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Viking Warrior Scrimshaw Drinking Horn For Sale

Viking Warrior Scrimshaw Drinking Horn

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Viking Warrior Scrimshaw Drinking Horn:

Viking Warrior Drinking Horn with Stand and leather holster.

Carving is done by hand and is unique to each horn.

One seamless piece of horn gaurenteed not to leak!!

Horn is a very durable material it doesn't crack or shatter like glass. Easy to clean and care for. Safe to use.

Raise Your Horns!!!

Viking Drinking Horns are handcrafted from one solid seamless piece of 100% natural horn. The horn is fully cleaned and polished inside and out. It is ready and safe to use. No finish had been applied Polishing brings out the natural beauty and colors of the horn. Size range is 10-24oz and 10-14". We use an all natural material so size, shape, color and capacity varies with each piece.

Please keep in mind we use 100% natural horn. Each mug will be different. Every piece of horn we use to make the mugs is different. Naturally occurring marks, wear marks, scaring, flaking, exposed layers are a normal part of the life cycle of the horn

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