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NITF LE Signed Lithograph Yoshitaka Amano Art Final Fantasy Vampire Hunter D ++ For Sale

NITF LE Signed Lithograph Yoshitaka Amano Art Final Fantasy Vampire Hunter D ++

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NITF LE Signed Lithograph Yoshitaka Amano Art Final Fantasy Vampire Hunter D ++:

< For Sale: NITF! ☆ Limited 150 ☆ Signed Lithograph ☆ Yoshitaka Amano ☆ 11"x8½" ☆ Artwork Featuring: Final Fantasy ☆ Vampire Hunter D ☆ Plus many more - - - How many can you find? ☆ Dark Horse ☆ DH:HD ☆ Toshiba ☆ USA Today A Must Have for the Amano / Final Fantasy / Vampire Hunter D / Dark Horse / Toshiba / USA Today COMPLETIST! I am offering this Nearly Impossible To Find, Yoshitaka Amano, hand signed Lithograph.
Limited to very small print run of 150!
This signed lithograph measures 11" by 8½".
It is hand signed in SILVER marker by Amano at the bottom left as well as a hand drawn, Japanese Character in middle square.
This Amazing Amano artwork features the Droste Effect! Very Cool!
This design was a cross-promotion between Dark Horse, Toshiba, DH:HD and USA Today.
You can see symbols of all their logos/names in the artwork.
In addition, there are cameos from Amano's most famous works, including Vampire Hunter D and Final Fantasy (Moogles) and Many More! How many can you find?
As, with all of Amano's signed collectibles, this one is quickly becoming a collector's dream item!
They were all scooped up by collectors immediately after they became available and rarely com up for sale!
Don't miss this for your collection.
This item is already extremely scarce, so Buy It Now before it gets snapped up!
At the time I listed this incredible Signed Amano lithograph, there was no other source anywhere on the internet!!
This could be your only chance to add this to your collection! Don't Miss Out!Like New: Never Hung or Displayed so not pin holes or tape residue! Here is what I've been told regarding this lithograph; but I've not found any documentation online, not even on the Dark Horse web page, to support what I was told. This lithograph was created to be an exclusive item for special releases events; but for some reason the events never took place and/or the lithographs never made it to the events. It seems very plausible, because Dark Horse frequently did stuff like that. Ibought huge overstock lot of Dark Horse items from a Portland Area Storage Overstock sale. I live in the Portland area and Dark Horse is locate in the Portland Area, so it makes sense. These items were never in a store and are in Amazing Unhandled Condition! If you are a Final Fantasy Fan, I frequently have other Final Fantasy items in my store. Check them out by clicking this link! If you are a Yoshitaka Amano Fan, I also frequently have other Yoshitaka Amano items in my store. Check them out by clicking this link!You can't go wrong with this Sweet GEM to your collection!

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