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Elfheim #1 - 4 Complete Series - Night Wynd 1991 - Barry Blair For Sale

Elfheim #1 - 4 Complete Series - Night Wynd 1991 - Barry Blair

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Elfheim #1 - 4 Complete Series - Night Wynd 1991 - Barry Blair:

Elfheim #1 - 4 published by Night Wynd Enterprises, 1991.
Complete 4 issue series.
Near Mint (NM) except as follows. Note: Issue #2 page 9 has a printing defect on right side of page, a crease and a tiny piece of page not cut properly. Issue #3: Very Fine (VF) back cover has a couple spots with very small scratch/abrasion with missing color. See photo for actual items.
Creator: Barry Blair
A Robin Hood-like tale for fantasy and elf lovers, this series picks up where Elflord ended. Elf king Hawk Erickson returns from the crusades against the humans and hooks up with his loyal friends, Windblade Greensleeve and Turo Tourhan. But when Hawk goes to the king to reclaim his station within the court, the king, now corrupted by evil, kicks Hawk and his followers out of Greenhaven and has them declared outlaws.
Though Hawk’s growing entourage is small, it is very special. Windblade is a white-haired dwarf with magical powers. Others who join Hawk to oppose the king include a four-armed merchant, a being half-ogre and half-elf, and a charlatan magician who was almost hanged by the king.

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