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Wooden Temple Buy Big One & Get Two Free Big Size Hindu Pooja Mandir For Home For Sale

Wooden Temple Buy Big One & Get Two Free Big Size Hindu Pooja Mandir For Home
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Wooden Temple Buy Big One & Get Two Free Big Size Hindu Pooja Mandir For Home:

Wooden Temple Buy Big One & Get Two Free Big Size Hindu

Pooja Mandir For Home.

15x8x18" Wooden Temple Handcrafted Copper finish Mandir

worship Home Office Art

Home DécorFor God/Godess

* Hand Crafted Wooden Unique Indian Art

* Hand Made Embossed Painted Polish Art

*This Temple can Be Used In Home As Wall As In Shop / Office

* 1 Drawer / Tray Keep The Pooja Accessories

*BUY 1 BIG TEMPLE (15 x 8 x 18") AND GET 2 SMALL ( 4 x 4 x 9 ") TEMPLE COMPLETE FREE

Size: - Outer 15 X 8 X 18 (L X W X H) inch Approx.
Size: - Inner 11.5 X 6.5 X 8.5 (L X W X H) inch Approx.
Weight: - 4.700 Kilo Grams Approx.


- All sizes are approximate.

- Before placing order, please re-check details (speciallysizes).

- Country's Customs Duties, Taxes & Charges are to bepaid by buyer if there are any, since these are customer's liability.

- It is handmade and hand painted so you may get slightlydifference on every purchase due to photographic lighting sources or yourmonitor settings, which is easily acceptable in this Handicraft Category.

- Before buying it, please first check your statue or photosize with help of measurement tape and calculate everything before buy it.Because we don't want to disappoint our buyer. Since return cost will be verycostly for you.

- God's statue isn't included.

- Item will be shipped from India with well-known and fastcarrier with Tracking update facility. Regarding our Shipping Services, pleaseread responses left by the Customers.

Key Points about Wooden Hand painted Temple / Mandir –

- Temples are very much valued in every society for Worship,Decor, and Gifting Purpose.

- This Wooden prayer altar is made mainly from Mango Woodand MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).

- This Puja Temple - Mandir comes almost ready to use. Thereis just required a little & easy assembling.

- You can keep it on Table / Floor and also hang on wall.

- It can be used Home/office/institute/Shop/Hotels etc.

- It's spread positive vibes in your environment.

- These Hindu temples are representing India's old greatarchitecture.

- These Temples are using Home Decoration as well as Utilityfor prayer unit.

Temple / Mandir includes –

- 1 Tray at the bottom of temple to keep Lamp / Diya /incense sticks.

- 1 pull-out drawer to keep Puja Related daily items likeBooks / Match Box / Incense Box etc.

Free gift from our side as value added service –

- 1Puja Thali (8 Inch Día, Approx. Value -29.99 USD)

- 1 More Attractive Useful Gift Randomly.

Caring Tips:-

- Our Hindu temple are very easy to clean / maintain – Itcan be wiped daily with a dry cloth.

Why Should People haveto keep “Wooden Altar in their Home officerestaurant” -

·Religious or Spiritual Significance: Hindu temple can serve as aplace of worship and meditation. It provides a sacred space to pray, offerincense, and conduct rituals.

·Peaceful and Calming: The presence of a Spiritual decor cancreate a peaceful and calming atmosphere in a room. It can serve as a reminderto slow down, take a breath, and connect with something larger than oneself.

·Feng Shui: In the Chinese tradition of feng shui, wood templesare believed to bring positive energy, wealth, and prosperity into a space.They can be placed in specific areas of the room to enhance these effects.

·Aesthetic Value: Wooden shrine are often beautifully crafted andcan add a touch of elegance and tradition to any room. They come in a varietyof sizes and styles, making it easy to find one that fits the decor of yourhome or office.

·Cultural Heritage: Hand-carved altar are a significant part ofIndian culture and history. Many people choose to keep them as a way ofpreserving their heritage and passing it on to future generations.

·Ultimately – keeping Minimalist altar in your home, office, is away to connect with your spirituality, embrace your cultural heritage, andsimply add a touch of beauty and tranquillity to your surroundings.

MoreDetails about Our Carved Temple are –

·Handcrafted Wooden Temple - Perfect forMeditation and Prayer.

·Beautiful Hand worked Mandir is the perfectaddition to any home for those seeking peace and tranquillity.

·The intricate designs and carvings on the pujaaltar reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. It is a perfect fusion oftraditional design and contemporary functionality, making it an excellentchoice for modern homes with the finest quality wood and Hand Work, It is astunning centrepiece for any room.

·It is also known as a meditation corner, worshipspace, ample storage space, spiritual practice place, wall décor customizableshelves, personalize Hanging Temple, Spiritual Haven, Devotion Craft, TimelessPiece of Art, Divine Serenity, Spiritual Bliss, complementary elegant wallDecor Gift,

·This Wooden Puja Mandir have spacious storagearea for storing religious items and accessories. The shrine is easy toassemble and is designed to be compact and sturdy, making it ideal for smallerspaces too.

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Thanks for your First order with us to supporting small andskilled Craftsman.

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