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Square Enix Final Fantasy VII FF7 Polygon Figure Cloud Sephiroth Aerith IN HAND For Sale

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII FF7 Polygon Figure Cloud Sephiroth Aerith IN HAND

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Square Enix Final Fantasy VII FF7 Polygon Figure Cloud Sephiroth Aerith IN HAND:

Please read entire sale terms before ordering,no cancellationallowed.
If you have any questions/concerns, please ask before ordering.
I appreciate your time!IN-HAND!
Brand new, NOT used. ONLY opened to inspect condition & content.BOX IS OPENED, NOT SEALED. Opened box is included, figure remains in original plastic. Bubble-wrapped, placed back in box.
Choose which figure you want to add to your collection!Buy multiples while supplies are available.
General Disclaimer:We cannot guarantee the condition of the box and item. Figures are mass-produced. As a result, variations occur during the manufacturing process. These variations can include creases, dents, or scuff marks on the packaging. While I wish everyone could receive a pristine box, it isn’t always the case.Will ship with extra care to prevent any further damages in the mail.
Comes from smoke-free & pet-free home. Feel free to ask questions.Any requests please message before purchase.
I will NOT cancel orders, please make sure you want to purchase. Thanks!Under special circumstances you may cancel orders, but there will be a 20% restock fee.By purchasing you agree to the terms outline in this sale/listing.
Thanks for checking out my listing.Additional Manufacturer Information: (may be different from actual product)
The cast from the original FINAL FANTASY VII make a debut as collectible Polygon Figures!Each character is recreated in their whimsical polygon form, with amazingly expressive eyes.No matter what figure you get it will be a great fun addition to any classic Final Fantasy VII collection!
Item Size: Cloud: W 1.4” x D 0.6” x H 2.4”
Barrett: W 2.2” x D 0.8” x H 2.6”
Tifa: W 0.8” x D 0.6” x H 2.2”
Aerith: W 1” x D 0.8” x H 2.2”
Reno: W 1.1” x D 0.8” x H 2.4”
Sephiroth: W 1.2” x D 1.” x H 2.4”
Red XIII: W 1” x D 2.6” x H 1.4”
Aerith GainsboroughBarret WallaceCloud StrifeRed XIIIRenoSephirothTifa Lockhart

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