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Secreat Ninja Dragons Tongue Warrior Short War Sword For Sale

Secreat Ninja Dragons Tongue Warrior Short War Sword

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Secreat Ninja Dragons Tongue Warrior Short War Sword:

Forked like the fire breathing monster’s tongue this Dragons Tongue Short Sword is for the warrior out to slay all that come at him! This fantasy sword is great for displaying with your dragon collectibles! Featuring a forked stainless steel blade with a black finish, a red dragon sits breathing fire just below the hilt onto the blade. The pommel is triangular and works as a skull smasher during close combat while the sharpened blades sit ready to hack and slash their way through the dungeon. Rack up the damage points with this amazing short sword!Specifications:
Overall Length: 26 Inches
Blade Length: 13 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Black Finish
Handle Length: 13 Inches
Design: Fire Breathing Dragon
Includes: Black Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop

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