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2000AD Prog 901-903 Mark Millar ( Jupiter's Legacy ) Rogue Trooper G.I. Blues . For Sale

2000AD Prog 901-903 Mark Millar ( Jupiter's Legacy ) Rogue Trooper G.I. Blues .

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2000AD Prog 901-903 Mark Millar ( Jupiter's Legacy ) Rogue Trooper G.I. Blues .:

2000AD Prog 901-903 Mark Millar ( Jupiter's Legacy ) Rogue Trooper G.I. Blues . 2000AD Prog 901-903 Mark Millar ( Jupiter's Legacy ) Rogue Trooper G.I. Blues . 2000AD Comic Book ' Prog 'Issues andJudge Dredd MegazinesYou will get the 2000AD item(s) in the listing title.FREE UK DELIVERY TO CELEBRATE 2000 AD'S 45TH BIRTHDAYAND ADD MULTIPLE ITEMS TO YOUR BASKET AND GET UP TO 15% OFF AT CHECK OUTClick here to send me a of list of 2000AD comics you want.I'll check I have them then create a separate Buy it Now listing just you.More here!Click here for comic bags and boards. Will send worldwideI'm also selling 2000AD Comic Book Issues Prog Programme Number No # 1 to 2000+Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the comic(s) and take a look at the others I'm selling. PS. Sorry no collections or visitors. Picture is a nice a stock image. You will get the pictured comic or one in similar condition or better. Some signs of wear and minor damage from use / age. Complete. No missing pages. 2000AD Prog 901-903 Mark Millar Rouge Trooper G.I. Blues All 3 Comic Book Issues

Click here for 2000AD comic bags and boards

2000AD Makes people happy! 'You're next punk!'.2000AD and Judge Dreddare the masterpieces of incredibly creative minds that have givenus 1000s of unmissable stories.

Progs featuring amazing characters like Judge Dredd, Anderson,Death and the Dark Judges,Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog,

2000AD features award wining epics in fantasticsettings ranging from science fiction, dark future to myth and legend.These classics have also featured on screen, radio, podcasts, chart topping songs, stage andin computer games,

Just a few of the leading creatives delivering these enthralling and ultimately addictive thrills to you, the reader, are;

John Wagner, Pat Mills, Steve Dillon, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Mark Millar, Garth Ennis, Brian Bolland and Carlos Ezquerra.
Own, enjoy, treasure and make the thrill power contained between the pages of 2000AD part of your life.
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Friendly and helpful seller. All offers considered. Hassle free.

Picture is either the item on sale, a past sale or a stock image. See condition below.
Will send worldwide. Excellent Condition (at least Very Good to Very Fine). Attractive. 1st Comic bagged and boarded for free.

Add more comic bag and boards to your order and get Free Delivery in the UK.

Additionalbags and boards. Optional quality upgrade to ensure you get the best available Vibrant smooth, flat, supple pages. Appealing. Good spine, minor wear n tear if any andnice staples. Tight.Bright, bold colours againstcream / off-white pages. Desirable. No big tears over an inch, no tape, no big chunks missing. Complete. Rare original 1st print, unrestored and unmodified. Authentic.Very little damage. Signs ofage like small nicks/ rips. Vintage. Incredible art and stories. Thrill Powered! Read, well cared for and loved. A must have in your collection. Safe, secure, insured and tracked delivery. Reliable.Free random 2000AD trading card with every order
* Free gifts, inserts and extras like posters are only included if stated in the listing title.

All sales go towards charity ora 2000AD and Judge Dredd fan project. Ask for details.Click Watch Item before youClick here to seemy other listings.

Please contact me if there is a problem before leaving any response and I promise I will do my best to fix it.

Safe Secure Shipping:

Well packed using professional quality materials
Fast fully tracked and insured postage
Hardboxes and envelopes

Waterproofed parcels

Postage Costs.

Worldwide Tracked Delivery.
Graphic Novels £6recorded delivery and packing for one comic book and £1 per book past the first.

Comics £4.40 recorded delivery and packingfor one comic book and 60 pence per book past the first.
Ireland. Tracked and signed from £12.50 + £1 per book past the 1st.
Everywhere else.£17 /$22for the first book and $1.25 per additional book.

All books are sent carefully packed by recorded delivery in new hard card mailers and at least one bag and board. I will send an invoice for any underpayments and will refund any accidental overpayments.

Books are properly packed and sent in professional hard card board book mailers. Delivery is fully insured, tracked and requires a signature. Items are photographed, filmed and witnessed at the time of packing and in the post office.

Comic Bag and Board Packs delivered outside of the UK are £17 for the 1st pack of 10 and £2 per additional set.

Paypal in any currency. Buyer and seller protection from loss, damage and fraud. Peace of mind, an enjoyable experience and an invite to a private collectors group. Contact me for more information.Nothing is sent until full payment is made.Buyer instructions for combined postage on Buy-it-now sales

1. Add all the items to your basket using the 'Add to basket' button (rather than the Buy-it-now) button. 2. Click the shopping cart icon on the top right corner of any website page 3. Click the 'Request total from seller' button 4. Use the 'Commit to buy & request total' button If you just wanted to get a quote on the combined postage, then email us instead with a list of items. Don't forget, even if items are in your basket, them someone else can buy them until you use the 'Commit to buy & request total' button. Alternatively pay for all your items and I'll send you a refund of any postage over payments.Condition

I provide sales of truly vintage 2000ad Comics that are of high quality and lasting value, showing the best and most typical characteristics of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. The picture(s) used is a standard image from a previous sale and may differ in condition to one(s) you get. I have thousands of comic books and do not have time to take pictures of them all. The book(s) you get come from my private collection and have been extremely well cared for. They are from a smoke free home. If there's ever a problem please contact me before leaving any response and I will do my best to help.

Grades from 1 to 5. 5 is the best.

1 Poor / Fair.

Damaged issues, gap fillers and reading issues. Missing page, big piece cut out, large tear, possible spine damage etc. Noticeable. A personal reading copy not an attractive gift.

2 Good / Acceptable.

Nice used reading issues with obvious sings of long-term use. Some damage but complete. Ragged spine etc. A readable copy. All pages and the cover are present. There may be writing in and on the book like the newsagent’s name. No tears bigger than an inch. May have a piece missing no bigger than an inch.

3 Very Good / Excellent.

Little damage. Above average used comic that got small signs of wear and tear. Clean and Flat. No tears bigger than an inch. May have a small piece missing no bigger than 1/2 inch.A copy that has been read but remains in very good condition. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. The spine may show signs of wear. There may be one a small piece of writing something on the book like a name. No rips or tears bigger than half an inch. Clean, flat, bright. Normal only one small defect that stop it from being a higher grade. A very good investment or gift. Looks very good for age in my opinion.

4 Fine / Very Fine/ Lovely.

Very little or no noticeable damage. some small signs of age, small nicks etc but flat, clean and complete. No pen marks. Very clean and bright with only slight tanning. A copy that has been read but is in excellent condition. Pages are not written on. Minor nicks no bigger than 1/2 inch. Clean, smoot flat. Excellent spine. An excellent investment or gift. Attractive and desirable in my opinion.

4 - 5 Very Fine / Near Mint / Exceptional.

Tiny imperfection. Nearly Like New in beautiful condition for age. Only the smallest imperfections. A brilliant investment. Very attractive and desirable in my opinion. Bright, clean, clear flat. Cream white pages. No creasing or writing on cover. No nicks bigger than 1/8 inch. Almost like new: considering its age* There may be one additonal pieice of wear in the listed grades above. It is not an exact science and all books are different.

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