and about 3 weeks to have the models readyfor shippment! Quality is of paramount importance for us so we preffer acommission to take a little more time than to be poorly painted!

ALREADY OWN A MODEL YOUNEED PAINTED OR YOU WANT A COMMISSION OF A DIFFERENT MODEL? Simplymessage me via our website, Drekar Miniatures, and we can work out the details.


We always ship ourcommissions with tracking number so that you can be assured that they modelswill arrive safely at your destination

Combined shipping:

YES, we combineshipping. Please wait until I send you and invoice to pay for your items.

Does Drekar miniaturesoffer painting services:

YES, we also offerspainting by request.

Do you have a website:

YES! We have! Justsearch Drekar Miniatures on facebook or google to find us!

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