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Armor Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark Large - Grey Armour for Sale - Final Fantasy Compendium
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Armor Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark Large - Grey Armour For Sale

Armor Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark Large - Grey Armour
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Armor Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark Large - Grey Armour:

About this itemVintique House Armor Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark Large - Grey Armour

Our Dark Warrior Steel Breastplate is crafted from 18 gauge steel and can be worn with or without a backplate. This armour is made from the new type of Dark Metal finish that gives the steel a rugged, textured look, like it has been around for ages. The dark metal finish also protects against rust and is very durable. That's right, it will not rust or scratch upon contact with another metal! This is the newest development in armour and is superior to the regular blackened or gun blued steel. You do not have to keep this armour oiled. There are buckles attached to the armour and leather straps that come with the breastplate to make it wearable without a backplate.

Medieval Armor is made up of High Quality 18 gauge Steel with Historically accurate and authentic design. Armor is Fully Wearable and comfortable armor. It is a very strong material, but very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It will not split or crack under normal use or become brittle with age. All edges are smooth and there are no sharp parts, so it is safe to use in any Larp system.

Armor Breastplate Dark Warrior - Epic Dark Large - Grey Armour

If you are wanting to wear this breastplate with a backplate it is compatible with the steel Backplate for Warrior or Drake and will also work with our Leather Backplates. This breastplate is lined with a thin layer of leather which is a nice extra and makes it that much more comfortable to wear. With a simple row of studs along the edges, this armour fits just about any period for any character.

Many of us dream of a Armor breastplate medieval cuirass chest plate Armor to Wear around which friends and family can congregate, but lack the money and fear to fit in a sizeable design. That doesn’t mean giving up entirely on the idea of any kind of medieval costume for you, though. Often, creating somewhere to wear and take photos for social media is simply a question of finding the right design or building in a clever solution.

These inspiring Medieval breastplate medieval cuirass chest plate Armor in Vintique House give the way, with their ingenious ideas for everyone when budget is tight and you want to customize your own design of Armour.

Sustainable Armor

Articulated Armor

Wearable Custom Size Armor

Select carefully and Just give a text to Vintique House for your next Knight.

Sometimes, it’s the combination of Comfort and Budget which we offer you to fit on both of your requirements, that will fit into a beautiful theme of yours.

Choosing Knight Armor that can be pushed neatly under the budget of yours means even a generous armor may actually fit without paying the extra. Just make sure there’s enough sizes you are giving with your order to make it fit and you can wear underneath armor to sit comfortably.

Find a design from Vintique House Inc.

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